2 Games im looking forward to the most! Starhawk & Dead Island


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Because they arent arseholes?

A Zombie will never lie to you, he will never cheat you, He will never wrong you in any way.

His intentions are clear and honest, he just wants to eat your flesh =)

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"On the other hand, it is dumb, dumb, dumb and really highlights a question that many writers, academics and even mainstream media have been asking for some time: Why can't video games be smarter?"

And something needs to be clever for it to be seen as good?

Mainstream media? Well Mainstream Media has Bill O Rielly on the air and....actually the defence rests on that note temporarily.

Writers, Academics? Ummmmm Games have writers...

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You shouldnt worry about it, while mods are fantastic they arent the b all and end all of the experience.

300+ hours of content

100+ dungeons

Randomly Spawning Dragons.

Thats enough for me, the rest is icing on the cake.

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Played all the killzones,

the ISA are just the USA with a different letter and in spaceships.

They make me sick, Helghan forever!

but really though Id love a game werer I can play as a dragon and destroy everything, similar to Dragon Rage on PS2 or the Reign of Fire campaign which was suprisingly good for a movie game!

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I love how when you criticise something on this website people automatically jump to the conclusion your from "another camp" as the saying goes.

Where did you manage to extract Vita from in that statement? how did you manage to arrive at that point? Is your brain really that primitive that somebody HAS to like one or the other? theres no inbetween?

For the record Nin-ten-doh is a joke and so is the pricing of the Vita.

An Italian pl...

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They even managed to reference the "clever girl" part of JP!

For an indie game its looking epic, everytime I see someone playing as a T Rex devouring someone im throwing money at the screen...take it! take it all!

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Yes, Yes it was.....the metal version jsut had to much going on and just struck me as a mess.

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Impossibly Rich with content, Will look like a dream on PC, Mod & Steam Support, The best video game rendition of my favourite fictional creatures; DRAGONS!

By the sounds of things it really does deserve game of the year in every sense.

Even if it doesnt its my personal GOTY

Only thing I would...infact its not even a criticisim, its just a request, Id like some sort of co-op as a social gamer, I find games with friends are always the best...

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After trying to reboot all of their last gen IPs I think they already have....

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They make a game were you can play as a dragon for thats just teasing me.

Im so sick of playing games as the "heroic humans". Let me be the anti hero or bad guy in a game, theres a big shortage of that.

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BF = Semi realistic, kind of game I like to get lost and immersed in.

COD = Arcade, fun to jump on and play socially with friends, not take seriously at all.

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there is good and bad on all platforms, I dont see why PC gaming is seen as the "garden of eden" of gaming when there is just as many idiots & assholes as playing on XBL or PSN.

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And I thought it was cool when the Hawk transformed into a mech?

then they go and have jetpacks?!

The build and battle system is something truely innovative in shooters, especially since its now been brought online, they are really setting a new bar for content with this game.

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Im not a "pro" any means but do game journalists even play games? these guys are just pretty bloody pants...

That Giant thing that hurls exploding palm fulls of Imulsion at you looks like a pretty neat enemy, perhaps the lambent arent going to be the next "flood" after all.

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Agree with above^

The best review is your own.

Only thing I heard that I didnt like was how the Locust play a backseat role to the lambent. I wonder is this going to be the same as the halo games ;in contrast when I reach the lambent am I just going to think "mehhh" like I did when I fought the flood instead of the covenant?

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You should totally "tally" your ass on outa here.

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But why is she playing a racing game with a flight stick?

I thought one would have been "the introducers" The guys who announce they are getting on the mic with insane rustling like they are rubbing their mic along a bears arse crack then proceed to get on the mic and shout "WHAT UP"

Perhaps those or the online thugs, you know the guys who are 200lbs (not even that heavy) and do MMA? despite how they sound like elmo on LSD.

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"We’re do it the other way around, we start with the highest-end technology that we can come up with and then scale it back to the consoles."

How it should be.

And I wouldnt criticise the....sorry Il use their language "bash" the PS3 in any way on N4G, In this world it cant be faulted in any way at all.

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Shes good looking but forcing yourself to pose like a moron with the sony weenie wand?

People will do anything for money...

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An Individual that doesnt cite Dead Island as Dissapointing and giving the only reason as that CGI trailer they released "portrayed" that it was somehow going to be an "emotionally driven zombie game" as ive seen so many a review complain about.

Its just my opinion but I think thats moronic to criticise a game based of a CGI trailer.

Just a question though for anyone who would like to answer, what game were you e...

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