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"where is my mind?"


If there is no mention of Tekken X Street Fighter, Im just giving up on the idea. #11
completely agree, and i dont even own a wii u.
hands down the best library there is on current gen systems available. As great as the ps4 and xbox one have done in recent months, there was a long time in which they barely had any worthwhile games. meanwhile the wii u has had a very strong library from the beginning. It continually delivers solid content, familiar or not.

people on this site only discredit its relevance because it doesnt satisfy either side of the fa... #1.6
The ps3 game default control scheme is why i hated playing playing killzone 2 back in the day. i thought the R3-to-aim thing was ridiculous, but since the game didnt have FULL customization, i couldnt just change the damn aim/shoot to L2/R2.

it never felt right to play such a weighted game using L1/R1 #3
OMG right? where are the tentacles and school girl outfit? #5
never on n4g have i read a comment that mirrored so perfectly how i feel. #2.2
do you honestly feel like this is NOT newsworthy? as shin said, box art first looks are always posted on this site. on top of that, im sure a lot of people are really excited to see the new THPS box art specifically just because its been such a long time since. #1.2
Such a generic comment. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't actually play 2k #1.2
KLASSIC SKINS BAMM!!!!!!!!!!!!! #8
lol you got em. #4.1.1
The only thing psv tv plays in cartridge form are games designed for a handheld. There are no games designed for the psv TV specifically. It's a non mobile platform for handheld games. Not a cartridge based home game console. #4.1
So true.
I actually bought 2k15 fairly recently thinking it was going to be as much of a blast as some of the games i used to play as a kid. Im not saying that i was expecting a copy/paste wrestlemania 2000 game with updated graphics, but more of a next gen iteration that woulda been frickin' sweet in its own way.

Oh god, how wrong i was. #3.2
This. #2.1
Xbox one is a great console but man that has got to be one bill Cosby sized nose were talkin about #9
While I'll fully support a mega man spiritual successor when the time comes, I can't help but think that price is a bit higher than expected. #6
man, all of those actually look...great lol.
tasteful and not too gamer-y at all. just the right amount of customization without overdoing it. #5
Not hating on your opinion but i feel like thats nothing to brag about. both destinys story and gameplay were some of the most bland and uneventful ive played in recent years. i honestly feel like itll go down in history as a huge bust. seems like people only choose to keep it alive because its the new "career game".
Mortal kombat as a franchise has always had a very rich, well told story. yes people are constantly dying and coming back to life, but boy i... #1.2.3
UMK3 is the greatest of all time. #2.1
although im sure no one but me cares, i wish fatalities were harder to perform like they were back in the 90s mk's. if its anything like mk9, the fatality input timing is way too lenient. #3
Lin kuei is the scrubs clan. Be happy. Well be wining every faction war. #2.1
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