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While its true that exclusives are important, its also worth noting that the hundreds of games i havent been able to play yet will be receiving optimization updates. to me that gives a lot of those missed games a whole new level of appeal. Its 2017 and gaming is an expensive hobby. I personally dont line up on launch day to get my hands on every new game anymore. At this point i just pick and choose games on my own time, and because of that i think the 1x is still a great choice despite a hig...

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Some of the most fun i had with my psp back in the day was playing some of the PS2's "little brother" 3rd party ports. The idea that this is the full version of a game, albeit with an understandable downgrade, is pretty awesome.

If a great looking game like doom can run on the switch with some sacrifices, i would easily support that.

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I've said the same thing for years now. Why do people discuss made up numbers from vgchartz on this site? It's nothing more than a worthless guess.

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what does witcher 3 have to do with anything right now? stick to the topic at hand.

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so even after receiving a perfectly logical explanation on why the game is low detail without the shader, you still try to make it about the switch having weak hardware, despite the fact that BOTW is a wii u game anyway.

your comment is extremely irritating.

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for what its worth, ive always felt xbox box designs look good. Its not too over the top.

ps gloves look dumb. Why?

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I thought people already tried to build a PC equivalent to the one x's power for $500 and went well over that budget.

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why would you even link a video of the psp? thats not "original" either considering Nintendo's own GAMEBOY games have played on TV screens since before playstation even existed as a brand.

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Obviously injustice is behind tekken in terms of its following. we know its not as much of an EVO tournment fightstick playing mountain dew and monster energy drink sponsored pro MLG pro twich live streamed brodude game. Its less established as a franchise and less refined in terms of mechanics.
But for what injustice is, its an excellent fighting franchise with very solid fight mechanics and a ton of value. netherrealm does way more than namco to explore new mechanics and create a...

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Ive said this once before but i wouldnt give the hate a second thought. I dont know anything about n4g users and their reputations (lol) but i feel like you post good comments.

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if youre referring to the 2 consoles beginning figures, thats not true. the switch has been sold out just as the wii was during its beginning weeks. You cant sell more than what youre able to make. If youre reffering to future sales in excess of 100mil, how do you know it wont?

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I love how zelda is not nearly the largest or emptiest map on this list yet you still single that out.

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When the ps vita and 3ds launched, both handhelds started at $249. how much more or less would you expect the switch to cost?

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I remember a few years back when i finally wanted to finish up gears of war 1&2, i checked the xbox store and the games were $20 a piece. then I went ahead and checked out my local gamestop and saw GOW1 for $3 used and GOW2 for $5 used.
^annnnd thats the thing that gets me most irritated with digital. they dont ever update their prices to reflect VALUE. I understand that publishers cant just compete with any given value assigned to used games, but thats no excuse to lock older g...

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okay okay okay, Now i know this isnt nintendos doing but $70 for the pair is a step in the right direction. truth be told $60 for the 2 is ideal though.

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$8 adds headphone jack to pro controllers. Full vc support. voice chat now possible through system!

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A decent point for sure, but to me its about the way that BC was initially advertised. I think it put the majority of users under the impression that most games were to be ported to xbox one over time. Now I do understand that some devs have no interest in porting their 360 games, but Its been such a slow trickle of released titles that it feels like its more of a promise than it is an actual delivery.

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I know that more games need to come in order for the switch to appeal to the general public, BUT its actually excellent to see that the switch is doing well out of the gate. with momentum being on its side, more third parties would be inclined to support it. I just reeeeeally hope nintendo does its thing well and makes their offerings appeal to third party devs.

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pay no mind to the haters my friend. since i started on this site ive been a raging PS fanboy and ive never thought of your posts as troll level, or even far-fetched the majority of the time.

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likewise. It appears to be exactly what ive been looking for in a sonic game since the dreamcast. Bring it back to the retro feelz.

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