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least known? You're kidding right? Raiden I was very well known and loved in the arcades back then when I was a kid!

Needless to say, I agree with the "one of the best" part.
Aaah, that electrifying sound when you'd have the blue laser full power and cooking the enemy spaceship's hull with it, it's still in my head and forever will be! :D #1.2
Awesome! New locks to pick! Master of Jill sandwich is happy as a pig in filth! :D #107
Hum, I don't know, so many PS2 classics have already been remastered for the PS3. Capcom vs SNK 1&2, maybe? Dark Chronicle? The Onimusha series?

I wonder if a time will ever come in the history of videogames when all those PS2 classics will be just a few mouse clicks away from the hard disk drive of our PCs much like the old arcade glories of yesterday are now downloaded by the ton on the internet with Mame? #29
Wait...What? That wasn't the case before? I always thought most of the psp library played fine on the vita?! #24
Standard cars from the Playstation 2 era in GT7 for the Playstation 4??? It'a joke, right?
Completely unacceptable! And this is coming from a guy who considers GT5 reconciled him with the IP after GT3 & GT4 were almost a nightmare (on EU PS2s at least).

PD really, and I mean REALLY MUST ramp up their game for GT7, or this time the new, cooler kids in town that are Project Cars and Driveclub will completely leave them behind running in circles in the sand, and... #15
"Failed to load video"...ugh!
Why??? #9
Aren't some of you guys mistaking the frame rate of a game with the refresh rate of a tv? #31
Comparing those 2 maps is completely pointless. You need to factor in the speed at which your character moves, how fast he will walk and run, and what vehicles will be available.
In MGS games, the character is always pretty slow, well he moves at a human pace, so even though the maps in MGS games are traditionnally quite small, it takes hours to go through them.

Whereas in GTA games, you can actually go from one end of the map to the other pretty fast, the GTA games a... #5
I don't get it, why do they call it "season 2"? Wasn't that very game released some 6 months ago already?
Also, I wish both the MK franchise and KI franchise would do an effort to sport the same kind of graphics as the original games. Where are the digitized graphics ans stop-motion visuals? I'm sorry but without that those games don't have the flavor the original games had. #10
Yep, Infamous trading its gloomy atmosphere for bright colors and electrical powers for R&Cesque weaponry, it is.
I expected a lot more from the guys of Ratchet & Clank and Resistance fame.
It'll be an ok game, I guess. #12
Project Spark looks very much like LittleBigPlanet for the xbone, with conquer as a hero instead of Sackboy, doesn't it? #12
This...that right there is becoming a trend, isn't it?
The PS4 really is more powerful than the xbone, and the gap is only going to widen in the future years, if things start like that right at the beginning of the gen. #34
MK on the SNES was the closest to the arcade cabinet in terms of presentation, but it lacked the gore and the gameplay was a bit clunky.
Don't know if that was due to the supposedly "slow cpu", though. #6
I still have it, unfortunately I can't play it anymore, well, I can't play with my saved game, as my save is on the cloud and I don't have PS+... :(

Great game, but I'll never understand why some of those game devs wouldn't allow us to back up our saves on a USB key. #16
I don't know why, I can't see any text on the website after the link, could somebody copy/paste it here?
Thanks. #11
Looks just like GT5, except with much (much, much) better engine sounds! #13
Good times, good times. I wish someone would make a remake of this game (Istill own on the PSOne btw), with a "Play, Create, Share" option to make your own base, more vehicles, the possibility to get out and control an on-foot soldier, more weapons, and an online mode of course, with up to 4 teams battling it out, it would be awesome.

Oh and, how could I forget: more epic classical tunes! Waging war in a game with a top-down view and hearing your chopper take off to... #2
April's fool?
Can't believe this is real... #51
Glad to see they took my suggestion I had made years ago into account, well, kinda...

...well, maybe they didn't read my comment at all and just followed their own idea, but glad to see we had the same idea. "Great minds think alike" as they say, eh eh eh... :)

Now I wish we had more t... #27
Here we go again with the Sony's exclusives' bashing, yawn. Will the media never learn? Have they not realized yet where that took them during the PS3 years? That's right,
The PS3 still outsold the zbox #47
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