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Best comment on this thread (and that's including mine)
We shall probably never have a generation of consoles that lasts anywhere near as long as the PS3/XBOX 360 gen did anymore. Not only that, but from here on in gens won't even last any longer than, say, the N64 did, and the vast majority won't be able ($$$), or willing to follow that new frantic rythm of releases of systems.
And that will be the end of consoles in the middle to long term. :(

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Please allow me to rectify that a little


"It's called expanding your brand on one end, and shrinking it on the other."

You're welcome.

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Not that it was particularly big to begin with. Halo, Gears, Forza, the occasional 2nd-party exclusive (Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive), rinse & repeat, Halo bis, Gears bis, Forza bis...
But from now on the number of exclusives on xbox will amount precisely to that: 0
Plain and simple.

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It's possible. But even if they don't and MS actually ends up having the more powerful system, do you realize it will be only for 1-2 years only before Sony comes up with a system that makes a mockery of the scorpio?

Actually it's the other way around. I'm not going to bother elaborating again why, I'll just drop what Spenok said in a previous thread, and what I added after his comment in that thread so you understand why things will...

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Dammit, I just read a couple articles on that website linked up there, Gamingbolt, and I have to say that website is one of the most putrid lair of rabid xbox fantards I've ever seen if there's one. And I'm not just talking about the angry-inched users in search of some sort of compensation with the xbox scorpio that haunt the site to spew their bile-inflected comments either, when you read the article about Mr Layden reacting to the supposed "power gap" between the Neo...

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Taki deserved a spot in there, I mean...

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I can't believe articles as poorly written as guidescloud's are get referenced on this site, or that the users of N4G, who I believe are for the most part native english-speakers, actually find the patience to read them. I'm not a native english-speaker either but geeee!-horrible horrible, absolutely terrible english-
On another note, the list is quite obvious, and I think a couple more could've been added, like Tearaway Unfolded or Ratchet & Clank for ex., I don&...

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"While on the other hand, the PS4 Neo IS an upgraded PS4, and EVERY game will be required to work on both the original PS4, and the Neo. Effectively giving Sony the leg up when they decided to release their PS5 in 2-3 years, and it's more powerful than the Scorpio, MS won't have a reply, as their console will be already 1-2 years old, and asking/making people upgrade from there would be disastrous. "

Yup, pretty much exactly what I said in a previous comme...

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God of War Ascension is a very good game (just bought it recently for dirt cheap), the set piece/boss battle at the beginning of the game manages to impress even more than the one at the beginning of GOWIII, but the arsenal is disappointing, there are almost no boss battles and they're unimpressive (well, apart from the aforementioned one). But the real sore point is that the story is difficult to grasp due to all the flashbacks.
Oh, and the online felt a bit tacked on.

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That's really a complete makeover for the series. I didn't expect this. Well, after playing RE5 & esp. 6 I knew they couldn't keep going in that direction anymore, but I didn't expect such a drastic departure to what RE has always been.
Wonder if this game is going to be able to exist on its sole merits and won't need to be bundled with PS VR to really shine, though.

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I like how it is announced, very nice trailer. Can't wait to see and hear it when the game finally gets ported to the PS4 later this year. No more fake RUFs like in the GT series, now it's the real deal! Porsche!

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The base PS4 can already stream 4K movies, the Neo will be able to also read Ultra HD Blu-Rays of course.

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Exactly. Microsoft is stuck with only two options there:
1) Making sure all the games developped can run on both the original XBOX ONE and the XBOX Scorpio, and thus having to cater to the lowest common denominator (the base XBO) will result in just normal games for this gen, just like the ones found on the PS4, nothing that can really stand head and shoulders above the others, thus no incentive to buy the Scorpio for the consumer, or...
2) Making more impressive games that...

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Er, wait... WHAT??? Guerilla Games, not a good game ever? Remember Killzone 2 that came out in 2009 and made an absolute mockery of haters and the XBOX 360 and its games, including its flagship series Halo? Actually even the Killzone game that came out before on the PS2 was a fantastic game, and the one that came after it, Killzone 3 on the PS3, too. Killzone Shadow Fall on the PS4, wile not quite up there with the numbered entries, was also great for a game that was more of a spin-off and ha...

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I'm waiting to hear about the next Mortal Kombat game, but more in the sense that I want Mortal Kombat XXL for the PS4 & One, with extra characters like the Terminator, Robocop, other boogeymen like Michael Myers, the creeper from Jeepers Creepers and so on to go along with scarface and Jason. Also please put Freddy back! and also the return of some older characters and playable bosses like Goro, Motaro and so on. Oh, and a whole lot more arenas to fight in, esp. arenas with dedicated...

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It looks almost completely like reality.
It's insane how the devs, PD and all the others, will have gotten close to perfectly realistic visuals long before achieving anything close enough to reality as far as engine sounds are concerned. One would think that would've been achieved long ago and long before the visual side of things, as taking a mic and recording the engine as it revs at different speeds would appear to be more easily done than replicating all the intricate det...

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The XBOX Scorpio won't run games at 4K, at least not natively, no. Or maybe extremely simple games from a graphical point of view, and even that is a stretch. It doesn't have enough power to run, say, Gears of War at native 4K, much less @60fps. It will upscale them to 4K, yes.
I agree however with the rest of what you said, it indeed looks like Microsoft is preparing to exit the console market. It's kinda like they came to the idea (rightfully or wrongfully) that they ca...

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Interesting to see Mr Yamauchi himself drive the car, but the more I realize he is also a real competition pilot, the more I find it astounding that he never realized the engine sounds in his simulation racing games were pretty much all fundamentally off.
Well, there's apparently not a single game out there that managed to nail it anyway, but GT was even farther late than the others. Soundslike they've made improvements for this one though, but it's still not anywhere ne...

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I need to get myself a new TV set. My old 1366x768 32" one isn't gonna cut it.... :(
Anyone knows of a cheap but good 4K TV?

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It's alright as long as it remains the e xception. So OK, I get it that this time they had to release the PS4 at about the same time as the competition launched their own system, and that it was a couple years before 4K started to catch on, that they hadn't foreseen that consumers would be willing to give in to 4K TVs and Ultra HD Blu-Rays so soon after they were lead to buy Full HD TVs and 1080p Blu-Rays, and also that they have Virtual Reality coming, and that could use a little ext...

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