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The PS4 gets a new game everyday.

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Not really, Imo.

Specs: PS4
Restrictions: PS4
F2P: PS4
Price: PS4
Exclusive Devs: PS4
TV: Both
Camera w/ Voice Recognition: Both
Preorders: PS4
Polls: PS4
Recording Time: PS4
Friendlist: PS4
Countries Available: PS4
Headset Options: PS4
Controller: PS4 (does require AA's or accessories)
Indie Support: PS4

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Nintendo will be fine, they have super well known 1st party/exclusive characters and games that carry them through constantly. Worse comes to worse, they stop making consoles and focus more on handhelds. I just want them to stop staying a gen behind w/ the specs of their hardware and go all out.

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Between the head and the hands, you must have the heart. The queen of the future, Mariahelfutura.

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Agreed. An open world space shooter is going to eat up atleast 100 hours of my time.

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Your hands are identical. How is the left stick in the wrong place on the dualshock?

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dub post

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Completely agree. The choice isn't that hard, my reasons......

Preorders: Sony
Specs: Sony (link is not needed)
Launch Games: Sony 33>23 (link is not needed)
Countries: Sony 32>13 (link is not needed)
Restrictions: Sony 1>81
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Playstation Home if done properly on the PS4 could be much much better due to the social elements of the PS4 and stronger hardware to run it. If used properly it can be a great hub housing clan activities, no furnishings required.

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One thing completely separates the quality of these controllers.
It's not like it's a bad controller, but the fact the Xbox One uses AA's in 2013 is ridiculous. It was ridiculous in 2006 and it's even more ridiculous in 2013.

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Naughty Dog has 2 teams....

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"Titanfall looks like a generic last gen shooter."

Worse. Titanfall run on the 'Source Engine' from 2004 (PS2 era)

It runs at 720p at 30fps

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Wrong. Amazon had it in the description, since it was posted.

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Knack screens

Reggie called the PS4 'meh'

He's messing w/ the wrong crew.

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Shots. Fired.

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On a regular Thursday, Sony just casually announced one of the biggest features of the Xbox One.

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Yea, I'm good w/o Skype.

This is amazing. Especially considering the damage remains through your play-through aswell.

Infamous Second Son is by far my most anticipated PS4 title.
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4 years, ZERO games you can name from either. Wow.

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