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To sum it all up, the game has a happy ending instead of a grim gut punch of moral ambiguity. So it's a letdown.
I can't be the only one tired of this drab pessimism that is taking over entertainment. It's as if having a happy ending/positive outlook has become a bad thing.

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Hey look, a hipster.

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If you're going to do an actual remake, it should be in RE4's style.(just with the ability to move while aiming) Say what you will about RE5&6, but RE4 is the best in the series. It fixed everything that was wrong with the series, and improved what wasn't.

As far as RE in general goes, there are two games the Capcom needs to take inspiration from, Evil Within and The Last of Us.

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Never thought Cammy was that hot. Actually find her to be a bit boring.

The only thing she has going for her is her butt crack, well it's visibility anyway.

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Actually, he's one of only two TRUE superheroes. Captain America being the other.

Worst superhero ever? Compared to who?

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Yeah, Josh Brolin is definitely a NO. I mean, it's not like he was the inspiration for the character or anything.

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There's one very simple reason why I haven't played those games.

NONE of them look appealing to me. And I have this habit of not playing games that don't appeal to me.

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So the developer of a game, that performed poorly and was mediocre at best, says their game was "misunderstood?"

I didn't know Ninja Theory developed this game.

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Williams as Ellie actually is really good casting, but Bruce as Joel, while I like it, is not the best choice.

Josh Brolin for Joel. Not only did Troy Baker use Brolin as inspiration for the role, he even looks like Joel.

I would not be opposed to Jackman, I just don't think he is a good fit.

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This list is a joke. To even suggest ANY MK is better than ANY Virtua Fighter, KoF, Guilty Gear or even Blazblue is plain stupid.

Also, Injustice better than UMvC3? Just...NO!

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Yet another article in which it is automatically assumed that Capcom will be bought out by some other company.

It is FAR more likely that whoever currently holds the highest percentage of shares will simply buy enough shares to reach 51% and obtain controlling interest.

Capcom will remain Capcom.

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If "darker" and "more mature" means the unnecessary over-use of cursing that was in TLOU, (one of the VERY few issues I had with it)then hell no! If it means more gore and violence, then ONLY if it fits the story and is not forced into the game.

Overall though, I think Uncharted is dark and mature enough as is.

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As kool as the trailer was, MKX has barely managed to get any reaction other than "meh" from me.

Hopefully something will change my mind. Like the TRUE hero of MK(Johnny Cage) finally being raised to main character status as he was originally intended to be.

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Flash is the only character on that list that "deserves" his own game. Wonder Woman alone is more deserving than everyone else combined.

This is a hipster list. No Superman.

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I love Sharlto Copley, and think he would turn in a solid performance. However, I think he would be a much better choice for David.

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Considering Troy Baker used Josh Brolin as inspiration, it would be foolish to choose anybody else. Unless of course Brolin turns down the role. In which case, I say Gerard Butler.

Not to mention he looks like Brolin anyway.

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More like,
Beating Black Adam like the chump he is, making Sinestro look like a weakling, making Hal Jordan chicken out of a fight, showing Aquaman how weak he truly is, defeating Doomsday AND an evil clone of myself with ease, and then prove to Batman why I will always be better than him. You know, that sort of thing.


I could kill the Joker,(something Batman should have done a long time ago)bang Wonder Woman, and run the world like a boss.

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The Last of Us is GOTY.

The Last of Us is GOTY.

How many other games this year are as well made as TLOU? I'll even go as far as to ask, how many games this generation, are as well made as TLOU?

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Suda didn't sell out, he bought in.

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