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and Bushido Blade for the PS Move. Sev, one up HHG and make it happen. LOL.

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Angry birds is overrated, IMO. Don`t loose you mind in a cloud of butterflies.

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Those are the STUPIDEST negatives I`ve EVER heard....EVER. Besides GT5 being to much of a sim....that was pretty bad too.

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Regardless of the context Gwave`s comment is taken, he/she is right.

Nintendo and Sony have or 20 1st party studios, MS has 3........and it shows in creative aspriations. IMO, anyway. There are alot of creative multiplatform games, but when it comes to exclusives....Nintendo and Sony take more risks when it comes to game development.

IMO, Halo was MSs "gift and curse" It got them thru last gen and they seem to only want to persue games w/ Halo ...

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I would say..... it takes two to tango.

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The bigger an industry gets the less consistantly is creativity retained. When COD4/5/6 sell more than more creative games....publishers/developers get "the itch".

I say it once a week on this site.....Be mindfull of the things you choose to support.

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IMO. All of GOW3 and the F1 cars in GT5.o_-

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The cost difference isn`t worth it. IMO. I haven`t tryed the TM but I can`t imagine it`s $400-$500 better than this wheel. I`d rather buy this wheel AND a racing chair for the price of the TM.

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Buy it. NOW!!!!

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I own/played ME1/2. I`m looking ahead to ME3. It`ll be nice to play it on my PS3 too, since that`s my prefered system.

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Yep. That video defines getting "owned" perfectly.

2634d ago 2 agree0 disagreeView comment is HD if it`s on the Wii.

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GT5 is king of the simulation kingdom.

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I like the 360 thru the PC monitor the best aswell.

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GT5 is GOTY because it re-created the feel of hundreds of cars perfectly. If you wonder why the game took so long to come out, stop wondering cause I just told you.

GT5 is king of the simulation kingdom.

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They`re engaging.


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Whoa, I thought they were talking about Bluray for a second.


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Mcdonalds is Grade A food then.....OK.

Tacobell makes lots of Tacos... they must be grade A. But in reality their meat is Grade C, Meaty dog food is grade D. Most local taco restaurants serve better quality food and get a 1/100th of the sales Tacobell does...if their lucky.

JohnnyHalo I think you are confused on what quality is... if you like COD that`s your choice, just like eating Mcdonalds is your choice. But that doesn`t make it quality in reality.

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The world will only give you what you want, becareful what you support.

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Give a ACTUAL race car driver GT5 and Forza 3 and they`ll pick GT5. Does that mean Forza is a bad game....NO....It means GT5 does a better job at being a simulator. I`ve driven high end cars that are in GT5 and the accuracy is mindblowing.

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