Honesty Box Episode 4 Now Out - Something for Doom Fans


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It really is that good.

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RAGE was indeed a complete disappointment, and I completely agree re: Doom 4. But you could definitely argue that Doom 3 is already a classic gem in its own right. The BFG Edition just didn't seem to cut the mustard for me, sadly. Especially for a player who owns the original Doom trilogy collector's set and a copy of Doom 3.

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I was really interested in XCOM when I saw the trailers, but the third person turn based movement system (that I don't fully understand) put me off trying it. I'll have to give it a go now I think.

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No offense intended there, just my two cents. :)

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I'm a huge Nintendo fanboy but since the dawn of the next gen era I have to admit recurrent disappointment.

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One of my favourite console titles of all time. Great news to hear that this is getting some next-gen TLC.

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I actually got a shooting pain in my chest when I was told this is unlikely to hit the PC.

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So I made a bit of an error in this one. There IS controller support, but my pad's on the blink... Look out for an edited version clarifying this shortly.

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Really nice review, has inspired me to check it out. :)

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Bears a striking similarity to my review, posted almost a month prior: http://www.capsulecomputers...

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A real hoot, is this one. EDIT: The game, I mean.

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Really informative, might check this out, even though it's not really my thing.

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Really interesting concept, looking forward to reading more.

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Nice review :) I think this one is going on my wishlist.

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I'll be revisiting this one for a long time.

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