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Given how obsequious Famitsu can be with big titles, I expected a bit better.
Same score as the Assassin's Creed 2D spinoff, wow.
Japanese culture is such that they rate even higher on average than western sites (which is saying something), so it's hard to separate good from great. #14
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We need guidelines that ban hyperbolic terms from article titles posted on here.
Enough of these churned articles with a couple screenshots and delirious OMG awesome title wording.

This crap reads like a headline from the Huffington Post. #1
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The writer is talking about how the fight serves as a tutorial.
It must be done on purpose that he is frozen often, it's not related to the writer's ability.

I do agree that the review is not very thorough or well written, but it did have a few nuggets of info. #1.2
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"Extremely", "awesome"...

Good ol' Dualshockers! #11
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Sigh, this is not the Cannes Film Festival.
This is the Cannes Film Market which is adjacent to the film festival but in no way represents an acknowledgement by the festival organizers.

Anybody can screen at the Cannes Film Market, even Sharknado and the likes. You rent a screening space and that's it.
Please correct article. #3
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So all bosses are optional and you can bypass each one to advance? #6
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Cease and desist!
Signed, Regginator #5
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This is a game that means more than its actual quality to a certain segment of the gaming community.

People are defending its ethos and singular concept, that's why critics are so positive despite the game's obvious shortcomings.

The other day I was watching a video by a journalist who is also a self professed Souls fan, at one point he died because of a camera mishap and said "yes the game still has a number of technical issues like previous ins... #21
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The Wii U launched without much in the way of quality exclusives (they arrived later), but it sure launched with the promise of underwhelming third party support.
Add to this a controller gimmick that's painfully rehashed from then DS and 3DS and there you have it.

If Ninty had bothered to make a console where third party games can be ported easily, or one with a cooler gimmick, maybe it wouldn't be lagging this much.

Not that this explains wh... #19
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It worked with Call of Duty.
The top online shooter franchise with a huge social element became associated with the Xbox brand, and promoted Xbox consoles very efficiently.

Regardless of how this writer feels as a fan, it's just that, a fan's opinion.
At the end of the day, it works. #9
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Mr_Writer85 Your frustration doesn't make insults directed at Platinum any less dumb.
Sega would not fund a sequel.
Sony could have stepped to the plate and did not.
Nintendo did, making the game possible.
End of story.
A developer will try to find the best possible publishing partner, and if the publisher demands exclusivity in exchange of their development support, that's what will happen. #1.19.3
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Pretty dumb yes, but no more pathetic than the thousands of console gamers whining about Bayonetta 2 not being on their platform of choice and calling Platinum sellouts. #1.19
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A bit too much scavenging, and a few visual elements too close to Bioshock, but a great game otherwise. Actually more fun to play than the Bioshock games. #13
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If they put analogue running in instead of that obnoxious run button, it would be awesome but I'm not holding my breath. #42
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Publishers just realized the market existed inadvertently during the SD to 720p shift which was the original justification for these remasters.
They just keep on doing it with 720/1080. #1.4.5
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This game is for casual Batman fans and action adventure game fans, not necessarily comic book fans.
Most people have never heard of Azrael.
He may be in the game, but he's not going to be the main reveal.
Most players would be like "Who?".

It's gotta be someone who carries emotional impact for the average fan, unless they have a specific storyline in the game like a flashback that introduces the character in his pre-Arkham Knight for... #9
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This article is shallow and speculative.
They say that Konami "gave" Castlevania to Kojima to offer him a diversion from Metal Gear, yet Mercury Steam devs have admitted that Kojima did almost nothing on the game.

Kojima's name was probably largely used as a name drop by Konami to lend credibility to their reboot with a little known Spanish studio at the helm.

They probably told him "Go to Spain, pose for a few pictures, shake a few... #17
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I don't particularly like Bloodborne (mainly the camera), but to dismiss it as mindless is a bit succinct. It's more peculiar than that. #65.1
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This load time was actually longer than a playthrough of The Order: 1886. #72
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"The longer time gives you a chance to cooldown and rethink whatever failed strategy you had in the first place."

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