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Xis what are you talking about?

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They have always been on Santa monicas level. All console gow releases how have set standards when they came out.

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Simple play the correct machine in front of qualified people to verify it. All he has to do is score like has says is capable of.

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Zero hour buy for me. So excited for this

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You have no understanding of this subject. If game a sells 3 million more on ps4 than Xbox, that is where the money is not the other way around. No major developer is leaving sony because ms lost this gen. No one is asking on ps4 to play with Xbox, but Xbox gamers are crying to play with others because of bad sales and player counts. Sony is n9t going to bolster Xbox live and help them. You understand nothing about business. Keep crying for someone to play with

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Darth I don't want play with Xbox fans at all. A lot of other ps players don't either. Xbox live was a cesspool of children last gen. I don't want to help the Xbox poor player count. Xbox lost this gen badly and need to help online player count. I am for one not wanting to help.

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I'm on ps4, why do I need ps3 games? If I want to play ps3 I turn on my ps3 and play. Someone wants to play ps3 games I give them the ps3 and the shared game. Most gamers are progressive that keep playing New games and move on when the gen starts and don't look back. Troll comment above.

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It's like the media didn't even pay attention to the start of this gen.

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I'm with you on that. It's my goto game to relax.

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Monsters on ps3 was an awesome indie game and still is today.

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Hell yeah autocorrect

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He'll yeah

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I hear that every year

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Sorry I replied to the,wrong person

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If you create a level that is so origional, why can't you make money? If you made it for free and now mm wants to pay you, why complain at all? From a buyers standpoint, it's my choice to spend the money how I see fit. It's not any ones business how people spend their money.

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Not saying it's wrong, but bitcoin mining is the rage right now. I would like to hear from amd or nividia on either take.

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At the last sony conference they confirmed it for 2018. Go watch it

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So having 5 highly rated games makes you win the year..? From the launch day that the switch switch came out s4 still outsold it. That is not winning hearts and minds. If you really want to put it perspective ps4 outsold the Wii u, switch and 3ds combined this year. That is winning the hearts and minds of gamers.

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That is part of a dozen. Name all the others it had good games but not that many when you look at the vast amount of games released this year. Like I said a dozen.

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Nintendo didn't win 2017. They didn't win software or hardware sales. They had less than a dozen quality games released.

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