"You were almost a Jill sandwich!"
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How anyone cOuld come up with a list of the 30 best titles for the SNES and not mention Final Fantasy VI (III in Japan) is beyond me. And what about Yoshi's World? Axelay? Assault Suits Valken? Castlevania Rondo of Blood?

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Cool, I was just thinking about getting that game, as it looks like Tim Burton, Media Molecule and Studio Haardman had a baby together. What about the horizontal resolution though?

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Same as the N64 emulator, it will be removed in no time, no way MS will let that fly, much less Sony for that matter.

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Why? t's very simple: it's because Microsoft know that they have completely lost this gen to Sony, so they're rushing in to start a new gen early with a view to replicating what they did some 10 years ago with the X360, when they had no competition during a whole year, as they know it's the only way they're ever gonna beat Sony and the Playstation.
The Xbox "scorpio" or w/e its real name is gonna be, IS a new-gen system people, make no mistake about it. ...

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I bought 2 of these consoles and still have them...except my NEO GEO AES still works and my PS3 60GB Phat lies in its box in pieces because it's broken. Oh, and my AES back then cost me less than a third of what the PS3 60 GB cost me, too.

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The PS3 was a revolution in every way compared to the PS2. I love my PS4 Pro, but by comparison it's just a continuation of the groundwork laid out during the PS3.

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Fantastic game, very spooky, and I like the idea of following the art direction of the first 1979 Alien movie, but it should've had better anti-aliasing. All that jittery stuff is annoying.

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Why did Microsoft get rid of him and Lionhead studios again?

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Truth be told, there have always been ridiculously crazy elements in his MGS games , like those bipedal tanks that emit cow sounds, lol, or that character that spots the rebels in the church, that turns out to be 3 little robots disguised with a cloak and a hat, in MGS4: GOP. And there are many more examples. I'm actually surprised it took this long for anyone in the West to point that out. But as long as his games are enjoyable, what can ya say... Plus it's not like we have a ton of ...

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The Switch doesn't even have any sort of back-up method for your game saves...?
Just what on earth were the folks at Nintendo thinking when they designed that joke of a system exactly?

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If THOSE are the best exclusives the xbone can brag about, i'm sorry but.... Nothing I would "kill" for, really. Quantum Break might be decent...during the first playthrough. Halo is trash, Gears of War close to it in my book. Forza, ye----ah, maybe, but who buys a system just to play some racing game, esp. when there are so many on the PS4 to begin with (Driveclub, Project Cars, The Crew, Assetto Corsa, soon GT Sport...)
How about REAL exclusives like UNCHARTED 4, BLOO...

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I can't access the source website for some reason. Anyone mind giving me the gist of the article?

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Got this on my Neo Geo AES. One of the very best 2D fighting game ever made. And Rugal is one of the toughest boss ever in this game.

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I don't think Sony is going to drop the price of the PS4 Pro at all. They can't even manufacture enough systems to meet all the demand, on the internet it's pretty much impossible to find one at the RRP of 399,99$/€, they go for 500 absolute minimum, and quite often a lot more than that. They won't bother dropping the price and will just wait a little to move forward with the PS5. It's not like they're in need to compete with Microsoft anymore, they're 30 million u...

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Best controller according to you, a lot of people would say the PS4 controller is the best one to go along with the best exclusives. Always that issue with the offset left analog stick among other things...

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This was long overdue. Trophy acquisition should've been rewarded a long time ago, at about the same time as trophies were introduced. We should either automatically unlock a wallpaper, exclusive static themes at first (like for a certain number of bronze trophies), an exclusive dynamic theme later (for a certain number of silver trophies), avatars, the OST of the game, and even a voucher code at the end to use to buy whatever we want in the Store; or actually have a Store separated from ...

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Looks cool. I'm probably gonna get this game now finally. Yes, we could do with more 60fps games on the PS4 Pro.

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So over 10 years later some people are finally managing to run one PS3 game on their PC? This goes to show you Sony really nailed it with their piracy protection measures on that one.

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It's too bad that system is already dead, I would've bought it for Zelda WW and the Metroid Prime trilogy with widescreen support alone. Ah well, here's hoping Big N will rerelease them on the Switch like they did with Zelda BOTW and Mario kart 8

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Great article, wish there would be more like these on the internet instead of all those click-bait articles prompting endless bickering with gamers. I have a PS4 Pro, but alas no 4K TV yet, just a 1920x1080 tv set, I wonder if there's anything I can do to diminish the jaggies effect on my games, I used not to see them all that much on my previous tv set, but now Watch Dogs and Bloodborne's visuals look a bit tarnished. Maybe it's because my previous tv set only had a resolution of...

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