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Double Helix's previous games.

They haven't had much success w/ anything.

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Specs: PS4
Restrictions: PS4
F2P: PS4
Price: PS4
Exclusive Devs: PS4
TV: Both (PS4 does not require your cable box)

Gifs can for me.

Thanks Bethesda.

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It's interchangeable w/ inexpensive HDD's that are found in PC's.


We just don't know types it will...

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Dead Rising 1 and 2 are some of my favorite games from this gen. Dead Rising 3 is by far my favorite Xbox One title.

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It's easy to sleep for Shuhei and friends lately. There's not much to stress about when there is little to no competition.

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The answer to your question is, NO.

It's not even available in all the European countries.

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Yes, it does.

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"what they lack in numbers"

Xbox One launch titles – 23

PS4 launch titles – 34 (Divekick is not on the list)

The PS4 doesn't ...

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Personally, I don't think this will happen on either console for many reasons.

But on the PS4 the HDD can be swapped out, so it's cheaper to upgrade.

The Xbox One's HDD isn't.
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The Xbox One and PS4's plans on what they are doing w/ the 'cloud' are 2 very different things.

Xbox One
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Japanese made games this gen were some of my favorites. MGS4, Demon/Dark Souls, GT5, Lost Oddessy, Tales Series, Dead Rising 1/2, Bayonetta and a bunch more including handheld games and a few Wii games. Some JP studios did great, others didn't. Just like Western studios.

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"rewardedone" joined 4 days ago.

These are his only 2 comments.

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Yeah, they're feelin it.

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I'm giving you a bubble for 'funny'.

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Well, you're not incorrect. Microsoft has a way of twisting words.

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Specs: PS4
Restrictions: PS4
F2P: PS4
Price: PS4
Exclusive Devs: PS4
TV: Both (PS4 does not require your cable box)

"I guess the X1 doesn't deserve the same consideration that people demanded the PS3 be given."

No, they don't. They tried to bring the concept of the New World Order to home consoles. They wanted to treat gamers like criminals and took their ball and when home when their FANBASE didn't want to be treated like that. They've told half truth to flat out lies about everything from MGS5 to DRM and Kinect system implementations. Plus, they took Ryse, DR3...

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It's going to sell it by more than that. The PS4 is outselling it 2:1 in NA.

And it has a head start in 19 countries where the brand pretty much al...

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The list of the PS4 games.

Killzone: Shadow Fall (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
InFamous: Second Son (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
The Order: 1886 (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Driveclub (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Knack (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Resogun (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Helldivers (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (owned by Sony, PS4 only)
Rime (owned by Sony, PS4 only)

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