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I think it might be a long while before we get any vampire game that can compare to Vampire: The Masquerade.

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I've always found soundtrack generated games to be interesting and fun. I'll have to check this out.

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I tend to not like Sony and since the Wii U is kinda garbage I'm leaning towards Xbox One. But, I already have games sitting for 360 I haven't started. Would be nice to know if since, 360 games don't work on One, players can move a single gamer profile back and forth between 360 and One to play old games and add to gamerscore.

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It does look interesting and nothing beats a free price point, but with updates continuing for NASCAR, now Auto Club Revolution, and that new Deep Silver title Ride to Hell, I hope Eutechnyx doesn't end up spreading themselves too thin.

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Awesome, I've been seeing shots of this game here and there, but glad to see how it actually plays.

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yeah, pretty interesting. Makes some good points about the achievements too.

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The IOS Injusice game is Free, I didn't expect that.

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Yeah, I had my doubts about this when I first heard about it. Certainly seems better than I had feared.

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Seems like a pretty good game to hold interest until the full Phantom Breaker game gets sorted or officially announce as halted.

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Perhaps he's more recently started "white knight"-ing. But it goes to point out, those that are fans of the game are likely not the kind to be offended by this. Only when it's been thrust into the public's eye that it's being scrutinized.

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True, it's been a while since there was a good Sonic game.

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I've only played the first Gears of War, but even then Cole Train seemed like an all around better character than Marcus. Athlete turned soldier? Yes please. Career soldier with Daddy issues? I'll pass. So, I'm actually interested to see how the characters are handled in this one.

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My impression of God of War has always been the QTE's, it's interesting to see just how much of the game has become about them with just this impression.

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I've been waiting until I saw more reviews for this. Looks like a good game overall, but will probably wait until it's a deal of the week before I pick it up.

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I missed being able to check out the original game, if this does turn out true, I'd definitely want to see what I've missed.

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Even the aspect of isolation from the first game is undermined by co-op, but I suppose straight up scary isn't what they are going for this time.

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Almost the same could be said about teaser trailers for movies. Did it catch your eye? Are you talking about it? They won.

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Interested to see how different single and coop experiences are.

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Zombie head would have been. I'd feel like this kind of gives off a psycho vibe.

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This conversation will exist until video games are widely enough accepted or something new comes to replace it as the scapegoat. Unfortunately, I don't see either coming about soon enough.

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