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might come with a pstv or with it built in? can put in psvita games watch pstv and movies?

then you get the option to buy it without having a ps4

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lol they filled all the front rows with ms staff to cheer and shout at every announcement

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walking dead vr could be cool if done right, id also like to wonder around the wall in game of thrones aswell

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Microsoft = software company
Sony = hardware experts

ps4 = 24 mil
xb1 = 13 mil

ps4 = 1.84 teraflop
xb1 = 1.31 teraflops

ps4 = native 1080p
xb1 = native 900p

all ms have this E3 is more secret dx12 sauce, and a weird silly partnership with oculus

and your logic makes ms look worse, there worth $312 bill more and they produce a weaker console along with extremly poor PR

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ive heard that you can watch the briefing using the oculus rift but you have to sit on your sofa and the vr will be you sitting on a sofa watching a tv :p

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aussiegamer you need to watch the video, your not getting how pointless what there offering is, and the only real partnership is the controller bundled with the rift

your going to be able to play halo ect like in the video sat on a virtual sofa looking at the screen, your not going to be able to go into a virtual halo map and play, unless halo is available on pc and you play it on pc with the oculus

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i said they would do this when sony announced theres but all the xbox fans said nope ms has there own they been working on it for years :/

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i meen from my point off view, yes i saw the mincraft demo but i just think it will be a gimmick like the cards that come with the Nintendo 3ds

im not saying hololens is not good it looks amazing and i think in the future we will all have a set for various things we do like driving ect i just cant see it working for gaming unless you can immerse into a game in some way, and then it would be VR wouldnt it?

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hololens is not for gaming,it looks good and will be the future for a lot of industries but not gaming

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i think they will save the headset for e3

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guess you cant on the ps4 as cant see the app there :(

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do you have to use the browser or is there like a app?

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so with gaikai and possibly a virtual headset in 2014 im really glad i bought a ps4 :)

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also we have a great new looking dash and they still use the old firmware update screen :(

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excellent keep the updates coming :)

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neither the kinect or ps4 camera are as accurate as it would be with sensors attached to parts of your body

i was playing just dance 14 the other day and the camera kept confusing me with the xmas tree (im not fat :) )

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am i the only person that thought digital games would be cheaper than disc, as they save money on the disc and case?

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wheres the patch to play your own media from usb ect?

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1 of my favorite features of the ps4 is the ds4 i love it,it feels so much more comfy to hold and i love the light bar and the touch pad is just a bonus

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ye thats what i thought but o well lol fair play to game tho for doing it,its annoying queuing in the normal queue waiting for ppl to trade ect to get the cash to get there ps4

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