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got goosebumps at work from this.

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when i bought a ps4 the launch lineup was so unbelievably weak that the 2 games i ended up buying were COD Ghosts and Killzone shadow Fall. Meanwhile, Ryse: Son of Rome was busy flying off store shelves for xbox one.
The Switch looked great no matter how many times n4g users hit the disagree button. No one can say for certain if it'll be a success and thats fine, but i wouldnt be surprised if 6 months from now this website is littered with articles about the switches success. And...

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no. no it isnt.
you wouldnt call the wii u a "portable" just because you can play it away from a tv. the switch is essentially the concept nintendo had with the wii u, perfected with an increased amount of portability.

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because it gives developers the awful idea that they can charge top dollar for games that virtually no one would want anymore. the only real reason those games end up being bought is because they sit on the shelf in front of a consumer, marketed as "the full package", which peaks a lot of peoples interest.

I remember picking up devil may cry 4 FOR LESS THAN $5 USED, OVER 5 YEARS AGO.
I also bought sleeping dogs on steam for like...$6 maybe? around 2 years...

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I have a feeling it's history retold will have a dreamcast feel to it. A console with some really underappreciated gems that unfortunately had some technical limitations/caveats that kept the masses in the dark.

The naming will also go down as some of the worst of all time.

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while i do agree the article hits an exaggeratory note, i wouldnt be surprised if nintendo had an extremely successful next few years. as much as the forums here dont seem to like it, the buzz around switch seems really positive. Ive spoken to a lot of people over the last months in casual conversation and its been nothing but excitement. i wouldnt be surprised if the switch is a hit. give it a chance.

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The first 2 games i was dying to see on the ps2 classics list were SSX and Manhunt. all we need is ssx

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I'll be trading in my xb1 and ps4 for a NEO and then buy the SCORPIO with money. Then I'll trade the NEO and SCORPIO in for money and buy myself a sega Saturn

With money.

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Totally agree. Turok is one of those games that defined the n64 experience for me. spent A LOT of time trying to figure the game out before eventually making the inevitable trip to the library to look up a strategy guide.

oh 90's childhood.

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Can't wait.

Till June.


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not sure why hip hop gamer has always gotten so much hate. i mean sure his article titles are hype, but he asks a lot of really interesting questions. I've always had a great time watching his interviews. hes not afraid to ask the questions that are on his mind and he does it with respect because he's a true gamer.

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I'm not sure if id refer to it as a failure. It was insomiacs first game on an xbox platforms while also being a new ip. you cant expect them to have the same success with an audience of xbox gamers when theyve spent 15 years making playstation exclusives.

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agreed. just based on the way things appear to be going coupled with the series excellent score history, id say it was at least a 50/50 shot.

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nintendos torpedoing is its future controller design. Seriously though, why can't we just give a regular controller with ps4/Xbox capabilities a try? WHHHYYYYYY

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It would sadden me greatly as well. Nintendo was what i grew up with. nothing symbolized the good times of childhood more than a SNES controller and a rented video game on the weekends with the fam. I think its been a huge part of most gamers lives in one way or another and i would hate to see them go.

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Though for a split second i thought this comment was ridiculous, its actually really true. Hardcore FG players have more than likely prepared for sfv's release by now. They may have sold off one or more of their last gen fightsticks in order to get a new one.

Its frustrating to think that devs more than likely came to this decision a long time ago but have kept quiet about it until one week before release.

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Though i love watching video reviews from various publications, GT was always most important to me. Regardless of how much i agreed with one review or the next, the logic was always there. I dont remember ever watching or reading a review of theirs that i found to be unacceptable. whereas other publications once scored negatively for "too much water", I knew GT was a place that i could always trust for an honest opinion that just made sense.

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Without a doubt the most powerful voice in game reviews to me. Even though i didnt always agree with the scores given to some games, GT always seemed to put out the most reasonable and grounded opinions. They will be missed dearly.

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completely agree. If you really take a second to think about it, VR is really the only "gamble" this gen has invested itself in thus far. Aside from that, its tough to say ive seen a ton of innovation come from this generation in comparison to the last.

"far more dynamic, interactive worlds" is a progression I still look to my playstation 4 and xbox one for.

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