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"where is my mind?"


im not sure which side of the bed you guys woke up on this morning, but this game looks incredible.

id be down for another 120 run of one of the greatest games of all time. #6
Heavy Rain has a beautiful cover. #5
I totally agree. I feel like quick time events actually CAN be a fun mechanic in certain instances. I would just never appreciate it in an actual match.
I also saw the story video put out that uses some qte during the game. looks like they put it together well!

all in all id say even if youre not a huge fan of qtes, its only a small part of what otherwise looks to be a fantastic game. #1.2
I mean...we all miss game rentals. that being said, as awesome as they were when i was a kid, im a lot older now.
i think that even if a blockbuster-type rental system existed, id probably barely ever use it. i only get especially hyped by about 4 or 5 games a year. the rest of the time im usually happy with my "daily games". bottom line is that most of us have jobs now and i think the majority of people who used to rent are now happy enough to just buy their games instead. #6
oh sony/ms. forcing us all to buy the same peripherals twice because you refuse to simply add ps3/360 drivers to your "superior" new consoles.

yeah...i think ill just wait for the ps3/360/ps4/xbox one pcb thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaankssssssss #2
sleek looking pad (very reminiscent of the 360 chat pad), extra battery life on the controller, back lit keys.

what else is there to want? #3.1
Sole ps4 owner here.

thinking about making the jump to xbox one. mostly because i feel the controller has its advantages. how do you xbox kids like it??? #1.6
MUST...NOT. #1
Noob Saibot* #2.1.1
right? disgusting or not, this looks to be the front runner for fighter of the year in my eyes lol #2.2
one thing ive always admired about xbox is that the majority of their updates mean something. those that dont add features to the console are small infrequent.

im getting mighty 250mb ps4 updates which "improve stability and playback" #11
would love to see another entry in the franchise but i seriously doubt its happening anytime soon. #7
either you have no idea what youre talking about or youre stuck in some kind of time warp back in 1995. None of the "pallet swap" characters have looked the same in 20 years- and theyve never played similarly to one another either (aside from scorp and smoke)

Maybe you should actually play the game or even have basic knowledge about something before you talk. otherwise, its pretty sad that you hold a grudge for something that happened in a game on super nintendo. #2.1
Not attempting to discredit tekken in any way whatsoever, but i feel like the hype for mortal kombat x is just too high at this point. Like every netherrealm game it has its nay-sayers, but i feel like a lot of people are really enjoying what theyve seen so far. Dare i say, more than the little weve seen from tekken 7 and sf5. Its definitely the most hyped fighting game of the year with the casual crowd at this point. Hopefully that translates to more hype (and respect) within the FGC as wel... #1.2
yeah, imo "A Nebula" is without a doubt the best looking theme of the bunch. hopefully the themes music is just as nice! #1.5
the only real issue with playstation now is its price. just too expensive for such a limited amount of time. #1.4
Kind and caring amazing gentleman is a compliment usually reserved for people like Gandhi or MLK.

The fact that you feel like a pr rep you've never met before has those qualities worries me. #1.1.5
right? not even really news worthy. we get it guys, xbox one doesnt do well in japan. #1.1
For the love of god please keep the games in third person. Why anyone would feel like rockstars materpeice games would benefit from an fps perspective is beyond me. GTA and red dead are 2 of the best third person games around. No need for them to ever get involved in an already ultra saturated market. #8
And suddenly I'm thinking of the word Ebola. #6.1
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