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It's a bit surprising that a game with such a short play-through time has a chance to become tedious. Shame though, as it seems as if there were a few bright spots that you enjoyed. Great review!

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If Cindy Lauper isn't on the next AC soundtrack, I'm not interested

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I see a distinct lack of "Cleveland in the 1980's" options on here. Please fix this error ASAP

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How about the Sour Patch Kids game?

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Besides that, I think that Ninja Theory is a vastly underrated development studio. I LOVED Enslaved and it went largely unnoticed.

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I think that this reboot seems to be well done. I think that reboots are getting a bad rap because they seem to be the popular thing to do bot in video games AND Hollywood. Many are unnecessary and improve on nothing and are just cash-grabs. DMC seems to be on the right track though.

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Interesting to see how much you enjoyed the game. I've been reading a lot of hate for it but I guess as long as you have fun playing, then that's all that should matter.

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In a briefcase with a sticker on it that says "standards"

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Interviews sound so much more professional when conducted by the British. Good Job!

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Since Rock Band and Guitar Hero have gone the way of the buffalo, the downloadable scene is probably the rhythm genre's best chance to survive. Looks like this one will do pretty good for itslef on PSN

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I put more time into Fallout 3 than in any other game I've ever played and I wonder if I would have done so had it been in a different setting?

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I noticed there was no mention of Michael Bay so this review gets props by default

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I think Cursed Mountain was a criminally overlooked game. I wish it would have come to 360 or PS3

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I tried the first one on my 360 but couldn't get into it. I had hopes for this one but it apparently is no dang good. I guess our pirate fix shall go on un.... fixed?

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I've played through 6 of these 8 games and Deadly Premonition just happens to be my favorite game of all time! Great list, and it's good to know I'm not the only one who loved Deadly Premonition

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Wait a minute... this game isn't actually about sleeping dogs? Well FORGET IT!!! I finally thought we were getting the slumbering K9 sim we've always wanted, but no. Guess it's time to play the waiting game again.

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You should all search the internet for a copy of Batman: Dark Tomorrow. It really is a special kind of terrible

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As strange as it may sound, I'm glad we still have overlooked games. It reminds me that there are still developers out there that are not multi-billion dollar companies making AAA games. I like the fact that there are still smaller developers releasing hidden gems for us to find

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I think this "Walking Dead" game is great. Mark my words.. next we'll be seeing The Walking Dead comics and The Walking Dead television shows. You just wait, buddy

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I've always enjoyed the Lego games. My kids always spend hours playing them and I think the humor is spot-on. I can't wait for Lego Lord of the Rings. That's a day one purchase for me!

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