"You were almost a Jill sandwich!"
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We are exactly in the same situation as 15 years ago. Microsoft now have the more powerful system again, but no, or very very few exclusives. PS2 vs Xbox all over again. For how long?

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"Far smoother gameplay than its competitor the PS4 Pro", lol. Example?

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So did I. It was also one of the very first VHS we owned at my place when we first had a VCR. I'm so glad I finally managed to get my hands on a quality blu-ray rip of that movie, since The Abyss in 1080p is for some reason an exclusivity of the North-American market and I'm in Europe. Director's cut, too.

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Usually when a game is too demanding visually to run at native 4K on the PS4 Pro, it's at least 1440p, yes, if not 1800p, so I find that 1260p on the Pro to be... questionable, and when I see that the publisher of the game is Bethesda, who seem to have a thing for Microsoft's systems over anything else, I can't quite shake off that hunch that something went on behind the curtains...

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Agreed. It's now one of the few aisles where Sony has a (slightly) better product than Microsoft, along with a better controller, and a more welcoming dashboard (what with the dynamic themes complete with their tune and all). But when it comes to backwards compatibility, and now hardware, Microsoft has clearly been making strides, and Sony is no longer the top dog... for a couple of years at least.

Edit: @ kribwalker below
My god, listen to yourself. You sound ...

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Do I understand it the way it is? You can not only broadcast your gameplay to Twitch or Youtube for example, but also save it on to the Xbox One X's HDD to transfer it to an external drive and tweak it to your liking before uploading it to wherever you want?

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That's just because the PS version hasn't been updated for the Pro yet, come on, you and the rest of the trolls here can't be so dense as to think a game that would be running in native 4K on the Xbox One X would run only at 1080p on the Pro...

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You don't see them spending much on software...? You own a PSVR and have bought all 100 games that have come out in the tiny 1 year the product has been on the market to be saying that of course. Well, you have over 60 more to buy up until June of next year. There you go. Better start grabbing a hammer to break your piggy bank buddy.

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"There are also a lot more suits and more characters that have not been revealed yet"

I hope so, I really don't want to be stuck in the game with that horrible suit. Please Insomniac, allow us to play with the suit from the Sam Raimi movies, please.

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The little kid inside me who had an absolute blast watching the movies with Christopher Reeve and Gene Hackman hopes gleefully it's true and can't wait for the reveal of that game. After the Batman game, and with that Spider-man game by Insomniac coming out next year, a Superman game will be all I'll need to have my fix of favourite super heroes game tie-ins.

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Can't wait for it. But here's hoping they release it as a stand-alone dlc on disc as my copy of HZD is japanese, and I'd rather avoid buying such a large dlc from a foreign store.

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Wait...they have already released another game after Alienation?
And just because it didn't sell as expected during what, the first month after it came out they declare the arcade genre is dead, just like that, in the most arbitrary manner?
Come on Housemarque, I have Super Stardust, Dead Nation, Resogun, I'll get Alienation at some point, and maybe Nexmachina too, you guys can't give up on this genre, dammit, it's not like there's a plethora of good ol&#...

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@ guyman below, wtf, YOU don't "give a crap", don't speak for everyone, first. And second no need to be on the defensive, I love Sucker Punch and their games too, and I can't wait for Ghost of Tsushima either.
Maybe I should also have added that the first thing that japanese friend of mine told me was that he planned on getting this game as soon as it came out.
But sheeesh, hold your horses man.

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WTF? The patch for PS4 Pro can be downloaded only if we're PS+ subscribers???

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Except as I was talking about the reveal of this game with a japanese friend of mine, he told me he kinda feared the game would have Ninjas and magic. He went one to tell me that the first book that ever accounted the existence of Ninjas was from 1487... So perhaps Ninjas didn't exist as far back as 1274. But then again maybe they did and simply were oooooh-so-secret!

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Wonder if that's going to be enough, even with God of War, The Last of Us Part II, Dreams, Detroit Become Human, Spider-Man and the rest, to hold a candle to that other console, with all the horsepower it has. I heard recently that exclusive games don't count and how much closer you can get to native 4K is where it's at...

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Judging by the reveal trailer after the link, there 's absolutely no reason whatsoever that that game wouldn't run at native 4K on the PS4 Pro, and at 60fps at that. The PS4 Pro already runs much more graphically demanding games at that res and framerate.
On a side note, they didn't exactly say the xbox one x is a big leap over the ps4 pro, but some peeps will stop at nothing to gather hits on their website I suppose...

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What are those "loot boxes" everyone keeps talking about lately anyway?

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How come the game is enhanced for the Xbox One X and not for the PS4 Pro? Ubisoft better release a patch for both systems simultaneously when the X releases at the latest, or it will be a dead giveaway they're sellouts.

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Can you just insert your old Xbox disc into your Xbox One and play it or do you have to buy the digital version?

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