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This looks like a glitch? Why is the helmet moving up n down with the aim like it's on a string? I don't use reflex mode but I didn't know you could control time, just wad like slow motion... Song prolly not in game either... Unless someone can explain the helmet moving up n down, this video is making fun of a glitch... #5
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WTF... Worst article ever...

The info in this article was common knowledge over a year ago... Did somebody get paid for this!? #4
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Advance stats!? How about Ea allowing ppl to see even basic stats that the game is obviously keeping track of. For ex. TURNOVERS!!! When I play, especially with my be a pro the coaches advice at the end of every period of every game coaches advice is "watch your turnovers" and it seems to negatively effects my grade but no where in the game am I allowed to see how many turnovers I've actually commited! Turnovers are a basic statistic that is essential to be aware of so that a pl... #3
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Pens fan huh? Malkin has been slept on, his cover next year if he gets wild. Sid is a call as he really just beginning to reach his prime (if you can believe that). My vote is for Subban though, he's really had a breakout season and has been improving greatly every year and this season he's been everywhere the Canadiens need him this season on both sides of the puck. New puck physics in game hopefully will benefit Subban and similiar players that chese pucks down in the corners and ge... #5
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EA/DICE, where in the hell is Mirror's Edge 2!? Word is you're working on it... SHOW US SOMETHING ALREADY!!! #4
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I'm liking the Crysis 2.5 (kinda looks the same graphics wise as Crysis 2 IMO...) beta. Other than not seeing the console killing graphics that Yerli is always yapping about, the retooling of the MP gameplay is much improved. This beta update also IMO makes it more supported than Crysis 2 MP ever was! LOL!

I just might be getting Crysis 3 after swearing I wouldn't cuz Crysis 2 was so shoddy. If you liked the idea of Crysis MP but thought it was mucked, go try the bet... #1
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No they sure don't do enough for handicapped gamers and it's a shame IMO. The arguement that they should have to play on a PC to get customizable layouts is ridiculous. Console games have had custom layouts for decades but they need to allow customization access for every game. All it takes is a screen with sliders to adjust sensitivity (which the devs have already made because how else would they program the controls in the first place?!)

Games have a lot of good use... #1.1
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Agreed to RDR rain... rolling rain clouds with thunder, water effects even stayed true to the look & style of the game! Title is "best rain" not most realistic so I'm going RDR. Heavy Rain is a super close 2nd IMO for how well it seemed to serve as another character in the game. Hmm... having second thoughts on my #1 now... #8
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"but we know that's because the PS3 is for hardcore gamers who don't have time to cheat"
You heard it here first! "If it's on the internet it must be true!" LMAO!!!

@Bar_Brothers: "You mad bro?" #1.2
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Yeah, good read. It's too bad I never got to find out about all the emergent gameplay that had hope to experience in this game. I spent 2 weeks trying to cope with the first couple missions that played more like a crappy jungle jeep driving sim than a FPS... That and a super lame story along with a "is it over yet?" MP were the 3 strikes necessary for this game to get a swift trade-in.

That said I respect the FarCry series for the emergent gameplay, just wish th... #2
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It's been cancelled!? OMG!!! errr... did you ever think they (Ubisoft) were gonna follow thru on this? I didn't, and that's why I didn't buy SP, even though the demo was fun... It looked like a cool game but lacking online co-op was a fail. Gamers should know Ubisoft only supports "Triple A" games, "Two and a half A" or less?, they hope makes big money on release then dies quickly so they're not pestered with DLC requests from "pesky fans" (Lo... #3
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I could go for a PS3 Julius right now...

"Mmm, Tangy!!!" LoL #1.11
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On this page right under where it says "read story" the name of the source of the article is listed. By clicking on that you can rate the article. I gave this a big ol' "WTF?" cuz I'm all speculated out by now with the Phantom Pain trailer.

(Trendy girl voice): That was like, soo last week... #1.1
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As an American I support the efforts of my fellow international gamers to get their video games at a reasonable price!!! #1.7
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7 disagrees for suggesting us MGS fans are getting hated on!? LoL IDC about the disagrees but I Guess I edit that above post since nobody agrees...

(MASTAPIFF)--> ( ._.)=o[X_o ) <--(ALL HATERS!)

Is that better!? LMAO!!! #2.1
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Haters, that's why...

(MGS FANS)--> ( ._.)=o[X_o ) <--(HATERS) #2
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It's funny, I literally have SWBF1 in my PS2 running right now. I just got done serving the empire on Rhen Var: Citadel... The map were sweet on SWBF1, still pretty good on 2... They still need to make SWBF3 please.

If I remember correctly I seen video of gameplay on Endor maybe 1 1/2 yrs. ago, I think it was Pandemic's near completed version? (might've been slant six's but that don't seem right, oh well) It looked sweet, you could hop in a X-wing & sh... #1.3
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I think that pushing through all the ranting he has some very good points. Does this make me think this game is garbage & I won't be buying it?

No, I still want this game but I'm definitely 2nd guessing why this game is peaking my interest especially when I'm interested in exploring & the point he makes about the lack of it is seeming more valid the more we see.

I feel like the author of this article is trying to open my eyes. I'm de... #1.5
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I vetting sick of Cevat Yerli, he needs to STFU already & make sure Crysis 3 isn't riddled with 100's of glitches upon release like Crysis 2. You need to be alking about how you are taking steps in QA to make sure that don't happen again...

This guy runs his mouth every day talking about everything except how he's gonna not let Crytek drop the ball again on QA...
/end rant #1.5
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^Agreed!!! LoL Can we make this happen for 1 song @ least???

I smell another grammy with this recipe! ROFL! #2.2
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