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I agree more or less with their list, but how could they forget Super Castlevania IV on the SNES? Gosh, to this day, I still can't believe this game ever existed. #16
Wish I could tell you it does, but unfortunately it doesn't, no. Capcom is not going to spend all the cash necessary to fully remake BH2 & 3 like they did BH1, they're just doing those remakes because they're quick cash-grabs. But still fantastic games mind you, I even own the collector's edition of BH HD remaster, sent to me by a japanese friend of mine, I'm still trying to complete the game on normal with Chris, it's absolutely scary and awesome, but it will no d... #3.1
I don't know where some of you people still see support for the PS3, week after week I see nothing on the store when it comes to demos of physical games, or even digital releases. Well except for that utterly crappy bike game, that is.

Could anyone point me to a list of the exclusives, or just all the games, released for the PS3 in 2014 and 2015, and for the upcoming year 2016?

You realize that you are indeed at the end of the console's gen when it... #20
Auto motion +? What's that? Mind giving the reference of your tv please?

On topic, yeah, I never understood what that broken stone was either. I mean, I was always convinced they'd come up with DLC for it at some point, but sadly it never happened, so it's just sitting there with no use at all, which kinda looks like bad design in an otherwise brutal but great game.

I don't have a PS4 and already own Demon's Souls on the PS3 so I don't... #18
I remember reading on this very website that "waste of skin" was the title for the western version of the game, but the japanese game had a slightly different title. Could anyone tell me what that was again? #6
I don't know why some people complain about the characters, they were just fun to me and made the game interesting, especially Trevor and Michael. Maybe you guys shouldn't buy a GTA game if you don't like playing as a low life?
I do agree the open-world should offer many more ways of making money, including normal, honest jobs, though.

But GTA V Online can sure be a hell of a frustating game, that's for sure. It's a bit silly to have to rank up to... #21
Damn, if only they could release a new Motorstorm game on the PS4 (and PS3?), along with the new forthcoming Uncharted 4 a thief's end, and possibly a full 3D LittleBigPlanet 4, and maybe also Resistance 4, that would totally seal the deal for me to finally get a PS4. #15
If it's true then, this time, Konami is dead for good, well, so to speak. They existed during these last years only through Kojima prod's MGS series and the occasional Winning Eleven (aka Pro Evolution Soccer in the west).

When you recall all the hits they had in their pockets during the 16-bits/32-bits eras, like Super Castlevania IV and Symphony of the Night, the Contra games, the Parodius games, the Twin Bee games, the Goemon games, the Silent Hill games, TMNT IV T... #17
Good, good. Come back to daddy, Phil! :) #2
I'm almost certain D. Hayter will be in MGS5. H. KOjima likes to play with his fans. Remember MGS2 or the reveal of the mysterious guy with the bandage on his head.

Edit: damn you Wesker, I accidentally bubbled you up!!! #11
Looks cool, but GT5 5 years ago already looked on par with that, or even better in places (the rain effect, the texture of the body of the car or on the driving wheel, etc.).
Goes to show you how extraordinarily ahead of its time a game GT5 was in the first place. #20
I don't understand: which are the untouched pics from the actual game? Left or Right? #17
It's only for the US though.

Yet, fret not european PS3 gamers, for we have RESOGUN on the EU Playstation Store at only 6,99€ instead of 12,99€, and it's a Cross-Buy purchase! Which means when you buy it for your PS3 like I did, even if you don't own a PS4/PS Vita yet, it's on your download list waiting to be downloaded for those systems when you buy them. That makes only a little over 2€ for each version, which is ridiculously cheap for the amount of awesomen... #5
Whatever waters a Playstation exclusive tries to cross, no matter how shallow, shall always be infested with sharks which will try to eat it before it has even put its two feet in it.

Always has been and always will be. #100
It's impressive that Dreamcast games still come out, but what's even more impressive is the fact that Neo Geo AES games still come out like Fast Striker from the NG:Dev.Team guys in Germany. #17
Isn't The Order: 1886 made by the very same people who made God of War III? And some of those journos would have us believe that it's not going to be anything special at all??? #65
No, the PS3 isn't obsolete, and I hope it won't be for at least the next 2-3 years. 10-year-life plan is what Sony committed to. I was among the first ones on board and will be among the last ones. I actually may just happen to be the one who will be mopping the floor when everybody's gone before I turn the power off and I close and lock the doors. :) #49
Not just in smaller countries though. Plenty of people still view the PS3 as the better console compard to the PS4, due to its huge backlog, free online, better performance as a multimedia device, cheaper pricetag and more (yes, Home is also part of the reason).
I know I for one won't be playing on the PS4 anytime soon anyway.

That said, I'd like to have a list of the upcoming exclusives coming on for the PS3 in 2015, because for the first time since its relea... #1.8
I can't believe that is real, much less that any woman will ever buy it if it actually releases. :p #9
Where the hell did those guys learn english and what were they trying to babble exactly? That Killzone Shadow Fall shouldn't have been released? It's rather that text about K:SF that should never have been approved by the correctors if they had any basic knowledge of Shakespeare's language and some remote common sense. Seriously I'm at a total loss at what that jumble was all about. If anyone can figure it out... #13
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