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yharman queen in the chalice dungeon. i'm having troubles in the defiled dungeon. #4.3
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SPOILER ALERT SPOILER ALERT you find the beggar in the woods. he will ask you for safe areas. no matter where you tell him he wil go to the opposite place. he will kill npcs so be careful. as soon as you meet him refuse info and blast him anything under level 50 will be a hard battle hope that helps. i have one trophy left for the platinum. edit ooops i thought you were asking for help. #4.1
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That's a load of crap. Every website for video games has more comments on consoles than pc. Go look at neogaf 99% of of forum posts are console gamers and talk of console games.

If he says pc gamers are more informed or educated so be it. This excuse he gives couldn't any farther from the truth. Its insulting to read such crap. #1.1
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You are absolutely right. It just sucks not having the master account on my system. #1.2.2
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No where in your comment did you add anything relevant to this discussion. Xbox isn't part of this this article so yes you are trolling.

Xbox fans don't like us ps4 fans in there articles so stay out of ours. And before you say ps4 fans do it, 2 wrongs don't make it right.

I also love syncing trophies and not waiting a half hour to load. #7.1.2
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Then comment in a xbox article about it. You are off topic and inciting a negative discussion.

Shareplay and streaming are my favorite things on the ps4. #7.1
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no disagreement there #1.1.1
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I'll give the author props for understanding game journalism is in the toilet. #1
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With out a doubt. Growing up poor any game was better than no game. I would have been happy with a rental pass for a game. It's not ideal for everyone but to totally disagree with it is snobbery. #2
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Buy both. You can't go wrong with either. #2
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wow ps4 game sales are stellar. edit to the disagreers, a console with a user base of 15 million estimated, 2 cconsoles of 80 plus million and a pc user base of ??? it crushed their sales. that is wow and stellar. no amount of disagreeing can change a fact. ps4 multiplats are outselling all other user bases. #2
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Does it have no zoom on xbox? The ps4 has zoom on the touch pad. As much as I love this game zooming out only really benifits you when you fight bosses. #7.1.2
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It's a 2d rpg with a crafting system more expansive than minecraft, and a loot system. One word i would use to describe it is fun. I would highly recommend it to you if you like to think. This game hands nothing to you but fun. #7.2
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This game is pure gold. Top ten 10 game for me last gen. It's also my favorite platinum. I highly recommend it. #3
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Progress at last. I can't wait to see changes for the better. #2
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The reason 1 hour is limit the amount of people just sitting there clogging up the servers. Shu has already tweeted this as the reason. #1.3.3
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Well said. You toatally understand the situation. #4.1
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Your language is a form of bullying. If gamer on this site wants to discuss discrimination, who are you to marginalize them? Bullying is not ok and people have a right to stick up to the bullies. Your language is bullying wether you think so or not.

People that feel threatened with ridicule don't speak up for themselves and feel alienated. You don't don't get it with the way you spout nonsense. #1.1.6
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You are off topic. Go to a news site and discuss that stuff there. This is about the game industry. Don't make a mockery of basic human rights. #1.1.3
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threats of rape or any form of discrimination has no place in gaming or any form of life. PERIOD.

How would you feel if you were bullied or discriminated against? #1.1.1
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