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"The Dark Souls Of Contributors"


Such a nice face, considering he powered dreams and destroyed worlds.

Mark Cerny deserves the 'Man of the year' award. #2
100%. The PS3 finished strong, PS4 will be no different.
Probably better (like the PS2) since 3rd parties are going to be flocking to it, since this is going to be a 1 horse race. #1.1.1
Dub post. #4
Nothing is more beautiful than a stack of games. Being able to lend them, sell them, trade them and really just do what YOU want w/ them is very important to people. #3
No, Sony is still dominating.

The PS4 is powered by specs, reality and talent. Not dreams, aspirations, back tracking and theoretical equations. This generation (like I said) is going to be a landslide. #1
Joined 29 Jul 2013 (3h ago)

"You're the biggest Sony troll on N4G, yet you're calling someone else a troll. Wow"

I never said said that, I said this.

"Nobody is disagreeing w/ me besides you and your multiple accounts. You have been following me around for days."

Which is true, you join N4G a few hous ago.
29 Jul 2013 (3h ago)
Joined 29 Jul 2013 (3h ago)

I didn't realise comparing a semi-open world FPS to a MP only deathmatch flagship title was not allowed. The reason Titanfall looks like that is this.

Titanfall - runs on source engine from 2004

Nobody is disagreeing w/ me besides you and your multiple... #1.1.24
Fallout 4 #2
Apparently this equals a cause for concern.

Skips cleaned up on the RAM, Ezz2013 on the GPU. So I'll skip those and move on to games and why specs matter.

Xbox One
928d ago by MariaHelFutura | View comment
"give them the same excuse to do so in ps4 articles
even though they really have nothing to bash ps4 with"

I could care less, I'm so desensified to people bashing PS it's not even funny. This entire generation was people bashing the PS3. It's been 3 months and people here want some sort of 'truce'. I don't think so.

....and I provide facts w/ links constantly to back my claims.

**Just imagine if the s... #1.2.12
I'm not attacking anything, if anything people attack me.

I just say the way it is and provided links to back up my claims.

If they makes people offended, it's not my problem.

If anything I'm saying is incorrect, feel free to correct me, ignore me or join my fanclub of person attackers. #1.2.5
"Things you’ll be able to do with the new PS4 Camera"

Not own one, if you don't want it.

If you do own one, you can unplug it and the system will keep functioning. #1.2
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Yes it does.

It also supports all headset supported by the PS3.

The Xbox One needs an adaptor. #3.1.9

Press agree if you'd prefer to use a headset over Kinect.
Press disagree if you'd prefer to use Kinect over a headset.

Try to ignore the username. #3.1.2
Headsets. #3.1
Sony should focus on the PS4 more, it's the Trojan War Horse of Playstation. Also, I would expect a Vita price drop pre PS4 considering how closely their connected. A $499 PS4/Vita bundle would rock the house. #2.1
That would be an understatement. Their fanbase clings on to rumors and blames everyone else like it's going out of style. It's been quite a transition for them from the beginning of last gen to the beginning of this one, really since the introduction of Kinect.

Look at the last 3 years of exclusive retail games
http://fo... #1
"PlayStation 4: Party Chat Will be Free to All"

Sounds so nice just saying that. Being free is great. Who would put something like this behind a paywall? #1.3
FYI, they can't flag me as "trolling", when I'm talking facts and backing it up w/ relevant links. Like me saying the Xbox One controller takes AA's. As much as you hate me saying that, it doesn't stop it from being a fact. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's trolling.

The controller takes AA's, period. #1.1.4
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