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I wish it could see the shelves above and to the left of the camera that are full of cartridge based games, N64, NES, SNES, Mega Drive etc... And guess what these old retro machines still work and read the cartridges after all these years.... #7.1
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Nope I still have the first (Launch Console) with me, all boxed up and waiting on UPS to pick it up tomorrow.

When you report a faulty console you have to put a £300 deposit down and Microsoft send you a 'New' replacement, you then switch the consoles and return your old console in the box with a pre paid UPS sticker included.

I know I am not the only person with these launch issues, 2 of my friends are having the very same problems with the driv... #1.5
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Nice to see you read the title, do you want to elaborate on your thoughts to why it is "the ultimate video game franchise". #1.1
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Last year I had PC and Xbox 360 versions and honestly had no problems, this year I got PS3 and it is a mess.

The new menu is 100% better, its the lag that sucks #7.1
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That looks super fun, Thanks for sharing #1
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Great Review Looking forward to playing it myself. #1
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Nice Video... #1
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From what i played it is not like aliens, but only played a small sample of the full game. We should have review code soon so will update then.

Like i said if your a Trek fan you will love it, gamers may want to hold off for reviews. #1.1
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Just got this tweet from Matt Bertz (Managing Editor at Game Informer)

mattbertz ‏@mattbertz
@masonicgamer That information is bullshit. #48
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Read the article and not just the title....


"I don't give a damn why some lowlife want's a video gaming system to fail."

No one wants it to fail. The "opinion article" looks at past figures and what is going on with this gen and moving into next gen...

Like Arius Dion writes

sony's biggest asset in prior gens were third party exclusivity. Once they lost that its been a ro... #6.1
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Don't worry it is not a waste of money you will love it.... Let me know your thoughts once you have played it. #3.2
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Agree with you, but how many true new IPs are we seeing? Thats why I am really enjoying the "Indie" titles that are coming through on XBLA and PSN. In a lot of cases they offer a new gaming experience.

New consoles will always launch with killer AAA games that are tried and trusted...

One point I did cut out is, will we see the end of exclusive titles on Next-Gen? Even on this gen we are are seeing "timed exclusives" and not fully blown ex... #2.1
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The demo was shown on PC but could this have been a PS4 dev Kit? #1.1
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"They got rid of backwards compatibility for ps2 in order to cut cost while most would rather pay more money for the console."
Or to make more money reselling us the games that us sony fans already own by reselling them on PSN and HD remakes?

Got no problem with them stopping Piracy, But stopping ppl from using there US accounts on a Uk PSV and vice versa is where I have a problem. And yes I own a PSV, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, wii, 3ds so no I'm not a fanboy #1.1
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There are some massive changes this year.... #1.1
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Nice review, How do you give a game 10/10? I have been reviewing games for a long time and have never awarded 10/10. Your review reads more like a Press Release. Can you honestly say that there is not one negative with the game? #1
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Been playing Counter-Strike all day, its just how I remember the orignal :) Good Fast Fun Shooter #1.1
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Quote from article... "In the past E3 as been the big the launch platform for console announcements but this year was different, there was none; Console announcements usually follow a trend. E3 annonce, more info at gamescom, more info at next years E3 then launch winter. So why no console announcements this year if we are getting new consoles in winter 2013 (Not confirmed dates)? If we take the above trend for example, the simple answer could be at the time everyone was unsure if E3 wo... #4.1
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@EeJLP Did you read the Article? If you did you would see that I went down the road of reliving my youth, You have picked up on the TV but their was a reason for buying that TV, it was a smilier TV to the one I received with my NES.

If you read the end I closed by saying that if you was to buy all the items new and in the day it would have set you back £1300+ but today it all came in at under £300.

Retro Is not Trash, without these classic consoles... #1.1.4
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I can remember reading reports on tests on HDMI cables, they tested $1 cables and cables costing $150 guess what there was no difference between the two...

Will try and find the test and add it to this post...

It was on one the big Tech sites and was picked up on quite a few blogs at the time.... #9.1
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