"You were almost a Jill sandwich!"
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Sure, as an elitist PC gamer you get the power, but
1- don`t go and pretend all PC gamers get to play it like that as only a tiny fraction of them play in 4K, or even 1080p for that matter, and
2- what does your version of Horizon Zero Dawn look like? And don't give me that "HZD is [email protected], no PC gamer is interested in it...", you just have to feed it to google to see the first suggestion that comes up is "Horizon Zero Dawn PC", you know what that means ...

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Damn that was quick, lol

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What about Final Fantasy VIII though? Since they started that with FFVII I'd like to be able to revisit all 3 PSOne FF games with analog stick controls + game speed X3...

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The PS1 version had a soundtrack that ran circles around the PC version. That alone made this console port the best version by far. I don't know who decided to do that, but it was a saving grace to replace those infamous cheap tunes based on famous hard rock tunes played in short loops endlessly with a beautiful and eery soundtrack that really enhanced the terror you felt in some levels.
It only we had been treated to 60Hz games in Europe... :p

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Now if only we could have a sequel to the original Warhawk on the PSOne (complete with FMVs!), which would have an online portion like the PS3 game had, how cool would that be? :->

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All that talk about the X360 supposedly being better on multiplats has been largely made up, and the slight differences on a tiny selection of games (and not the best ones at that) , significantly blown out of proportion.The X360 version of Ghostbusters looked a bit better than its PS3 counterpart? Big deal, GTA V looked better on PS3 than on 360. And there are plenty other examples.

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Xbox still reigned king... in what world exactly? The number of exclusives? PS4. The power? PS4. Think for a second: the absolute vast majority of consoles sold are the standard versions, and PS still has the edge on all those million systems out there. So, yeah, come back and say that when there are more Xbox One X systems sold through than the total number of PS4s...
Thank god we should have a long vacation free of having to hear your inane banter

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Why? Very simple: every game that comes out for the Xbox One X has to run on the standard Xbox One. We're talking a 6Tflops vs 1,23Tflops difference here, which is next-gen-to-current-gen huge. It won't happen as long as Microsoft stick to their guns and refuse to say the Xbox One X is a new-gen system allowed to have its own dedicated games, that's why.

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That won't happen though. Only a small fraction of devs will bother issueing a patch for the XOX to really harness its power. Most of them never bothered harnessing the superior power of the vanill... (f*ck that word) standard PS4 compared to the standard Xbox One, or bothered issueing a patch to harness the even more superior power of the PS4 Pro compared to the standard Xbox One, and that's in spite of the fact the number of PS4 consoles out in the wild is more than double the numb...

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Funny, but if that's true and those are actually two pics of the game at the same moment on the two hrdwares and that dirt on Lara's face is not dynamic, I don't understand why there's barely any on the PS4 Pro version. That has nothing to do with the power of the respective systems. They probably just added some extra dirt on her face with the XOX patch, "just because"...

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That "other surprise version" he talks about toward the end of the video will be the PS5 version, as it will play this game and all the other PS4 games @ 4K @60fps with ultra high settings, after the release of a new patch, or maybe even withouta need for it. :)

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And where is that? :)
I wouldn't mind grinding for hours, days, weeks, months, years even to get all the stuff I want in GTA V (a yacht, bikers' hangouts, luxury cars and properties, etc) if I was sure I'll get to keep these forever, but they're unfortunately probably going to close the lid on GTA Online at some point and, even if that were to happen only 10 years from now (and let's be honest with ourselves, it will happen much sooner than that), I'll still b...

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I didn't even konw there were even so much as 20 RPGs on the PS4!

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I still haven't found the time to play, or for that matter to get, Ni no Kuni long does it take to complete?

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Good thing that Yakuza Kiwami 2 console isn't a PS4 Pro, it would have made my purchasing my PS4 Pro last Xmas a regret and my decision on whether to sell it to get that a tough call.

Anyway, are they just going to remake all the past Yakuza games like that? Up until Yakuza 5? Cause, while I welcome these two Kiwami games as they were originally PS2 games, and technology has evolved a lot these last ten years, and I never liked Kazuma Kiryu's face on the PS2 to begi...

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Are they f***ing kidding us or what? That dude better not be the new hero or the Yakuza series is dead. I don't wanna play with that dude and I'm pretty sure a lot of people, esp. Japanese people won't want to either.
Plus wtf is that trend dammit... And some people somehow find the time to complain about alleged "whitewashing" in the entertainment industry ...

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I can't see the article at all, is it just me or...? I would've liked to see what are those 50 underrated PS2 gems, I could maybe work on my collection.

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Actually if your criteria is the size of the venue , Gamescom is bigger than E3. But you're right, it's ill-placed in the calendar, just 3 months after E3, it was never going to set itself apart from the Los Angeles event. The germans need to move their Gamescom at the beginning of the year, like january or february, not later. The summer belongs to E3, fall to the Tokyo Game Show and Paris Games Week. There's just no other alternative.

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A new PSVR? Not even a year after it's been released? They would also be shooting themselves in the foot. It probably won't be a new iteration of the PS4 either, I just don't see Sony do that, they'd send a message no corporation wants to send, which is that they rushed the latest products (PS4 slim and PS4 Pro).
And somehow I just can't see them reveal the PS5 already, not that long ahead of its release, because the PS5 CAN NOT have a release date slated for any...

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