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Steering wheels are the only way to play racing games and the Xbox One controller still uses AA's in 2013.

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So let me get this straight the Wii U ($299-$349) which is a bit better than the PS3 ($199), but significantly weaker to the PS4 ($399). While the Xbox One ($499) is weaker than the PS4 ($399). And you think it's the same thing or situation at all?

PS3/360 vs Wii U Specs
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K. Let's play.

MS talking about their specs.


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They should both be cheaper than the PS4, if you want get real about things.

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That's not good. Especially, since new console are on the way. Not to mention for how closely it's priced to the PS4, considering how much better it is than the Wii U.

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"PS4 Has 2000 Friend Limit"

Check. One more example of getting more for less. Nevermind the specs, games, services, paywalls and recording time.

Edit: Of course 1000 is enough, but that doesn't change the fact the ps4 allows more. It more funny ...

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Of course it does. The next argument will be the games.



Xbox One
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This should be fun.

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"Party Chat will be on the PS4 without PS Plus."

Of course it is and you know that stings a little.

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What hilarious I'm talking games, studios and game related stuff and you guys are talking about TV, Flailing and features the PS3 has had since 2006.

The PS4 allows game sharing of digital titles, instant video sharing, taking over a friends game online, actually free f2p games, PS1/2/3 titles from Gaikai and more things to do w/ you know.... games. Plus all the media features w/ no paywalls. It only does everything.... remember. If anything, the Xbox One is the PS3.5 bu...

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"Specs, are meaningless"

Where have I heard that before?

You've been trained well.

"Kinect alone gives X1 20 advantages over PS4."

The average Xbox fans hates Kinect and wishes it didn't exist.

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The PS4 and for less.

Are better, I won't post the number again cause it's giving some people a nervous breakdown.

Recording time


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First it was wait for the reveal, then wait for e3, then wait wait for MS Dev conference, then wait for the cloud, now it's wait for hypor visor and the esram that's gonna make up 108gbs/s difference....

FYI, it's getting kinda pathetic.

"Sorry man, only differences we'll see graphically will be subtle graphical improvements 6+ years from now for Sony's first party if you're lucky."

Killzone SF

Would you rather MS talk about their GPU? No problem.

If you want to hear them talk about the gpu being less capable w/ less shaders. Be my guest.

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Because this the final result and it hurts peoples feelings.


ROPS: 32
Gpixels/s: 25.6
Shaders: 1152
Clock: 800MHz
Performance: 1.84TFLOPS

Xbox One GPU specs

ROPs: 16
Gpixels/s: 12.8
Shaders: 768
clock: 800MHz
Performance: 1.230TFLOPS

PS4 Memory specs

Amount: 8GB
Type: GDDR5
Amount allocated for games...

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"PS4 literally has ZERO advantages over X1"

ROPS: 32
Gpixels/s: 25.6
Shaders: 1152
Clock: 800MHz
Performance: 1.84TFLOPS

Xbox One GPU specs

ROPs: 16
Gpixels/s: 12.8
Shaders: 768
clock: 800MHz
Performance: 1.230TFLOPS

PS4 Memory specs

Amount: 8GB
Type: GDDR5

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“It’s also been stated that the Xbox One is ten times more powerful than the Xbox 360, so we’re effectively 40 times greater than the Xbox 360 in terms of processing capabilities [using the cloud]."

Adam Pollington- Microsoft Xbox Australia spokesperson.

Maybe the cloud is powered by AA's, like the controllers.

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The Xbox One isn't region locked.

Luckily, Microsoft wanted it to try to be as much like the PS4 as it could. Aside from being weaker, monitoring you and being more expensive, of course.

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"So you're quoting opinion pieces from journalists"

Scott Cronce- vice president of technology at Electronic Arts
Matt Booty- Manager of Redmond Game Studios and Platforms
Adam Pollington- Microsoft Xbox Australia spokesperson

These are the people my links link to.

You can't even tell the difference between MS/EA employees and journalists. Talk about embarrassing yourself.

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Have a good one.

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