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How is an opportunity for a business to expand its user base and make money bad? Waaaah waaaah. The author needs to grow up. 20+ newgames announced and they focus on clickbait drival. I don't have a vita wanted to play the game now I can. You fanboy websites need to be more creative. #1
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I asked Abriael a question not you but if you are part of his site you are guilty to of tabloid news. Your headlines are meant to incite arguments of gamers.

Never once have I seen a video of any interviews with a developer from your site. Never once have I seen a game reveal from your site. Never once have I seen your site recognized by developers and industry execs. But I have seen you site post smears, vileness, fanboyism, sensationalism, distorted facts, embellishments, a... #1.5.1
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You opened Pandora's Box with asking that question. News is who, what, when , where, and why without an opinion, insinuation, or bias. An interpretation of an interview that makes a bias view without facts positive or negative based on information given makes you a blogger with a website. By not sticking to the definition of news makes you a blogger or a pundit which is not news.

Now to steal or fabricate info doesn't make you a journalist at... #1.1.6
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Licensing and contracts as always. Just my guess. Always about the Dollar. #1.1.9
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I disagree totally. I have seen better quality out of some users in Japan than all these hack sites that lack the proper tools to show you lossless video quality for caparisons sake. Anno the Japanese princess of video games has the best quality stream I have ever seen. If you have grade A internet your quality will be better for viewing. The quality of the video is tied to yours and the streamers internet and it will not always be on point but it WORKS.
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If xbox had even lead in any territory, you might have a point. You fail to realize Ps4 leads in every single territory that they are both in. More territory means nothing when you are constantly outsold in every and I mean every territory you sell in.

The basis of you argument is flawed. America doesn't equal the world and sold less consoles last gen than europe.

edit I was wrong europe sold 11 million less consoles of the big 3. America still doesn'... #1.4.1
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Nit picking a fact to discredit a console is stupid. Where is the article about ps3 outselling xbox one? This is to disgusting and juvenile. The best selling console out the gate of all time is being torn down about nothing. Last I checked the ps4 is outselling everything in Japan even the 3ds. Hand picking facts to create a smear is stupid #2
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Yes they do. To say no makes you or your website stupid. Journalism is who, what, when, where, and why, not opinion after opinion. #1
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50 to 70 for me. #15
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Jarvis is so unprofessional. That had to be the most awkward thing I seen in a while. #1
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LittleBigPlanet #1
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Thanks for the reply. It just seems so long ago that they announced it. It has a long cycle of development. #4.1.1
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how long has this game been in development? #4
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. Stop being immature and inviting trolling comments. Just so you know the ps4 is light years ahead of ps3 ui. #1.1.1
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This article can't even get its facts straight. The xbox released in 12 countries not 19. Amatuer site at best. Congrats to xbox gamers. #2
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Is this game vaporware? I'm getting the feeling money is being syphoned off this project. Something just feels wrong about how this game is being managed. #3
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Low standards for this site. Gta5 mp is a broken mess. #1
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No if you really have a problem, then state your psn name. It helps to solidify a claim by someone. Most use anonymity to bolster their agenda falsely making any claim they want. If a known ps fan said something negative it holds weight. Most claims are just bogus. #3.1.1
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No problem here. Internet always makes things out to be bigger then they are. #3
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That's why digital downloads aren't the future. #2
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