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agreed. I thought this game was awesome and am happy to see it.

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i actually ended up buying it on the windows store lol. i used my laptop to play up until the xb1x came out. for what its worth, buying it through the windows store was a seamless process. I would use it again if i had to.

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I'm most afraid that peoples passion to oppose this will die down. We can't just accept this.

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I had no idea you couldn't connect Kinect to the X. Not to imply that I have any interest in doing so lols.

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Switch version holds up damn well. I was disappointed to see reviewers lower review scores significantly because of the switches limitations though. Why punish the game for something we always knew the system couldn't do?

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this is kind of a weird collection of deals. Targets full ad has a ton of pretty decent deals on software especially.

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I love to see developers supporting the switch. that said, dont release "new switch-versions" of games over a year after theyve been out. Like as religious as a tekken player as i am now, I have zero interest in seeing tekken 7 on the switch in 2018 because i know it wont sell well, or do anything to promote growth for the switch or tekken. If you want to support the switch, release switch games in line with other consoles.

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this actually happened to me. As hyped as i was to pick up my preorder, I had a ton of expenses this month and couldnt actually put down any more cash in time for launch. My brother ended up picking his up from the microsoft store though. went with him down there and it was nerd city.

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This. I honestly wonder how much of a difference $1 off a $15 game makes in terms of sales numbers. I'm sure the discounts will be more substantial as time goes on though.

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As much as i loved 3d world i think it was kind of a low point in nintendos creativity. Even though odyssey's definitely a mario game, nintendo took some really cool risks with this one and its nice to see that it paid off.

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Resident evil 7 was excellent. but the majority their efforts with the series over the last 5-7 years has been nothing but lazy action games. I think that had people not responded so positively to the defunct silent hill, re7 would have been a very different game.
Regardless, my comment applies more to their SF and MVC games. Solid mechanics with weak rosters and an endless amount of additional buys along the way.

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Capcoms only development strategy is to do as little work as possible while trying to maximize profit. Theyre just out of touch as a company and still believe people will buy games based on hype and name recognition.

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Delightful news! For years now capcom have sold us $30 worth of game for $60+. It's great to hear that the gaming community is losing interest in their lazy efforts.

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While its true that exclusives are important, its also worth noting that the hundreds of games i havent been able to play yet will be receiving optimization updates. to me that gives a lot of those missed games a whole new level of appeal. Its 2017 and gaming is an expensive hobby. I personally dont line up on launch day to get my hands on every new game anymore. At this point i just pick and choose games on my own time, and because of that i think the 1x is still a great choice despite a hig...

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Some of the most fun i had with my psp back in the day was playing some of the PS2's "little brother" 3rd party ports. The idea that this is the full version of a game, albeit with an understandable downgrade, is pretty awesome.

If a great looking game like doom can run on the switch with some sacrifices, i would easily support that.

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I've said the same thing for years now. Why do people discuss made up numbers from vgchartz on this site? It's nothing more than a worthless guess.

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what does witcher 3 have to do with anything right now? stick to the topic at hand.

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so even after receiving a perfectly logical explanation on why the game is low detail without the shader, you still try to make it about the switch having weak hardware, despite the fact that BOTW is a wii u game anyway.

your comment is extremely irritating.

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