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It's been pushing 100 over here in California and I still want it lol. I don't want to import for it though since the game would be useless

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I want that scarf

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I remember paying $79.99 for Street Fighter 2 on SNES.

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There's no way I could give this game a 60/100, the graphical feat alone and the fact that it's playable with rarely a hiccup already warrants a 4/5. If you've never played an inFamous game you'll definitely enjoy it. I liked it so much that I platinumed it over the weekend from not being able to stop playing it

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@Logic I preordered a launch one when PS4 was announced and then was able to buy one on Amazon yesterday for retail price, you've just gotta stay on top of it at a time like this. They're available but in spurts that don't last for long. The batch Amazon received was available for about 30 mins yesterday

@Bathy I haven't ignored any one here either, I actually thought TheMart was funny back in the days where all PS3 had was Warhawk and Super Rub A Dub and we ...

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Big emphasis on co-op, playing the game single player gets tedious really fast

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I streamed myself playing it last night I really don't get the low scores

*throws self-promo link, runs away*

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An average rating for Knack would've been fine, but a lot of reviews made it seem like the only positive about the game was 'When you push the start button, the game works. 4.2/10."

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They made the video because every mess up the Xbox division did at the time, rumors always go around with "Don't be surprised if Sony does it too!". They just put a stop to all of the rumors, nothing more.

"If they're so cocky and confident, they shouldn't have needed to say anything", so that everyone can keep going with the false rumors? No.

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My 3rd favorite Zelda besides Link to the Past and Ocarina of time

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Guess she's one of the few women that used to play basketball that can actually say she's a model now. Definitely rare.

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It usually happens the moment I log on, and the worst part is I've blacklisted about over 50 of them, and only two of them have had their accounts deleted.

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I guess the review seemed alright, the score kinda says "HEY LOOK AT ME" though

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This game was a little off my radar until I played the demo I got from Facebook the other day. Now I absolutely have to get it. The graphics, controls, and seemingly more things to do compared to Heavy Rain sold me. It was really fun being evil with Aiden

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Slightly on-topic as far as PR goes, but I was at N4G when Phil Harrison had to promote stuff like Super Rub-A-Dub....good times.

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Little Nemo, Ducktales, Ninja Gaiden, Batman, Blades of Steel, Double Dragon, much good NES music

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Lucky UK, I own all of the games on the US instant collection and don't own any of the UK ones :(

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I don't know, the torture scene did it's job, but it was also forgettable compared to things I've seen in other games and movies.

They also tried to bring in the little bit of humor they could for a scene like this. I think I'd feel more bad about it if the FIB guy was doing the torturing instead of Trevor.

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No since a code comes with the disc based version. I'm sure Gamefly will keep them for themselves

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