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the vita made me distrust so much I will never buy a sony handheld again I am waiting for the upgraded 3DS next-year at least Nintendo stays on their sinking ships like true captains. (cough wiiu) #13
no issues here #19
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that's our psn money at work #1.1
don't forget to thank your trusted reviewers for not giving u a heads up . #1.13
at least microsoft gets good indies, i was playing battle islands (this months ps+) and the game is based arpund micro transactions #21
damage control by ubi #2.1
yes I have seen this on the 360 version, it just looks a lot better now. #8.1
yah because every device supports whatever the heck "PLEX" is...dont be dumb everything needs DLNA to communicate these days, and Indie games are good for a day tops before u have done everything. #1.2.2
LOL typical of Sony, anything with vita hardware in it gets treated like sh!t, and so do the people that buy it. #6.1
lololol #10
i have been asking for that to. the ww2 mission in BC2 is intense. make it happen EA. #4.2
we haven't had a barbie horse racing this gen :( #12.1
the ammount of little kids under the age of 10-12 on gta for 360 was a reality check to today's parenting. #16
id rather have killzone then DLC and a side scrolling fighting game. #2.2
I gamed on 360 all of last-gen i would have felt the same if i was you except i got a ps4 3 months ago, but I'll be honest the only game you will prob find entertaining is Destiny and GTA, sadly both consoles need more games, and i am not talkin about indie games we have enough of them on ps4. #10.1.1
xbox one will defo sell alot this holiday when soccer moms see the savings they will jump on it. #10
the sex in mass effect was awesome tho love me some alien p89797sss #1.4.5
i need a 3DS also, ever since i traded in my vita (cos sony treated it like john snow amoungst the stark family). i bought n played every AAA game for vita but the future seemed to bleak. I want super smash and the zeldas I have never played and everything that makes a hand held shine not remoteplay... with the annoying tiny thumbsticks on vita LOL. I'll wait till i get a Z3 for that.

I feel sorry for you i know how much it sucks to believe in the vita..I had fun but whe... #3.1
you people are the reason why ubisoft wants parity stop counting pixels #23
i had no clue it shows how much i play haha im level 24 warlock tho #3.1.1
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