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I wanna see Class 4, and a new FPS from MS.

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BTB redefined. No better game for massive scale than Halo. Banshies in the air, tanks hogs ghosts and others on the ground, firefights everywhere.... Halo is the bomb.

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....past tense?

8 months...

*puzzled look*

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SSOD is a third party game, and the X1 version is better...

just sayin =)

Personally, I bagged both consoles early to avoid your very conundrum. I only had an X360 last gen (and a wii, but... it felt like more of a toy/a way to keep playing Super Mario Bros 3), and I felt like I missed out on 1/2 the fun, so this time I'm not making the same mistake. I understand price is big for some people, but since I got my PS4 as a gift, thanks to my lovely and dodde...

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Oh wait, you're serious. Let me laugh even harder.



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That was the lamest "info blowout" I've ever seen in my life. DAMN YOU GAMING MEDIAAA!!!!

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Flip a switch.... along with ripping out all the DRM dependent features. You can be as smug and all-knowing as you want, but the fact is that it wasn't as simple a decision as you would like to have us all believe.

Buuuuuuuuut that's haters for ya.

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Lol. Loaded questions? nahhhh

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Agreed. This is spoiler? Seems more like a few predictions and some announcements we already knew about.

I think over the next 2 weeks we will see a lot of articles trying hard to undermine MS' E3 by painting it as "spoiled". I SMELL FEAR!!!!

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I agree man. Personally, I dont care if MS is entirely composed of blubber. Some sort of gelatinous blob, entirely devoid of spine. So long as they are cranking out the games I love, why should I?

Halo 5, baby. Halo 5. SSOD. My sexy controller. Xbox Live, and my kick-ass console. Spinal support be damned. Spines are overrated. Jellyfish seem to get along without them just fine.

edit: just noticed the unanimous panning you are getting from the membership of t...

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ba dum ch.

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Life. Nintendo has the mobile thing locked. If MS came out with a mobile device, and all signs point to that they will, I wouldn't get it either. I would prefer a DS. But, at the end of the day, I have a laptop, a tablet, a smart phone, a Desktop, and a few gaming consoles, so 1 more device is the last thing I need.

If I ever want to play Pokemon on a flight, I can use my tablet, or dig up my old Gameboy Colour.

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Hey Fox, dont be so down man, videogames are supposed to be fun, not an excuse to get all knicker-twisty, ye knaw?

Yes, yes, Phil Spencer is not gods gift to gaming. That much is clear. But you dont need to rant on and on against him. Good things have happened since he took over the Xbox division. That's all.

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You make me want to puke my face off.

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People seem desperate to compare SSOD to Infamous, as if that somehow gives more credit to Infamous. Personally, I skipped out on Infamous because it looked bland and more of the same. I'm excited for SSOD for exactly the opposite reasons.

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Seriously. If you are willing to dismiss all the games made by all the developers working on Xbox One because you dont like the attitude of the console producer, well...

Sucks brah.

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Well, that's OK, because I get a jolly from being smacked. Maybe lightly on the behind, preferably with a paddle.

As an early adopter, I can safely say that articles like these resonate deeply within my soul as "utter hooey".

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Yeah, and some people also prefer having a car battery hooked up to their nipples over traditional foreplay. Aren't people just a bunch of lovely and unique snowflakes with diverging interests?!?!

The answer... is no.

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And here I was thinking that it was Xbox's exclusive games that made it unique. And it's HDMI pass-through. and the still-available Kinect. And Cable integration/Xbox originals. And it's lovely and customizable UI.... among other things.

But yeah, no. Prepare for a flood of "Kinect is gone forever and Xbox One is doomed (again, for the 50th time, or so we say)" articles.

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