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What he says makes a lot of sense. No idea why people are angry.

1 ad a day is not a big deal, and it would be a great incentive to make people pay for their games.

Do people think that the money to make and maintain games comes out of thin air? #4.1
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10 years ago we had halo and morrowind
Today we have call of duty and skyrim.
That's not at all a big difference.

Yes the polygon count is higher, yes things do look significantly more realistic, but you have to remember that the limiting factor(at least for now) of photo-realism is the artists themselves. In 10 years YES things will look better. But they WILL NOT BE 100% photo realistic and they WILL NOT match the quality of an animated movie.
... #4.1.1
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this is almost as stupid as saying we will have flying cars in 10 years #4
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please dont tell me you kill occupy protesters in this game #1
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yeah these kinds of things are obvious to us. i remeber i had to make an agreement with my best friend back in 2004 when we played halo custom edition, to never be against eachother. we knew we would get mad as fuck, even though we were never like that with eachother regularly.

but i also think its irresponsible to downplay the "violence isnt bad" thing.

you see something like a head being shot. even if someone is not agressive, even if like they w... #8
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Google YES

Apple NO!

google just knows never to give up and they always want to make things better. i think they would be extremely healthy for the gaming community. they just have their shit together like no other company does.

with apple.. they're more in it for the money. new console each year, app store with the most mediocre games

honestly the app store is just making you pay for flash games that used to be free, tha... #12
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i just want to know if its going to have online. the video they showed really looked like they weren't direct on the online issues.

it seemed like you can only play it with other psps? i dont see the sense in that #4
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you're an idiot. just because shes a woman you get to be sexist and call her a cunt?

the reason why she did that in the first place is because she felt enraged by the amount of money wasted.

Its absolutely tragic that she resorted to violence and theres absolutely no reason to do that. but the ultimate fault is poverty. if someone's income can support 3 tvs a year vs someone who can barely buy a single tv in 3 years the result of that reaction is goin... #1.1.1
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does hardware really have anything to do with whether a developer wants to support the system?

the wii is interesting, but what it comes down to for developers is which system is easiest to design for. this console probably will come to be the easiest, but saying that complex hardware is designed for developers is just stupid, if anything it makes their lives more difficult, and it expends their resources to something that isn't part of the core gaming experience. #3
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i think this is the first game ever where poor black people are actually the VICTIMS and not "oh they need money so they are going to kill people cause they're terrorists" "oh they are zombies so they are going to kill us" #6
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the realism is just insane in that cinematic #1.1.1
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looks great, but i hate the art style, i wish it was more like wipeout hd #1
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there will be a huge line ups for the ngp when it launches all over the world just like there were huge lines for the psp #6.3
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Japan is waiting for the NGP THATS WHY #6
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its so beautiful!

i really hope they go all out on this game. i absolutely loved for answer #2
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so ign isnt part of the industry? #3.2
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i think these guys are totally full of shit, just like they were full of shit when they attack Scientology and not Christianity.

they're good at humiliating people and hacking websites. self proclaimed heroes, they aren't really doing anything productive politically and they fail to see that this was probably the most public, and most cocky team of hackers who ever home-brew a system. ive honestly never seen that much hatred, not from geohot, but from the actual teams... #13
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glad to see the psp development hasnt completely haulted #1
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actually the price was the only thing that was the problem

no one was going to buy a 250 system when the 3000 was 150

now that its a 20 dollars difference the 3000 wont even sell anymore #1.3
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this sounds amazing! #2
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