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Uncharted 4. Excited to see the end of Drake's story.

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It should've happened when the vita was first announced. Too little, too late now. Spyro would've helped too.

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No, a game needs to be enjoyable to justify spending $60-$70 on it. I'll spend however much time I want in a game if it's fun. But if it's not then I'll barely spend any time with it and consider the game a waste of money. 100 hours of boring content doesn't make a game worth $60.

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Who cares as long as it's engaging and fun from start to finish. One of my favorite games on PS3, Heavenly Sword, only took me about 7 or 8 hours to be beat and it was a blast. You don't need 100+ hours for a game to be great. Let the game come out and give it a chance.

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So they're basically getting paid to give high review scores just not by the publishers directly. It's still the same thing. If they don't give misleading scores then they don't get review copies and suffer, so they bite it just to stay in good standing with the publishers. All in all, it's an extremely poor excuse.

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First, fix the should read "5 Hotly Anticipated Games That Seem Primed To Flop". That right there just helped nullify your article in my mind.

Second, if you're going to try and denounce titles as flops before they even hit store shelves and are played in full by the masses at least have some credible reasons to debate upon. Nothing in the article was a valid reason as to why said games would flop. It was like the author just picked a handful of popul...

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No, PS all stars failed because it was blatant rip off of Super Smash Bros that wasn't as good or fun to play.

Still was an enjoyable game to play though.

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Really impressive tech demo. They should make this a game as well as the Kara demo. Also wasn't expecting to see Cole from the Martin show playing the goblin. Would definitely be interesting to see him play that role in more than just a short tech demo.

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20. Sephiroth
19. Abe
18. Jak
17. Ratchet
16. Dante
15. Ezio
14. Sackboy
13. Ellie
12. Joel
11. Spyro
10. Batman
9. Cloud Strife
8. Pyramid Head
7. Big Boss
6. Lara Croft
5. Scorpion/Sub-Zero
4. Nathan Drake
3. Kratos
2. Solid Snake
1. Crash

Since they can't seem to put them all on one page anymore.

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Aside from the battery life which is a real problem that needs to be fixed, these all sound like personal gripes from the author rather than actual problems.

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@ Kenshin

"Rape is an entirely different issue."

So killing innocent NPCs is perfectly fine but RAPING them is bad? That makes absolutely no sense. They're both crimes and morally wrong. There's no differentiating them.

I swear people get butthurt about a game getting attacked and come up with the stupidest reasons to defend it. The game is wrong...PERIOD. Quit trying to act like you're above this and trying to defend t...

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google 2K14 locker codes every week or so. They release codes worth two or three thousand pretty much every week.

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You do realize that is Jay Z's song just Rihanna on the chorus right?

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It is Jay Z's song.

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I knew I should've waited to get my Vita...oh well, I don't regret the purchase. IF this comes to the US only then will I be upset. That cosmic red Vita looks SOOO sexy!

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I agree that gameplay is more important than graphics always. But it isn't just idiot Sony fans that have said the opposite of that. I've seen idiot fanboys from all corners of the gaming universe make that retarded claim so let's be a big boy and not focus on one group. :)

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@Ndivhu Wrong, fan feedback tells you it's the more POPULAR series. That doesn't mean it's the better series.

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JET SET RADIOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!

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@Ndivhu I don't know, this situation really seems like it could be the straw that breaks the camel's back, so to speak. It's not like this was just a buggy game that everyone got and just sorta dealt with. They're failing to deliver a portion of their game to a third of their consumers. Maybe it's just me but that's certainly something that would give me at least a bit of pause, as a consumer, when considering their next game.

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