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I really don't understand how anyone could accept to fork out 2000$ just to have a game a little over a week before its official launch date.

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Yeah well, save for the fact it emulates a console that's theirs, and plays roms of games they published, lol.
They can stop that from happening and they will. Even if they didn't have a say about the emulator itself, they have about the roms, and what good is an emulator if you don't have access to any roms?

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Microsoft and/or Nintendo won't allow that to happen I'm afraid.
A few years back someone had figured a way to play NES roms from a USB stick on the PS3, albeit without sound, but alas that was patched in no time by Sony.
Too many legal problems involved with it.

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I'm floored to see those prices for the internet you guys mention sometimes on this site. Is it always so goddamn expensive in the USA to have an internet connection?

I live in Europe (in the country that's probably been home to the biggest number of terrorist attacks in the world in the last 18 months btw), and usually we complain about having to pay some 30-35€/month for what we call the 3-service-package. That's for the telephone (free if you're calling a...

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Funny that Takeshi Kitano would accept to play a role in the game when you know he's always hated videogames and even had a game made, which was completely absurd with over-the-top difficulty and couldn't be finished. What was it called again?
Oh that's right...

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True. What's more, I couldn't even make it past the third one. Could anyone be gentleman enough to copy/paste it here?

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So does the girl.
Yummy yummyyummyyummyyummy

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That's what you get when you pick the wrong console: you're left with nothing to play and you spend the whole gen venting your frustration on N4G

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Gotta love how that website spins bad news about the xbox s console into something positive.
The guy who just received his new console is all excited to plug it in and see what it can do, then he's immediately disappointed when he realizes he first has to wait and do a huge 4.5GB update before that, then even after doing that update he gets an error code that indicates he can't play 4K movies and says "Microsoft is dropping the ball on this one", and somehow the au...

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Et elle semble rendre folles les deux grandes sociétés de hardware console, qui sont fous de mettre un pied dans la folie qu'est le monde du PC, avec son rythme de sortie de fous de nouveaux cpu, gpu, etc. ;-)

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"We’ve known for a while that the game can be played offline, as the universe itself is generated randomly within the game’s code, not server-side"

I'm still not quite sure I understand why that precludes us from having to pay for PS+, as players online still have to be located in space and I don't know how this can be done without servers. It's not like this can be procedurally-generated too, is it? Oh well, it's cool to see that it's even pos...

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Anyone who thinks that implementing that functionality in a game is a waste of time cannot possibly be a real gamer. I mean, it's common sense...
...who on Playstation would miss an opportunity to bitch slap Xbox gamers in a videogame?
Greenlight it Sony, pleeeeaaaase

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Because you can play a bunch of last gen titles on your TV? Is that why you say Sony already has a foot on the door of "service over hardware"?

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I never understood what PS TV does. Does it get you cable channels on your TV without having to pay for them or what?

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Ro0kieMonster7h ago
8. Backing of a company that is is worth over 400 billions compared to the competiton of 40 billions for Nintendo and around 20 billions for Sony.
----------------------------- ---------------
Dammit man, how is THAT, of all things, supposed to be of any interest to a gamer? Please enlighten me as I really cannot understand that.
Some of you peeps really are obsessed with money FFS. The only thing you ever read on american websites when ...

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At long last Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming back to mummy (the PS brand)
Can't wait to play this, even if the price is a bit steep for a 1-year old game, as some have said.
M$ should really invest in their own studios to have their own games without stealing the ones supposed to come out for all platforms.

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Home with VR, interesting...

I'll never understand why Sony shut down Home, they used to make tons of money with that. One would think they would've shut it down on the PS3 only because they were porting it to the PS4, to entice users to move to their next system, but Home is nowhere to be found even on the PS4, so what's up with that? There were dozens of millions of happy Home users like myself and, even though it never really lived up to what I hoped it would...

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Kickle Cubicle should be in there, as well as Bubble Bobble, Duck Tales, Bomberman, The Looney Tunes, Maniac Mansion, Shadowgate, Bugs Bunny, Snake Rattle 'n Roll, Nemo, RC Pro AM, Rescue the Embassy Mission, Wrecking Crew, Double Dragon 3, Kirby's Adventure, Rollergames, Bionic Commando, Blaster Master, Castlevania III and Marble Madness to name a few.
Oh, and Duck Hunt too, if it were still possible to connect a light gun to that Mini NES!

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Not having a Playstation 4 is going to be so f***ing unbearable when No Man's Sky goes on sale... I mean, it already is, and has been for me particularly since the day Uncharted 4: A Thief's End launched, but this game is going to take the frustration-meter even higher, I can bet on that. But since I waited 3 years to get a PS4 already, I might as well wait a few months more now to see what the PS4 Neo is all about. Plus, regular PS4s will have their price dropped by then, so it will ...

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So, he entered a police station because in that Augmented-Reality game he was supposed to be able to catch a rare monster there, and was so absorbed in his game that he totally forgot he was wanted by the police, am I getting this right? Oh my gosh...
Is that show "the dumbest criminals" still running in the US? 'cause, he deserves a place on tv, just sayin'

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