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Yeah. The article is all about Nintendo's marketing of its first party RPGs. It doesn't say anything about there not being any RPGs on Nintendo systems.

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Anyone else think it could be that Sega 3D Classics 2 3DS game? That certainly qualifies as "classics."

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It's rather unusual for a Wii U game, but common for PS4 and Xbox One titles.

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Pretty smart idea. Good to see Twitch is willing to offer more services.

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I think E3 is about more than the press conferences. After all, a lot of new games and technologies are shown, and it's the once chance everyone in the industry gets together.

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Yup. You get a $5 gift card with the game when you buy it. (Make sure you keep the card on the back of the pre-order, to be sure you get it.) You also get one of the Pacs, and a code to use that particular Pac in Pac-Man Dash.

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Sorry about that. I just got back from LA when I wrote this and was looking at the wrong page in my notes. It's been fixed now. :D

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They were just put out when I got there.

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I'm actually thinking of buying the game just for this expansion.

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Error code #80028ea1 when you try to connect. Also, Sony has confirmed via Twitter that some people are experiencing outages.

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Oh absolutely. The Last Guardian is going to be extraordinary and well worth the wait if Ico and Shadow of the Colossus are any indication.

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Yup. I checked it out too and it's just one of those "boring" updates.

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It's nothing like Guitar Hero. If anything, it's probably more similar to DDR, but even that's inaccurate.

What I find most appealing is the in-game editor. You can import your own MP3s and create new songs and music videos using the characters. These can then be shared with other people who own the game.

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I bet you'll get one too. Perhaps it just is taking time to roll out the credits to everyone?

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Got mine. I'm saving it in the hopes SkullGirls goes on sale February 26 as part of that awards thing.

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I'm glad to hear the sequel's as good as the original. My friends and I played the hell out of Skylanders. Between the four of us, we even managed to complete the collection.

Course now, looking at the new Skylanders, I fear our hunt for new characters will return. I think I need the Hot Dog puppy Skylander in my life.

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Yeah, and if you read those reviews it sounds like the writers spent only an hour or two with the game.

Planet Crashers is excruciating. I'm not exaggerating when I say the game offered me the same fetch quest four times on the first planet (Lushie Green).

Battles also aren't worth it unless you're fighting to complete a quest. They give you barely any experience points.

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When I was a baby, my parents had an Intellivision and would let me hold the spare controller when they played Night Stalker or Burgertime. I was playing Shark Shark with them by the time I was a toddler.

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Wow. I'm amazed it took so many words to pretty much say nothing.

Oh wait, except for game content initiative. Which will probably be some small interactive comic, like the one PS3 owners got to tell the story of ME1, and cost us actual money.

I also love that he tries to make the number of people dissatisfied with the ending sound like some fringe minority because over 75 video game journalists thought it was good.

Oh, but the best par...

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Absolutely and after what's happened with the PSN, it's made me appreciate all my single player games and RPGs even more.

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