"You were almost a Jill sandwich!"
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It may be starting to shrink, but I still want playback of 4K (2160p) videos, with codecs like HEVC, from an external drive on my PS4 Pro!
I'd like to register to try that, but I'm a bit worried an untested firmware could kill my brand new and shiny PS4 Pro...
This said, if there's any way included in the program to vent my frustration to Sony, I'll take the chance.

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What? You mean the Switch is 3-4x more powerful than the PS3??? It can't be! From what I've seen it's not even as powerful as a console that came out 10 years ago. It may be a tad more powerful than an xbox 360 (and even that I somehow doubt it when I take a look at the games revealed), but there's no way the Switch is as powerful as the PS3 was, let alone more.

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I've got a japanese friend who told me that right now even in Japan people are mocking Nintendo and saying the design of the Switch looks like a cheap chinese knock-off, and that it will surely fail. Yeah, even in Japan...

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I missed the presentation so I'm gonna catch up on it with youtube, but right when it was revealed a couple months ago, I was left unconvinced. The former Nintendo fanboy in me who had an absolute blast with his NES and SNES (far less enjoying the Game Boy) wanted this to be Nintendo's answer to the PS4 Pro (or at least original PS4) and XBOX One S & Scorpio (or at least original XBox one), but alas, it looks like Nintendo is indeed the Rain Man of the industry right now, as in, ...

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Dammit, are they really still that bitter after all those years? Or is it just an article about what Ninty said to them back then? I can't see the article.

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It's not like the NES Classic is an online console that will receive firmwares to add functionalities in the future, unlike the regular consoles, so yeah, modders can definitely have a field day with it. Nintendo were crazy to think people (who sometimes spent hundreds of €/$ for it) were going to content themselves with only 30 games, omitting Castlevania III, Double Dragon I & III, Snake Rattle 'n Roll, Kickle Cubicle, Rollergames, Bayou Billy, Bart vs the Space Mutants, and man...

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The Scorpio IS a complete next-gen console, they're just smart enough not to advertise it as such, as they know darn well the news of them already releasing a new-gen system only 3 years after the previous one wouldn't sit well with gamers and the press in general.

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Great, but although I hate to be "that guy who crashed the party", I fear that means Sony may never remedy the problem of no playback of 4K videos on the PS4 Pro, does it not? I have the 1st season of Narcos and 3 seasons of House of Cards in 4K (2160p) waiting for me on my external HDD that I SHOULD be able to watch on my Pro but CAN'T. Is there some website on the internet where we can make suggestions to Sony about what we would like in the next firmware update?

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It matters to me: I bought the PS4 Pro fully aware that it didn't have an UHD BR player, but I brushed that aside knowing there was a very limited offer when it comes to UHD BR at retailers anyway, and thinking I would be able to read the 4K videos found on the Net with the Pro's Media Player, and to this day I still haven't found a 4K, or 2160p vid that my Pro can play. What the hell's going on with that dammit?
If there's really no way to play 2160p x265 (or w/...

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They say you can put your digital content on your PS4 via that method, by connecting your PS4 to your laptop, when from my experience you absolutely can't store any file (photo, music or video) on the PS4's hard disk drive, at least by connecting an external HDD... strange.

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Here's hoping it brings more enhancements to games as far as 4K is concerned than in the video department. I still haven't found a way to read 4K vids on my Pro...

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@ TheRandomOne
Except that there was nothing wrong with the way the ending was written (save for the fact that it was closing the lid on that great trilogy), it was indeed the actress that destroyed it with that performance right at the end when her character dies! Come on, don't you remember? It was so laughingly bad it went viral for crying out loud!

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I really don't know what you're talking about, Double Dragon looks perfectly all right to me, just like when it came out in 1987!

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It looks kinda like a rushed job with those sprites ripped straight from Double Dragon II yes, but I'm still very much interested in it. I'm pretty excited for it actually! it should be better than Double Dragon Neon at least...

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That actress who single-handedly ruined the ending of Mr Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises... :p who also turns out to be one of the few people left in France who believe there was more about September 11th than meets the eye btw. Cute and terrific actress in the Piaf movie, but that's it.
And on topic, i don't give a damn about what some film critics say, i'm gonna watch that Assassin's Creed movie and enjoy it.

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I don't know about that, but i tried downloading a couple 4K videos from youtube and feeding them to my PS4 Pro, and it didn't read them. I wonder why. Maybe it's because they were 4K/60fps, but then again I'm almost sure at least one of them wasn't and it couldn't be read either. Now I'm gonna try to download 4K movies and run them on the Pro from my external hard drive, but I'm not holding my breath. How are we supposed to watch 4K content besides games if we...

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Infamous Second Son looks absolutely astonishing even on the basic PS4, and even better on the Pro, I don't know what that website is talking about, they're full of sh!t

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I doubt it's possible, or was possible for the PS3, but for some reason anti-virus software was available for sale on the PS3, and there's one for the PS4 too, isn't there? Anyway, you can't import your photos, music, or videos on the hard disk drive of your PS this time around, so that should be one less way for hackers to find a door into the system, but I can't say I fancy that decision Sony made...

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Dragon Quest Builders should be in there. Ever since I started to dabble in the demo, I've found it extremely difficult to let go of the controller. I fear all I have accomplished will be totally lost when I purchase the retail version though, and that irks me.

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Yeah we could, but if we're talking about only arcade games, I have over 10.000 of these on Mame alone, if I want to be a gentle gamer who pays the high price for his passion, I'm gonna have to purchase a new, very very very large house to find enough room to place all of the 10.000 or so arcade cabinets. Heck, I highly doubt I'll ever make anywhere near enough money in my life to buy all those arcade cabinets in the first place, so I'll just make do with Mame in the foreseeab...

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