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With all due respect to Mr Ueda and the games he makes (I truly love Ico & Shadow of the Colossus), his games, and most japanese games in general, are far from being the titles that push the envelope the most from a technical point of view. I've learned to take the words from some japanese devs like him, H. Kojima, or K. Yamauchi with a grain of salt when it comes to the technical scope of their games. Remember when Hideo Kojima was trying to explain some of the shortcomings of Metal...

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Impossible, the xbox one market would be too split apart with that big of a difference. That would be a new generation of xbox altogether, and the one wouldńt be able to run the games the scorpio would. I call it bull on that one. Sony's alleged PS4 Neo, if it does exist, is marginally more powerful than the current model, which is why they won't allow any exclusive games to be released on the Neo. Microsoft's Scorpio, however, would be akin to an xbox Two if these rumors are true...

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Gotta love how The Order: 1886 gets panned for being supposedly only a great looking-game with, again supposedly, characters that move slowly, yet the whole Gears of War series has always been hailed by the media as being masterpieces with graphics that made you forget about the lacklustre story and dialog, and the utterly sluggish movement of Marcus Phoenix and co., though genuinely akin only to a trailer rig trying to go in backward motion while beeping because it missed its road after a fo...

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Someone needs to port Star Citizen and Routine to the PS4/xbox 1.

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I wonder if I'll just be able to play that, let alone buy the hardware, without feeling nauseous.

If the majority of the people who try it feel nauseous, and manufacturers and developpers WILL HAVE to make sure people can try it to sell it, virtual reality will be rapidly doomed to failure, or will just prove to be a short-lived fad, much like that 3D with glasses in movies and games around the years 2010-2011.

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Who launched that rumor? Michael Pachter?
It's interesting and funny, seeing what route Big N has been going for generations now, but I unfortunately do not believe it's going to be the case. Not for a second.
And they don't have to, either. Really, when it comes to Nintendo, all they have to do is make sure they don't alienate the third-party devs this time around.
They just have to come up with a console as powerful as the PS4, or at least Xbox One (a...

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Nice, but you won't have me believe that all it takes to develop a game is one of those kits and you're settled. There's no monitor for a start, so there's gotta be something missing...

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I can't even play a 1080p 60fps youtube video on my PC, so remote playing the PS4 won't be for me I suppose.

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Actually Mr Howard was the antagonist of the Fatal Fury games, not the king of fighters. He disappeared in the second game Fatal Fury 2, seemingly dead, but came back in Fatal Fury Special with a vengeance, was reported dead again after Fatal Fury 3 but came back in Real Bout Fatal Fury (but this game is considered non canon in the series), and even in Real Bout Special as a dead spirit (!) you could fight against if you had done particularly well, lol
He then came back in Real Bout 2...

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Better not be, I still don't have a PS4 yet, and it's starting to be a REAL problem with Uncharted 4 just around the corner.
Back at the end of 2013 I was like "bah, I can just do with my good ol' PS3 for a little while still", same throughout the year 2014, in 2015 I also thought "mmh, I'll wait a little longer to be certain I get a truly reliable system and a few great games", but now it's 2016 and I've refrained from buying some games I r...

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Beg your pardon, FF VII one? There is a Final Fantasy VII theme available on the store? Not for free but for preordering the 1st episode I presume? Didn't see it, what does it look like?

On topic, Yoshitaka Amano is an absolute master of his art. No wonder his paintings go for a pretty penny.

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No disc in there means I'll pass. What the hell's going on with that new trend of season passes, digital only games, and unfinished products anyway. They really expect people to spend upwards of 60-70$/€ on an empty shell with nothing but a download code and the promise that the other episodes will be worth it?
I'm disappointed in IO this time. I love the Hitman series to death (no pun intended), but I'll wait for the full game on disc!

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Funny how game developpers nourish one another with the ideas they come up with in their games. It's easy to tell the guys at Ubisoft came up with the idea for a Far Cry game set in 10,000BC after seeing Guerilla Game's forthcoming game Horizon Zero Dawn. And tomorrow comes out a new Dragon Quest game in Japan that clearly owes a lot to Minecraft.
Both look good, but devs also need to come up with completely new ideas or the VG industry would be turning in 360° circles a...

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"It's too much of a chore for me to put it in english, so sorry but I'll put it in japanese. This game has been a success in the west, but...actually Ni no Kuni has been a big fail in Japan. There are even a lot of people in Japan that refer to it as a sh!t game."

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I don't understand, why do you have to install EACH game, even if it's a disc-based game? What for? I thought the point of coming up with a new generation of systems was so that we could do away with what plagued the previous generation of consoles, that is, installs?!

Damn, and those installs are huge, too: 46 gigabytes for Batman Arkham Asylum, 62 gigabytes for the Halo Master Chief Collection, 74 gigabytes for the Call of Duty Collection, etc. Have people working i...

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Nah, come on man, the PS3 flat out beat the PS2 on so many levels. It had the power, it had a proper OS (I remember playing the PS2 and thinking to myself:"there's so much more that you could do with a console OS, how come the manufacturers don't put themselves in the shoes of s/o who bought the system but didn't have the cash left to buy a game for it???"), it also had most of the best PS2 games re-released for it with cordless controller-support ( a huge, huge plus), w...

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Aah, who cares if it's gratuitous or whatnot! Calm down people, it's a fun vid!

Sony weren't at fault with MS's initial DRM policies of course, as a matter of fact xbox gamers should be thankful to Sony because their not backing MS's position on DRM is exactly why MS had to give in and can it.

But it's still good fun, I like to see companies troll at each other, lol. No hard feelings. And maybe this time it's playstation gamers who...

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Cool. Still nowhere near 1000 titles, which would still be only a fraction of what the PS2, or even the PS3 have, but cool still.
I've personally found THAT one game that's the system seller that I needed to seriously consider buying the PS4, and that game is Batman Arkham Knight + the DLC to play the tumbler from Mr Nolan's Batman trilogy!
Back then on the PS2 it was GTA III that sold me to the PS2 when I was reluctant buying it during the first year, but that one...

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What is it that PlayStation app you're talking about?

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I'm very curious to see what the final cities at the end of each game (Uncharted 2 & 3 at least) look like. The one with those stupid crossbow-armed monsters jumping around in 2 and the one with those djinn monsters in 3. They were truly stunningly beautiful on the PS3, I can't begin to imagine what they look like on the PS4 with a 1080p display!

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