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"where is my mind?"



But seriously Japan would be awesome as well. #6
I'm not letting reviews "make decisions for me" by any means, nor had my comment expressed that in any way.

Like many gamers on here i look to reviews as something of a word of caution or praise before I blow $65 on a game id otherwise know nothing about.Reviews arent the deciding factor, but that doesnt mean Im going to completely ignore a glaring flaw about a game that multiple cirtics might point out. anyone who doesnt pay attention to reviews in some capacit... #3.1.1
Though I feel a bit cheated that im not seeing any day 1 review scores, i dont blame bungie.
the game costed mountains upon mountains of dollars to make- considerably more dollar-mountains than any other game in the history of gaming as a matter of fact. while im sure bungie believes in their product, allowing reviews that could make or break game sales isnt necessarily a risk they should take from a financial perspective.

As a gamer I'm almost always discouraged... #3
damn. White dualshock 4 also looks on point. #3
No offense to the writer but this article is worthless without any actual FACTS.

"After digging beyond the surface and searching a little deeper through various social media networks, gaming forums and websites. We can confidently declare the number one top all american video game of all time has to be Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2"
lol what? #8
the most popular games everywhere* involve guns and international terrorists. #2.1.3
lmao xbox live went down after a ddos attack a few months ago.

100 pixels?? hahahahaha man just stop. #4.6.1
We at the MK community are not in any way affiliated with such off-topic cockfuckery.

- Master Raiden #3.3
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those glitches were hilarious on their own but the commentary is incredible. so accurate its scary. had me dying fo shooo. #6
huge congrats to them. i know its a long shot, but man if they reach 20 mill by the end of the year that would be insane. #1.2
ugh just give me phantom pain #5
@summons75. youre a moron. release date trade ins would never go for 10 dollars dude.
I highly doubt youve ever actually worked at gamestop TBH. #3.1.5
Just that first sentence alone dude.

I CANT... #1.1
man there is absolutely no reason to think that. Gamestop gives some really GREAT trade amounts if you trade things in a timely fashion.
the day after the ps4 was announced, I traded in my xbox 360 slim and got $140 store credit. $140 for a system I paid $199 for? thats an insane buy-back deal.
also, after about a month i got the platinum in infamous second son and i traded it in for $45 store credit.

Gamestop can be an incredible deal but if you walk in the... #3.1
yeah its just too bad that vgchartz numbers are completely made up estimates by gamers who are in no way qualified to give accurate information.

anyway he obviously said "system" meaning "console". and youd better believe the ps4 is the hottest selling console :) #1.9.1
okay guys, rather than jumping down my throat for not mentioning dragons dogma, how about you all actually take a second to consider why im saying what im saying?

Bionic Commando
lost planet(s) 2, 3
resident evils Raccoon city, 5, 6
Dark void (published)

capcom games were literally some of the first i had ever played with the SNES. go ahead and assume im on some hate-train while your company continues to plummet $$$ into projects no one... #1.1.4
So true. If all youve been producing over the past few years has been crap, why would you think spending even less time refining games before releasing them is a good idea? Aside from the success of Street Fighter IV, Capcom hasnt released a single damn noteworthy game this past gen. Maybe dead rising but even thats sort of a toss up based on critical performance.

to think capcom was once such a heavy hitter. I dont even think i want to see another RE announcement to be honest.... #1.1
lmao almost 100 million units sold over the course of its lifetime and you call that a bad investment?

damn brah you should be selling DVD box sets on infomercials that run at 2AM on how to get rich quick. #10.1
not sure if anything is a proper substitute for the legendary Rachet & Clank, but ill have to check this shiftlings business out. #1
I have a feeling this is another one of those things that will be all fixed up by the end of the day. #3
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