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Which store is it for the demo? EU?US?JP? #6
Great game and pretty good recreation of the feel of that city, but I still don't understand how the americans, especially the ones who dwell in LA, apparently don't realize that it's actually a tiny tiny tiny caricature of that city and find interest in wandering through Los Santos. The real LA is a gigantic sprawling city that spreads on over, I think it is something like 700 square kilometers. In GTA V it's like they took most of the well-known sceneries and landmarks of th... #8
Don't know if the PS4 will dominate any of its competitors in 2015 but it sure as hell won't dominate my living room until sony add:
-external HDD support with complete .jpg, .mp3, .mp4, .avi, .mkv, .srt files support
-dynamic themes
-more color choices for the dashboard
-longer battery life for the DS4 #13
OK, so, judging by the article, you can connect an external HDD to the Wii U, the xbox1, and I know for a fact you can do that on the PS3 since I do it, but not on the PS4?

Sony really need to remedy that or I predict they won't stay ahead of the competition for long.

Unbelievable that a company has the nerve to release a console that's a complete downgrade in almost every way compared to the previous system.

I'm staying with my... #12
Interesting (and voted as such), but hold on a sec: do you mean the PS4 can't even read music CDs???

Also, I have an external 2TB HDD with my pics, mp3s and vids (MP4 and AVI) on it, I just hook it up to my PS3 to watch and listen to all that stuff, could I hook it up in and enjoy it in the same way on the PS4? #42.1
I'd like to ask a question to all of you who say you had a PS3 and sold it for a PS4: did you have any PSN games on it? If so, what happens to them? You're just glad you bought them, got to play them a little and *bam* off they go, right into the virtual garbage can for digital games? You'll never get to play them again then, if you didn't keep your PS3, since they're unfortunately not playable on your new PS4 and, you're fine with that?
I mean, rather than sue... #22
I don't understand why Sony still hasn't brought .mkv and .srt support to both the PS3 and the PS4. In this day and age, this is unacceptable.

Every time I download a movie via torrent sites I have to make sure it's not .mkv, and if I want to have an original language track (say english for ex.) along with the subbed track, I need to look for those rare .mp4 vids that do it, it's such a chore. #26
OK, but, will it be free? And on the PS3/xbox360 as well? #9
I'm very much interested in doing that, but on my PS3 since I don't have a PS4 (yet).
Mind explaining how you do it? #21.2
They forgot many, many games. Lists like this should concentrate on the exclusives that define a particular platform, like, in the case of the PS3:
Motorstorm 1, 2, 3
Resistance 1, 2, 3
Demon's Souls
Wipeout HD
Pure Chess
Hustle King
Super Rub a Dub (there, I said it, yeah, just like that)
Ni no Kuni
...and many more #5
Not to mention that Sony promised they would support the system for 10 years, no less, which they did for the PS2, so I hope I'll still have at least a few games to buy for my PS3 in 2017. I don't ask for more. #1.4.1
I wonder why noone has ever had the idea til now to make a game where you control a politician? That would be new, and could be really funny. #19
I really don't know why and how those immature little punks at Eurogamer are still allowed to express their opinions and why those are published on this here website. It's a well-known fact they're a bunch of Sony haters and suck MS's di*k. They've been doing so for a while.

So how come their website still has 3 stars? Click on it below the link and just downvote them dammit. #62
Don't know about that, but on the website after the link, the screenshots they have there clearly show a PS4 version head and shoulders above the PC version. Take a good look, see how blurry the writings are compared to the ones on the PS4 shots? #2.1.2
You got it wrong man. it's not the PS3 that's at fault, it had more than enough power to run it. It's rather that the Japanese have pretty much all completely lost it this gen. All the excuses in the world will not manage to hide this simple, cold, bitter truth.

Maybe Polyphony Digital, Capcom & Square-Enix manage to maintain themselves at the surface, more or less, but really, when you look at it? the general trend is definitely that japanese video game devel... #1.3.1
Here's hoping that Uncharted 4 isn't the final game in the series, the subtitle "a thief's end" has me seriously worried.
That said, I also remember that ND said in an interview a few years back that they weren't too keen on making sequels to their games on new-gen systems and prefered to start a new IP whenever a new Playstation console is released, so it unfortunately indeed looks like they're closing the Uncharted saga soon at the beginning of this PS4... #4
Just Cause 2 was (and still is) one of the very best game I've ever played in my long life as a gamer.

I'm bummed this won't be on the PS3/Xbox360, though. #4.2
Aww, so this is next-gen only? I was hoping the game would also appear on the PS3/xbox360, what a bummer. I love Just Cause 2, still play it to this day, and am yet to finish it 100%.

Also kinda bummed this looks like it takes place on an archipelago again, just like the 2 previous instalments, but I trust Avalanche studios will come up with another fantastic free-roaming game! #29
I would like a new Motorstorm game. Please Sony, make it happen. #54
What is that "PlayStation Experience event"? When will it take place and where? Will we be able to see it live somewhere on the net? #77
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