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No controller, No Buttons, just loads of LAG = Epic Fail

Don't forget to stock pile your orange overalls bots. lol

This video says it all, how dumb bots are gonnna look. Using finger as a gun. lol

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Just call it LAGTAL and be done with it.

No controller/ No buttons, but loads of LAG = Epic Fail

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they probably just enter as a developer & publisher for the existing consoles like, PS3, 360 & Wii

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PS Eye & EyeToy have sold well, they are add-ons

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No controller or buttons, just plenty of LAG. lol

This video says it all, look how dumb you will look bot, using your finger as a gun.

Microsoft not recalling Crapbox over RROD, instead they tried to cover it up. That will be hard to live down(Microsofts shoddy build quality). Once Next Gen arrives.

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Europe in general isn't into Crapbox.

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Not LAGTAL version, it sucks.

No steering wheel = Epic fail

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If LATAL does get a controller, then thats another Microsoft u-turn.

LAGTAL will be kinda dumb with no controller or buttons. This video shows how dumb bots will look.

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We already know this.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but '3DTV's' have just launched and only from a few electronics makers. Sales will improve as more electronic's maker come onboard with a full roll out of 3DTV's everywhere.

The 'World Cup' will help push sales of 3DTV's through the roof. As it did with HDTV's.

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The 'Ice Team' are part of 'Naughty Dog', just responsible for the tech and tools stuff(Edge Tools).

The point is that all tools that are made get shared within 'Sony World Wide Studio's'.

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Remember Microsofts 'Bill Gates' said: "640K ought to be enough for anybody," which he supposedly said in 1981. Refering to the amount of memory need for Windows OS.

Boy was he wrong.

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Yes Sony are pushing 3D, but so are loads of electronic makers are: LG, Nvidia, Panasonic, Pioneer, Samsung, Nintendo(if rumours of 3DS are true) to name a few.

Others that are envolved in 3D are Hollywood, Porn Idustry, Games industry, Sky, Blu-ray, Discovery Channel.

And BTW Sony broadcasting the 'World Cup' in 3D, which is a major sporting event. Uptake of large 3DTV's is expected to soar cos of it.

@author - Well by his...

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Microsofts Smoke & Mirrors Bullsh#t E3 reveal.

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And if you had a brain, you'd be dangerous. lol

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The PS3 advantage is still ther, it called free online gaming. Something crapbox don't offer. As for the PSN+ thats optional, the point is online gaming remains free.

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That would be the case if your comparing same genre. But when I go game shopping I don't go into a shop intending on buying a 'cart racer', and then buy a shooter/sandbox game.

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Not even been out a full week yet. Not all games have high front loaded sales, some can sell better over time.

@jack_burt0n - Why you compare 'Read Dead' to 'Modnation Racers' entirely different games.

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Larrabee takes most it's design idea's from Cell and doesn't improve on them. I mean they are even going down the 'Hybrid' route, just like Cell.

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As PS3 gets existing franchises and multi-plat ones.

Also what if the Insomniac/EA tie up ends with them doing a 'Portal 2' port for PS3. This would be ideal as they know the PS3 inside out. Who better?

Also 'Insomniac' havn't ruled out porting to PC in future, that would be a great revenue boost for both Sony/Insomniac. Porting all Sony's IP's.

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