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oh i miss playing with friends in the same room!
playing pes 2vs2 drinking beer and yelling at each other was a lot of fun!

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at the beginning, well i was just thinking like you.
couldn't be bothered nor cared about trophies.
I partially changed my mind and hunted for a few platinum recently.

Trophies made me come back to MGSIV and the HD collection (MGSPW right now) for example, discovering things i would have missed in the process.

Thanks to AC trophies i at least gave a try to the online part.
Same goes with burnout paradise (still one of the funniest ...

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it was too good to be true.

C'mon use some logic please.

Let's do restriction on used games, cause, u know, publishers are not making enough money.
But wait, if u buy one copy of a game 9 friends (or random people living round the world) can play it.
Yeah, sure

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It's certainly a choice made by money, but i think
that for some franchise (like FF and DMC)
would be more profitable to stay exclusive.
The target audience is by far larger (or was, if i'm wrong sorry) on the PS.

Don't listen or don't care may ends up in losing your long time fans wich are almost sure sells.

BTW, i personally don't see any problem if the game is not held back by any of the consoles

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I think exclusive content or something must have never existed. Anyway is a really unelegant move from Square

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"who the hell plays FF games on an Xbox."

Fans of the series? Who the hell plays MGSV on Xbox? No one.

the proof is that FFXIII was barely a Final Fantasy game and MGSV is now becoming Metal Gear Redemption:p

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did he say it's 499 in US e EU?
did i understand correctly?

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did they go multi-plat or the game (wich i think will be pretty fun) is exclusive to xb1?
just asking (but i'm almost sure they stated it's exclusive)

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it looks quite good...
the first scene kinda reminded me the kratos battle with the ships on fire.
But look awesome

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wrong post... sorry

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I disagreee with the disagree:)

I think what he's saying is:
IF (or WHEN) a company (M$) make you pay for used games, THEN,
there's no reason why those money should stay in the company (always M$) hands entirely.
It's more logical that those money goes to the devs. Yes in this case they get paid twice.
But better than to pay a company wich did nothing regard the game sold (guess who? M$).
So the point is: the money should g...

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sadly, i think many will eat this up.

It's a problem of visibility, and marketing.

Even billions of post about those stuff from us will be cancelled by a good ad campaign and a couple of good reviews from popular media.
Not to mention people who are already defending the XBO...

What about hackers?
welcome to where you see real family dancing and doing sports with kinect games:)

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i feel you...
anyway i hope they don't "screw up" on this.
I need a good GTA (like the old san andreas).

And i'll wait, too.
The 4 taught us the reviews aren't just reliable for some games.

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wow, bold statement!
let's just pretend it's possible.
There are sooo many things that can go wrong.

For one: people with online cap will at some point get a less powerfull machines, wich is wrong.
Second: how will this be implemented? dev may create games than have to be played with or without cloud. Will they do it? Is it that easy?
Plus what if there's a lot of xbox connected.
How many power is nedeed (eg how many serve...

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just like every hetero man will eventually learn to love being as******d.

So i'm suggesting you, my smart former CEO, may start a company producing dildos for men.
It will work!

sorry for not being politically correct...

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What boring stuff?!
The problem is Ms believes and is excited 'bout
those features. The boring stuff are the core of the XBO. To add to that it seems some people are happy about that as well.

Sure we can wait for E3 (it's been 3 years we're waiting for a good E3 by MS if i'm not mistaken) and see. But even if there's a gigantic and super exticing launch lineup, eventually the xbox will reveal itself as the media center it is.

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