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Lol I remember that. Jack made history lol

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You take inspiration from others not yourself right?
And those games are damn old and outdated. And by outdated I meant that theres nothing in they that hasnt been improved in other games.

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No. They stated that they took inspiration from Skyrim several times

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If Nintendo was inspired by Skyrim on BoTW they should look at Mass Effect Andromeda for Metroid. Of course not the crapass animations.

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YES!! Ive been waiting so long!

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Well hes old now

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Capcom did a good job with RE7 in PSVR

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Dude the PS4 sold 1M in US ONLY in less than 24hrs. XboxOne did it in like 2 days

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Didnt even reached 1M in a whole month. Both PS4 and XboxOne sold 1M in just 24hrs.

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Probably with Tegra X2

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I was thinking this last night. They can make the return of the PlayStation Portable. And literally make it play all PS4 games but on the go and they just can destroy Nintendo. They dont have to make other games for it just make the PS4 but portable even if it only play Digital PS4 Games all your current Digital PS4 Games can be played from day 1.

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Remember FFXV? It was for PS3 as FF versusXIII

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*ahem* No Man's Sky

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Destiny killed it

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Lol that Update

Now create a Miiverse Community

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Plus no controller support!!

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And? It doesnt matter if they have never used it. Its their patent.

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Lol thats what the Xbox360 Cost now.

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@Abriael what other source should I post? It was Posted on the Official Facebook Page of Best Buy Puerto Rico

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Added the Screenshot

OK Done. Fixed Everything.

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