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Aah, who cares if it's gratuitous or whatnot! Calm down people, it's a fun vid!

Sony weren't at fault with MS's initial DRM policies of course, as a matter of fact xbox gamers should be thankful to Sony because their not backing MS's position on DRM is exactly why MS had to give in and can it.

But it's still good fun, I like to see companies troll at each other, lol. No hard feelings. And maybe this time it's playstation gamers who... #29
Cool. Still nowhere near 1000 titles, which would still be only a fraction of what the PS2, or even the PS3 have, but cool still.
I've personally found THAT one game that's the system seller that I needed to seriously consider buying the PS4, and that game is Batman Arkham Knight + the DLC to play the tumbler from Mr Nolan's Batman trilogy!
Back then on the PS2 it was GTA III that sold me to the PS2 when I was reluctant buying it during the first year, but that one... #5
What is it that PlayStation app you're talking about? #3.4
I'm very curious to see what the final cities at the end of each game (Uncharted 2 & 3 at least) look like. The one with those stupid crossbow-armed monsters jumping around in 2 and the one with those djinn monsters in 3. They were truly stunningly beautiful on the PS3, I can't begin to imagine what they look like on the PS4 with a 1080p display! #15
So, is he PS4 reliable this time or what? I still haven't purchased one because I got seriously burned over the issues I had back then with my 2 PS3 60GB consoles. No way I'm gonna take the same risk now, so I'll probably wait until we're absolutely 100% sure the latest PS4 model is reliable to get one. #15
What do you mean separate app? It's not going to be implemented directly in GT6 as part of an update? #1.1
I really hope they're gonna give players complete freedom in a truly expansive world this time, not lock us up again in that very same district of Kamuro-cho they shove down our throats since the beginning of the series 10 years ago.

That said, I think I heard somewhere that Yakuza 0 finally had 3 cities to wander in, and cars were finally drivable. Good grief, they sure took their time...
Here's hoping Sega will publish it in the west at some point, but bette... #13
Good point. I don't know what those amiibos are or what is it exactly they do that warrant such extravagant sales frenziness, but since I keep seeing articles on the internet about how well those gadgets fare on the market in spite of their steep price, Nintendo must be making a ton of cash thanks to them (and Mr Iwata who invented them of course) and thus has no excuse this time to come up with an underpowered system again. It's high time they came back into the circle of real player... #1.1.3
This guy cracks me up, he often wants feedback from the players on what he makes! I remember it was like that during an E3 showing where he revealed the MGS4 Guns of the Patriots trailer and asked "how was it?" right after it ended. He's really the only guy who does that. It's adorable in a way, it's like he's living in the fear and doubts that his creation won't appeal to gamers.
Oooh, Kojima, we love your games, don't worry! #24
I was hoping for something a little more substantial from the linkage between MGS V Ground Zeroes and MGS V The Phantom Pain save datas, like exclusive weapons and whatnot. Oh well.
It's unfortunate that I don't own GZ yet, because the release of TPP seems to have caused the price of the introductory game to get bumped up. It used to be possible to get it at under 15€, and it's now almost impossible to get it at less than 30€, aaand I would like to avoid the digital versio... #6
Wow, can't believe he actually went to the kid's house and even entered his room! O_o
The kid sure as hell would've been proud if, erm... :(
What did he die of?
For the (relatively)bad press H. Kojima gets for having inserted his name apparently everywhere in the game and coming off as narcissistic guy as a result, he still has a heart of gold deep down, hasn't he? #14
Tell me about it. Not once when I browse the new and "flashy" *cough cough* store only to be kicked out and sent back to the dashboard have I not had a thought about the "old" one, that is, the one they came up with around 2009 I believe (not the one from the very start, lol).
The one from 2009 had that cool blue pulsating icon, everything was in plain sight, it sounded nice, was fast to navigate through, and more importantly IT WORKED! Never once did it kick me ou... #8.3
Nice, but what everybody wants is at the very least PS/PS2 BC, if for some reason they can't bring PS3 BC. Now that MS have some sort of BC on the X1, Sony are gonna have to work on it, Playstation Now notwithstanding. #20
You're playing MGS5 already?
So, does it come with the original japanese dubbing? #1.9
Who's Jay-Z? Is he really that selfish?

What you said before that is, at best, wishful thinking I'm afraid to say. Everybody always say things like that BEFORE they get rich, but once they are, all the firm promises to help the poor & the starving and make huge donations to charities and create companies to give people jobs and whatnot tend to fade away pretty quickly, and the money is rather invested to buy luxury houses and cars and expensive paintings and in th... #1.5.3
It's definitely a great cover also, but it doesn't have the title "Metal GearSolid V: The Phantom Pain", just "Metal Gear" :p
Also it doesn't have the black strip with "PS3" on it. #5.2
Will it also be available in physical form?
Oh and what about Europe? #6
What? How could you know who he was based on this trailer? Just because Big Boss's face morphs at some point into Skull face's doesn't mean that Skull guy was Big Boss man, that's impossible, as we played as BB in Ground Zeroes who was infiltrating the Omega Base! #1.7.1
Both models are going to go for a pretty penny a few years down the road. Lucky bastards you two are! #8.1.1
That's not the whole online part though I believe... #7
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