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"It's hamburger time!"


I'm sorry, did you just say Tenchu was trash? Here, have a rice ball. #7.1.2
This is how delusional the Xbox only crowd is. EVERYTHING mystic said was a FACT, and yet he gets disagrees. When it comes to AAA games, Sony has more games that are higher rated. You can disagree with the truth all you want, but it don't make it less true. #19.1.1
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Congratulations...I think. It doesn't change much. The Xbox isn't more powerful. It still has fewer games. It's also still nowhere closer to catching the PS4 in terms of sales, but hey, it's still a win right?
Edit: From the article: "but also the technical achievements and feats of engineering that continue to push the medium of television forward."
So it won an Emmy for it's ability to "push the medium of television forward". Maybe y... #2.4.2
So...sales don't matter again eh? Wish the fanboys would make up their minds. #1.1.27
Watchdogs...ugh. That game was an over-hyped pile of steaming crap. #1
@septic I saw that interview. That guy was pathetic. Said they did it just to see if it could be done. How stupid! #1.1.2
Ummm...MS hasn't even begun to come close to Sony in sales so... #1.7
Sales say otherwise. #5.2
PS4 outsold ALL...hardware and software wise. Fact. You fanboys with your opinions. PC gamers, the article didn't mention pcs because nobody cares but you guys. #1.1.5
lol. So...sales matter again eh? I thought it was about preferences. Gotta love the constant goal moving. #1.1.10
Driveclub is a new ip. Halo is Xbox. Do I really have to explain it further? #1.11.1
Someone please explain to me exactly how the Xbone made the most remarkable comeback. It hasn't even come close to closing the sales gap, and as others below have shown, it's getting fewer exclusives than the ps4. #1.1.8
You don't have to own an Xbox to appreciate and respect the Gears of War series. The first redefined third-person shooters as we know it. This is one of the few ips that made a Sony guy like me want an Xbox. MS, you'd better be paying these guys good. #1.1.4
I really detest this new trend of publishers releasing broken games. Not to sound like an old man, but in my day, games were released without the need for "patches". Dig-Dug, Duck Hunt, Pong, Super Mario Bros., Tenchu, etc, all worked perfectly out of the box. But then again, games are a lot more complex these days. #3
@marlin you xbox fanboys are sounding more nervous as the days go by. Whenever npd numbers drop, you all hide. The few of you that don't proclaim, "sales don't matter, it's teh games". Yet when an article comes out saying the Xbones sales are marginally improving, you all come out and act like you won the lottery. Keep defending microsoft and spinning every thing positive about the ps4. The overwhelming majority of people have already realized how great the ps4 already i... #1.13.1
Lol. So...sales matter again eh? I wish the Xbox only crowd would make up their minds. #1.1.29
Kevin Spacey's performance alone is worth the price of admission! I'm really enjoying the campaign mode for AW. #2.1
Graphics? Gameplay? How about both? You can have both you know? The two are not mutually exclusive. #1.1.6
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The author missed an important part regarding the samurai folder. It was seen that the folder in question had been updated this month. #3
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I am at Final Fantasy Fanfest now. Individual guilds will be able to build their own airships. There's going to be new massive areas, some of which are floating continents. New jobs are coming. Lots of new crafting recipes. A new high-end raid is coming. We'll also be getting an original primal just for this game. Lots of new stuff to do, which is crazy because there is already a lot of content. #10
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