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Actually, Move has 130+ games also. I think Move users are probably happier with a solution that works as advertised rather than with the promise of how Kinect was the only controller needed and how reliable it would be... #16.1.1
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Wife is into world war history for some reason (she's totally into Hello Kitty and anything pink, but somehow got into WW1/2 history) and the idea of getting to kill Nazi's in Wolfenstein : Old Blood totally got her into FPS games... just have to find a subject matter that is interesting to her, not everyone wants to shoot for the sake of shooting (or whatever other kind of game you're into) #6
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The only person they're worth the money to is Nintendo

How can they have "paid for themselves several times over" unless you are a Nintendo stock holder?

This is the worst kind of DLC imo, smh...

$12.99 to unlock 1 character in a game is ridiculous, bend over #3.1
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Good guide, got to level 33 on day 1 easy by following these tips #2
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Battlefront didn't have space battles, you are confusing this new Battlefront reboot with Battlefront 2 #12.1
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Even cheaper is the PowerA dual charger for the PS4 @ 17.99 (US) #2
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Respawn originally planned to release the game on PS3 and PS4 also, they chose the Source game engine specifically to allow that:

Respawn chose to build Titanfall on the Source game engine early in their production cycle due to their developers' familiarity and its ability to maintain 60 frames per second on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In an interview, Respawn software engineer Richard Baker said the company chose Source since Portal 2 performed well on the PlayS... #1.1.31
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(Rental and Subscription)

Current Subscription List
Alpha Protocol
Anomaly Warzone Earth
Batman Arkham City
Ben 10 Omniverse
Ben 10 Omniverse 2
Bioshock Infinite
BIT.TRIP Present... #18.1
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Who keeps approving this broken website? #1
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^^^ THIS
They keep mentioning cross-save transfer, but mum on whether psvita and ps3 can play together #1.1
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I logged back into the site and checked my Code Redemption History and it showed all the Emblems that I had entered had a 'Use Now' button next to them ... I clicked that for each one, so now I think they will show up at the Special Items vendor in Destiny itself #7.1
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I thought they meant they were still looking for a buyer for the console ... not the whole company, lol #10
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I tried LostPlanet2 for $5.99 for a week, its a FPS that relies on MP pretty heavily. Did the first Episode in SP using bots and then did it again with 2 other random players that joined my game.
I've have OnLive and find it to be too laggy to play fast paced games, but so far with LostPlanet2 on PSNow, I forget that its streaming almost as soon as I start playing.
Video quality looks good on a 42in TV, but not quite 1080p crispy. Lag was not noticeable, very comfortable... #7
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Agree, either the 1.99 for 4 hrs should be actual playing-hours, not 4 hours and the clock starts NOW, or the 1.99 tier should be for 24hrs. I just don't have 4 straight hours to do anything (sorry, have family and kids, a life), so I might think I can play now, but then the phone rings, etc. I should be able to play two hours today, 1 hour tomorrow, etc until the 4 hrs is used up. #4.1
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Says the PS3 Private Beta is already going on now. PS3 Open Beta is listed as Fall 2014 (and Sony TV's too)

Recent PS Now prices of 1.99 for 4hrs or $3-$5 for 7 days are pretty good too, shows they are listening at least #1.1.2
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They can't stream games as cheap as movies because to stream the game, they have to run the game on a PS3 in a rack in a datacenter, and route your controller input back to that PS3 to control the game, then encode and stream the video to your console.

To stream the movie, they just stream a file to the player running on your tv/console. #10.2.4
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Used PS3 Game from GameStop : $15.00
PS3 to play Used game : $199.00


Rent PS3 game on PSNow and Play on PS4 : $15.00/mo

Remember, when you take that $15.00 used game back to GameStop to trade it in, they will only give to $2-5 for that same game...

Just saying that if you only have a PS4, this is a great way to play those PS3 games.

I moved my PS3 to my kids room and the PS4 is now in the living ro... #10.1.1
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This just shows that the XBone without Kinect should have been 350, not 400. If this is correct then Microsoft is now making an extra 50 on every XBone sold without Kinect. #7.1
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Every sub account and any other regular account on my PS4 can play all my games, downloads and go online. All with only the 1 PS Plus subscription. #16.2.1
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Having a 'Cloud' to copy office files to is quite different than a 'Cloud' to stream games running on central servers.

MS has not been a part of the 'Cloud Gaming' field until they hired some left-over OnLive employees. #29.1
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