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I wonder if it's their rumored open world Mad Max game

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I hope that that is Alpha footage cause that looks really unfinished and unpolished.

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Doesn't mean its enforceable, plenty of ways you could still get refunds, they are false advertising so that would get you a refund.

See here-

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uh Nintendo is still the one that implemented this "feature" and allowed them to do so.

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No, you have to start up halo 4 and in the main menu there is a tab that says Xbox Marketplace and clicking that will give you it to download for free. Anywhere else ie Dashboard ad, will not allow you to get it for free.

Also Xbox doesn't ban you or anything, this type of thing has happened in the past and they've basically said it was their fault so nothing will happen to the one's who took advantage.

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Wow this is for real, you have to start up Halo 4 and click on the tab that says "xbox live marketplace" and you should be able to get it for free. Don't know how much it will be like that but they will probably fix it soon.

It's supposed to be 800 points but something went wrong. It will NOT work on you have to turn on halo 4.

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Its been dying since they re-branded it G4tv and took away so many of their good shows except for AOTS and Xplay, the deathblow was when Kevin and Adam left.

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"Playability:The cars are fast and loose, and the rubber-banding is a necessary evil that helps make races intense"

No developers need to stop using rubberbanding, it's terrible, cheap and it sucks because you can be really skilled in racing game and have a really fast car but it doesn't matter to the AI who just blow past you, and wait up for you near the finish line.

I really hope rubberbanding AI is gone from most racing games because its...

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if you were just getting it for the co-op you were getting it for the wrong reason.

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good thing is the december issue of gameinformer will have a lot of information on it

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Summons, 2 Discs have been confirmed but you really don't even use disc 2. You Install Disc 2 on your Xbox for the multiplayer portion and then put in disc 1 to play everything including Multiplayer. Disc 2 is just an install disc.

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I don't think so, they probably would have made an announcement for that by now. I'm guessing the Dashboard Update for all is coming like late Oct. or sometime in Nov.

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I believe its only for Gold-members, but there is an offline portion if I'm not mistaken so maybe Silver-members could still download and play it just not the online portion.

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This is for The Last of Us......................

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Yeah those are all the issues that I see making it not possible for them to make it download only unless they want to lose a ton of sales.

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well it could be very neat cause I imagine "The Institute" would be a key point for the storyline, if you follow the Fallout lore and stuff like that it could make for a pretty good story.

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"Fans do want more content. From the moment the game launches. They tend to say 'I want it now!' So it needs to be there when it's ready,"

What the...everywhere that I see most people are royally pissed when a game first comes out and theres already DLC out or coming out very soon after release. Yeah I'd like more content but later down the road after I've played the game a lot. Bioware is really killing themselves...

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Wow there's a lot of cheap games, definitely gonna have to go and get some.

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This is crap, in this day and age all racing games should have a cockpit view, I can't really think of any that don't besides dirt showdown and now this. There's going to be people not buying this game just because of this and I don't blame em, stop stripping away parts of games so you can add all those stupid lens flare and all those stupid filters for the graphics.

I wonder if they got the 5% of players using cockpit view from the online modes. I prefer to u...

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yup same here, I like to race with a racing wheel and the cockpit view is great.

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