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Useless comment

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Well, it was never going to be a perfect and consensual game given its very nature (Are choices too limited? Are QTEs well used?), but it did get some better reviews than expected, especially as reshuffled PS Move game.

Given their bare lineup this holiday season, Sony should maybe had waited and shipped it later, it was worth the risk. It's a period where games are more visible, exclusives push their platform more, and with Halloween around the corner they could have mad...

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I'd be more impressed if they could do that kind of stuff in real time with some degree of player imput.
This looks like another badass characters choreographed intro cutscene, a better one than most granted, but still...

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It looks like the mission design is solely made of iterative and item collecting objectives, kind of like a Ubisoft game with even less story missions.

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Given how poorly it performs on consoles, a poster will noot be enough to make me sidestep the PC version.

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Especially when it's a Playstation title because Playstation is the best and can do no wrong.

We heart u Shuhei!

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I laugh as I know that most of the 7 people who voted "agree" to your post have not played the game.
But they had to agree because Playstation.

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6-7 hours for $22 is kind of what I expect.
I guess it's more in reaction to the length of the 2nd one.

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If they didn't take out the bullet sponges and the wave after wave, spawn closet battle setups, it's still just a remaster.

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This is the new name of Death to Spies 3, for those who didn't hear.
Never played the first two, but despite their cruel AI (which looks like earlier Hitman games from what I read), they got good reviews from some reputable outlets.

This could be a good way to wait for the physical release of Hitman 6.

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And what happens if you spend $60 without reading reviews and don't like the game?

Always the same argument: gamers will decide no matter what reviews say.
Yet people will always read reviews because they want to spend their money well.

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I don't think he'd tarnish his legacy and years of work just piss off an employer, that's just conspiracy theory.

More likely is that he struggled to balance open world building, which he is not used to, and story telling.

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17/20 but some very middling comments in the review text.

JV Magazine is a bit like Game Informer in the US, they are generally quite diplomatic with publishers.

Let's wait for Gamekult, Edge or Eurogamer.

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So Battlefront wins Best Of Show, and Best PS4 Game, but MGS5 wins Best XBO game despite the fact that Battlefront is also on XBO.

And last year it was exactly the same thing. Evolve won Best Of Show and Best XBO Game ahead of The Evil Within, while The Evil Within won Best PS4 Game ahead of Evolve.

And Unravel wins Best Strategy Game ? It's a physics-based puzzle platformer.
Last year this category didn't even exist, they had "Best Simul...

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So the author says it's not a real series, yet acknowledges it is live action has the same length as a TV-series episode.

I agree that the branching is probably going to be limited, and the production values less than a premium cable/network show (although weak production values will probably impact this show less than the Halo one), but still looks like a series to me.

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Blacklist was a bit conflicted. It wanted to be a power trip like so many games today, so you had a level up system, aggressive techniques... but to balance it they had to put armored heavies à la Arkham/Uncharted, scripted sequences.

It was a way above average game but it felt a little bit like a package than something with a direction.

I think in the age of online gaming, stealth can not sell that big. People are used to getting a lot for their $60, in...

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This article reads like a Sony press release.
"Sony always try their best to please their fans", this kind of comment has no factual or journalistic value.

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Not sure Japanese gamers have a ton of experience when it comes to shooters.

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