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Wow, something the Xbox One does more of than the PS4.


But like the PS3 supporting 7 controllers, it'll be pretty much pointless. #1.1.2
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I love when people mention Power Stone. #3.2
Specs: PS4
Restrictions: PS4
F2P: PS4
Price: PS4
Exclusive Devs: PS4
TV: Both (PS4 does not require your cable box)
htt... #1.1.2
Arguing/debating is what people do. Usually when people don't want to argue, they have no argument. So, if someone wants an Xbox One, great. But the doesn't change the FACTS, it's not as good as the PS4 at basically everything and it's less expensive. I'm confident enough to have that debate w/ anyone. #2.1
Of course the Xbox One was the most discussed.
- There is alot to say about it.
- Microsoft isn't good at talking about it themselves.

Of course the PS4 was favored.
- It's pretty much better at everything, if you feel like that's incorrect feel free to speak up. #1
The English language #1.1.4
How about the fact Australians basically speak a slang of english.

It shouldn't be an issue. At all, really. #1.1.1
It's not even available in all European countries.

The whole situation is a joke. Just another half truth to make things look and seem better than they are. The problem is it comes at the expense of their dedicated fanbase. #1
Don Mattrick quotes

Aaron Greenburg quotes #1.1.5
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Microsoft did it all last generation. They just aren't the position to say anything anymore, so they do what their told and stay quiet. #1.1.3
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Other things Major Nelson has the last few months.

Metal Gear Solid 5 is exclusive for Xbox One

DRM can be just turned off
http://www.dualshock... #1.3.1
1. The PS4's camera retails for $59.99.
2. 90% of gamers don't care for either camera.
3. The ONLY reason I'm getting the camera eventually is for Media Molecule's PS4 game, if you want people to buy your camera make a game that warrants it's purchase.
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True and fair enough. Like I said though not many games (almost none) will support 7-8 controllers. But you are correct. #1.1.7
It's definitely raining in here. #1.1

If you want to spend the upwards of $400+ on controllers and battery packs to play Fifa w/ 7 people on the Xbox One a few times, be my guest.
http://www.cleanfunnypics.c... #1.1.5
Yep. Like I said below

The PS3 supported 7 controllers.
It was useless, no games support 7 players offline. #1.1.2
The PS3 could have 7 devices/controllers connected to it.
It's was useless, no games supports 7 players offline. #2.1
I agree. Bubbles for you. #5.1.7
"But does this mean that we should instantly dismiss their efforts with Killer Instinct?"

No. But I would say be cautiously optimistic, based on their previous work. It's not out of line for me to say that. I'm pretty sure they have made a game with an average rating over 65. #5.1.3
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