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"where is my mind?"


the PlayStation 1/N64 era was the most butt-ugly generation in gaming history.
Games were awesome, yes, but the visuals needed so much more. #15.3
I believe the Super Nintendo era hit a sweet spot in gaming. It was repeated later on during the ps2 era but never again after that. During both of those generations, graphics, gameplay and SOUND were all exactly where they needed to be. Super Nintendo was just so damn perfect for its time. #2.2
It's attitudes like this that allow companies to turn around and sell you $4 games like devil may cry 4 as an "HD Remaster" for $40. #5.1
the guy was just saying he wishes some of these deals were in his psn store. how does that imply a "holier than thou" sentiment?
I hate when betas from the US intentionally disrespect where they live as a way to look cool or be "accepted" on the internet. it doesnt make you look well-rounded and no one respects you more because you do it. #1.5.1
Did you see holly holm's interview with ESPN? I was amazed at how much of an absolute sweetheart she was throughout. #3.1.1
N64 was easily the sexiest console of all time. It's curvature was very eye catching and I liked that it ditched the ugly "90s gray" color that infested the industry for so long. #1.4.1
why did this video only show cut scenes? The difference in quality when link runs up to the horse is mind blowing. Definitely should show more gameplay in comparison. #3
"Disagreeing with me for any reason means you have no credibility".

- the guy who has zilch for credibility #2.2
logos are an incredibly important part of the identification process. Theyre an instantanious way for the consumer to recognize a level of quality theyre familiar with. that being said, sometimes a rebranding is an order when a company shifts focus. #3
lets be real: the ones demanding to see the numbers are those that hope the service is struggling. #1.2.6
I too am troubled by that comment. the main reason nintendo is failing as a console maker is because it actually focuses too much on children, and not enough on adult-orientated gaming. they already has a firm grip on 'the children's video game experience' and need to focus a lot more of their attention on justifying a purchase to 'the average gamer'.
nintedo seems to have forgotten that children dont have their own money to spend. what they need to do is target au... #5.3
I dont mean that id prefer stickers. I just feel like a lot of the SEd xbones, while pretty cool, are a little overkill on the design sometimes. like, id much rather see a halo 5 edition with some ice blue LED's and some silver accents. Maybe a blue master cheif helemt where the touch-to-power button is. a little bit of gold on a grey-black controller with that blue dpad would be cool too.

I just generally prefer my special edition items to keep it low-key. definitely jus... #3.1.1
as nuts as it might sound to some i think Xbox goes in too hard on the special editions sometimes. as cool as the console looks, its just too decorated. Id really love a minimalist special edition console with just a few stealthy brandings here and there. #3
not sure if its a limitation on the new model, but the original CM needs to be hooked up to a separate pc to be used on a ps4 doesnt it?
If this device was able to streamline the process in any way, thats a huge advantage.
I also dont understand why everyone feels the need to correct the title. whether or not the chronusmax or the titian 1 exist, does it change the fact that this is a new product?

No. #1.2
@abizzel1. Interesting you'd say that there are only a few games you can think of to justify your purchase of the wii u. There are literally about 15 games I can think of in this moment that im dying to try on my new wii. In contrast to what you're saying I actually feel the same way about the ps4 and Xbox one. There's been a maximum of literally 5-6 games at most that I've been genuinely excited to play throughout the last 2 years. #4.3.3
beig a ps4/wii owner myself, i can understand the difficulty some people have in understanding the wii u's appeal in comparison to the other consoles. that said, once you get past the wii us shortcomings and learn to embrace its nifty extras, you might realize it really is (in my opinion) one of, if not the best consoles to game on this gen.

that nintendo magic goes a long way. Japan just realizes that much more than we do. #4.3
Thats mostly because the discrepancy in resolution is between similarly priced consoles: $350 all.PC may be much more capable, but the potential for 4k res is irrelevant to me if i have to pay a significant amount more for it. 1080p is a nice, crispy res for my tv for the time being.

Its funny how PC spec-spitters brag about the leap in graphics without mentioning the leap in price. #1.1.14
WELP, its happening. the beginning of the end of the "sales" argument within the console war. #6
Why do people keep insisting forza is an arcade racer? It's a racing sim.
Also, all of the games I mentioned are like 6 years old by now. Why would I "look at them" as an example? What we're talking about is a general need for games to be as realistic as possible. Gone are the days of highly customizable rides with dirty hip hop and techno soundtracks. Now even games like need for speed have a clean-cut feel to them. #2.2.2
Just bought a wifi u 3 days ago and smash and Mario maker are the first games on my list. Dat replay value.

Only thing I'm upset about is not getting a wii u sooner. I haven't put this thing down yet. #5
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