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People in the West don't necessarily buy a portable system to play on the go, at least not in the streets or transports.
They maybe take the device with them on Holiday in the car, and that's it. But mostly they will buy it for a big exclusive or two.
It's not like in Japan where they have low crime and play in the comute and public places.
So the portability of the Vita is not a huge deal for Westerners as it is for the Japanese.

I wonder... #26
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Hello, we are going to shove a 10GB download down your throat, of which 95% is just to make sure we can shove our future DLC down your throat.
Thank you for your understanding. #11
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As long as they discard the pre-rendered cutscenes they had in the previous ones (and The Last of Us), there's no problem.

It looked pretty bad when the game removed all weapons or went back to default gun for a cutscene and then immediately put the weapon back in your hand when you reverted to gameplay.

That's where MGS has the edge on games like these. It doesn't look exactly as good as Uncharted or Gears of War but it's all real time, all t... #20
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They owe their fame to their willingness to do open games in the age of the corridor shooter, and their great tech.
But they are not great game designers per se.
Their AI is grossly behind the time, their universes lack personality...

Actually, I think Crysis 2 while not perfect was their most cohesive product despite the criticism from certain (PC) gamers on release. #77
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MGS will always have a goofiness factor to it.
The drawn out, melodramatic dialogue, the ridiculous "Big Boss" military rank, the historical references that feel superficial and grossly inappropriate in the context of the story's pseudo-philosohical pretense, not all of it is intentional.
So you can bet a good chunk will remain.
ACtually I wouldn't mind if they toned it down.

I think a number of fans tolerate it because they became fa... #8
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If it's on PC, it doesn't count. #35
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Very promising although NPC animations do look a bit stilted. It was especially noticeable in the city demo.
Won't be a deal breaker but certainly could benefit from a coat of paint over the last months. #18
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I hope with Visceral's SP credentials, they manage to churn a campagn that lasts more than 4 hours, and has less cliched writing than basically all Battlefield campaigns except BC1.

Glad they seem to be keeping the more open SP level design from BF4 at least. #54
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Unfortunately, look at the numbers.
Other than Uncharted, Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty, all blockbuster franchises of the highest order, nothing sold really well on the Vita.

And about the only other titles whose sales were barely acceptable were Japan-centric games like God Eater 2 or Soul Sacrifice, which owe a large chunk of their sales to that market.

That's simply not a very encouraging climate for publishers to invest in AAA Western... #1.2.4
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This not ScrewAttack, just a featured fan video. #2
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40 hours in "PR talk" time = roughly 18 hours in real time. #10
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I bought my brand new 360 copy for 2 Euros. I feel I've been scammed now. #4
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I agree, FNV was better than 3 by a mile. The factions, the branching quests, everything was much more sophisticated than anything Beth's in house studio has done.
But obviously we'll all check out F4 nonetheless, and it is very unlikely that it's done by Obsidian after the job cuts they had. #12.2
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Title sounds fake as hell.
Sounds like fanfic.
Will probably be called just Fallout 4, or something very concise. #15
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Well, there was a controversy about whether it was scripted at E3 and ND explicitly said it was not and the game determined enemy patterns on the fly.
But in real time, we can see that intricate enemy attack patterns shown in the E3 demo can't be replicated. #15.1.1
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It's true that ND were adamant that the demo wasn't scripted at E3.
But it sure looks like it was after all. #15
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These japanese devs were not so fast praising the 360 when it was hammering the PS3. #5
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Honestly, most of the games he mentioned had major issues.
Half baked stealth, backtracking padding, short length for Saboteur.
Far Cry 2 had tons of backtracking as well, no quick save on console (play it on PC), respawning issues...
Mafia 2 had tons of backtracking too, a sterile game world, and mundane mission design.
Ni No Kuni was charming, but also quite grindy and had a somtimes dull structure. Besides, it was overall quite well received so I wouldn'... #37
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Why is it that people are so enamored with Strangereal?
It was all goofy and melodramatic. #3
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It was not that bad. Pitchford's FU was followed by a more substantiated answer. It was used more as a dismissive remark than an insult. #40
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