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Nope that's not sad at all - it's awesome!

My copy is just the basic big box Sold-Out version. :)

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$400,000 has been reached - but reaching $1,000,000 will also get Beneath a Steel Sky 2 greenlit! :D

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Couldn't agree more! :)

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The score doesn't automatically mean it is a perfect game. As the review mentions, there are small faults but they are subjective and won't bother everyone.

10 OUT OF 10 on AMO's Rating System: "This score indicates a product that is one of the finest of its type. Any small issues are made irrelevant by the overwhelming quality and excellence on display. At the time of release, this product will be setting new standards in its relevant product area/genre. A m...

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The controls are anything but fiddly, they are just bog standard point-and-click. The budget was obviously low but even taking this into account, it looks and plays great, with an amazing storyline and one of the best soundtracks in years. I am the biggest Broken Sword fan going, and whilst I can admit the first two games are probably better than Gray Matter, this doesn't stop it from being a superb game in its own right.

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Plenty of cool stuff made it into the game! The engine itself was way beyond any other first person shooter at the time and the character of Alyx was obviously something pretty special too. Sure, stuff was cut from the game during development but in no way did Half Life 2 feel incomplete.

On top of that, the critics loved it: over 6 years later it still sits as the highest rated PC game ever made on Of course everyone will have a different opinion, but for me ...

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Glad this submission is getting so much attention! If anyone is interested, I have also interviewed AJ Locascio (the new voice of Marty McFly) recently on my own website, AMO:


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So I cannot criticise the developers completely changing the central character beyond recognition for no reason at all? Please, give me a break... you contradict yourself constantly. I never said this was anything more than an opinion... the two comments below us actually somewhat agree that the change is a shame as well! You began by swearing and then accused me of being a non-gamer... is that constructive criticism btw?

Saying it is 'just a character' seems slightly...

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This is all just your own opinion. The character design issue will matter to some people... it is amazing how black and white you are being about it all. Perhaps all that matters to you is gameplay which is fair enough. But some gamers also place worth in the protagonists of the games they play and their accompanying personalities too. Would Uncharted 2 be half as good without Nathan Drake? Again, calling me a 'non-gamer' and stating your opinions as fact just because you disagree wit...

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How can you say it has a good story and is fun to play? It isn't even out yet! This article is an opinion about the revamp of Cole, which CAN be commented on in advance.

You say the new design is better. Others say it is worse. Stating your opinion as fact and swearing isn't exactly making you stand out from the crowd mate. As for being a non-gamer, I run an entertainment website that covers gaming and own all current gen consoles. I guess because I disagree with you ...

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How can he say this game has no replay value? I submitted a demo preview to N4G a few days ago: http://alternativemagazineo... and Bungie left this comment:

09/02/2010 at 4:04 pm

Heavy Glitches , this is a failure attempt of a lame movie made by japaneses. Try and play real games on a real machine like the Xbox360 mad...

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Seems similar to my article from earlier today, posted here: (Is Heavy Rain Doing Video Games Proud?)

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The Longest Journey is a good example to use! I write for Adventure Classic Gaming (my earliest gaming memories are of classic adventure games tbh) so I can really get excited when I see a mash-up of old and new like Heavy Rain.

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This is exactly why I think Heavy Rain is going to be a mindblowing, cinematic experience! I didn't want to watch the whole video, but I had a peek and wow, this just keeps getting better and better. I am glad I wrote my opinion down for a feature article on my site now! http://alternativemagazineo... There is no doubt in my mind that this is...

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Thanks! I assume you mean this article:

This was of course one of the things I read online that sparked me into writing my own opinion piece about Heavy Rain.

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I disagree completely with this article! It actually prompted me to write my own contrasting article on my site (AMO), so if anyone fancies a read, here it is:


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Thanks for the feedback. Took a long time to come up with a fair score, but 8 out of 10 feels pretty accurate when everything is taken into consideration.

And yes, the Hardened Edition is pretty underwhelming, although COD: Classic is nice to have, if only for nostalgic reasons!

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Perhaps very lazy is harsh, but it amazes me that Infinity Ward spent so much time, effort and money on so many different aspects of the game, then botched the single player. Again, this is only an opinion. I could deal with the length if the story told was a cracking one... I felt here though that it was little more than an excuse to fight from A-B. I feel the story in COD4 had similar faults, but for some reason I felt more invested that time around than I did here. And at the end of the da...

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I will ask Stewie, but I think when we talked, and what he also mentioned in the review, was that the motion controls for the original two prime games took some getting used to after using a pad on the Gamecube versions. He also mentioned that they were not as refined as the Gamecube specific metroid prime corruption.

Still I agree, it is the next best thing to a mouse/ keyboard.

The best example I can mention from my own experience is Twilight Princess... I preferr...

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We all KNOW Uncharted 2 won't be Shakespeare... who even cares? The story works perfectly well to let us do what we want, which is action, adventure and save the day. I ALSO had problems with the game, and I said so in my review:


That reviews sits at 30% temp here on N4G because I refused to use some bullsh*t title to ...

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