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In all seriousness, if this gets delayed again, i will sell my ps3. This is no longer acceptable, i know its not a problem for Polyphony Digital but sony. I have waited since July 2006 when i first got my ps3 for this game. #1.1.3
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Ok with all do respect, i played the 360 version and that is ok, its the ps3 and PC versions that are utter crap. I dont really care much, gran turismo 5 will be out in a few days and ill forget all about this game. It did have a good single player with really good storyline so props up for that. #1.1.3
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How about addressing some of these horrible split screen issues? Framerates drop A LOT and you cant log in with another PSN account which is also fail AND why is it not widescreen, i mean if halo can do 4 player splitscreen there is no reason why this game cant. I really want to let some other people in my house play while i am two but some of these issues are making it tough. #1.1.1
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Fake? Unconfirmed? Not a reliable source? sounds like some angry fanboys. Lets say for the hell of it the date is not correct, GT5 will still be released this year. Evidence you ask? Go to youtube and you will see people already have the retail copy of the game. #1.1.3
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LMFAO! This guy is jokes! "Ah, fcking metal!" #1.1.7
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OK for the purpose of this TOPIC which is about microsofts marketing prowess, they did one hell of a job, whether it worked we dont know. I live in Toronto and at Dundas Square (biggest gather place in downtown toronto) they have also 2 blocks blocked of for kinect. At least 20 booths one big stage with performances from some musicians. They spent A LOT of money. #1.1.4
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I had a 60gb original from launch and it got YLOD after two yearrs, they sent me another refurb and the bluray laser on that died 1 year later. Although failures are not widely common, if you dont keep you ps3 phat in a properly cooled place and play a lot, it will die on you. #1.1.12
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I dont understand why people are providing mixed reactions on this. Look at this as something NOT directly hardcore video game related. Anything that is not apple brought into the market is best for the consumers. Its a good thing that this phone is in existence. There needs to be a real gaming phone on the market. People need to stop comparing stuff and just look at things as they are presented. #1.1
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They arent even close together in the video. For an average non gamer they wont even notice it. #1.3
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Not a phone persay, but running on some sort of hybrid android OS mixed with what sony offers would make it amazing. In google we must trust. They have tapped into everysingle market. #1.1.1
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What is scaring me still is it hasnt gone gold. I swear sony if this is delayed, people will die. I will make people die. #1.1.2
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Some info on why PS3 is not the best blu ray player
First off, id like to tell you that what i will be talking about is STRICTLY IN REFERENCE OF COMPARING PS3 as a BLURAY player nothing more, i dont care if it can play games store pictures, we are comparing blu ray capability.

Lets compare a better stand alone like the Samsung BD C6900S which is what i own (i also own a ps3), this is a better blu ray player first off, it loads movies faster due to optimized and newer... #1.4.7
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You are sadly mistaken, current high end blu ray players from Pioneer and Panasonic have better audio drivers and optimized video setting to provide a better blu ray experience, not only that they are all network enabled (can update via internet like ps3) of course they cost $500 though. On the other hand there are also cheap alternatives for people who just want a blu ray player like the standard sony BR player which goes for about $100 - $150. #1.4
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You pay a premium for a handheld. Besides the point, people will pay what they want, even if it makes no sense. Why do you think so many turds in this world drop 700$ on an iphone4? Do you go to them and say, " you could have bought 2 ps3's with that much money?" You dont cause the people who buy that stuff are uneducated! #1.5.1
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When i read "Bobby Kotick Just Destroyed Activision" i kinda got happy. :p anyone else? #1.1.6
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After the LBP delay i really hope this doesn't get delayed. If it does, i will personally go and burn some houses on my street down. #1.1.1
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Crapple nuff said #1.1.4
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CVG, nuff said. All this website does is try to get hits. Maybe Hiphopgamer runs this website in secret. #1.1
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lol #1.4
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Hideo Kojima i think explained the western vs Japanese problem best during his post MGS4 press conference. He explained that Jap devs are more traditional while western developers use technology more in their games. Say if there is a mountain, jap devs use a ladder to get up while western devs would use an elevator. #1.1.2
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