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"It's hamburger time!"


Honestly, so was I.
Edit: Tokyo Xanadu? Gonna have to check that one out. #2.1
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I swear, it's almost as if they DON'T want this game to sell.
Timed exclusivity on the console with weaker sales. Check.
Released on the same day as Fallout 4. Check.
Micro-Transactions in a single-player game. Check. #1.1.7
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@kalebninja You should probably do some research before opening you're mouth.
Now slink back under from whatever bridge you crawled out from. #1.1.4
@EDMIX Stop it ED. How dare you use logic when addressing the Xbox Cheerleaders
@Genuine-User Ouch! Minecraft is the biggest seller on the 360?! Wow. Just wow. I thought it would've been Titanfall. I could've sworn some people saying it sold over 10 million. Unique players?! Wow. Just wow. #2.1.4
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So...let me get this straight...Anshu Mor, head of Xbox India, is saying that people will spend money on a console to play games that they could already play on a console they already own? Oh that's right. We're talking about the Xbox One. That console NEEDS backwards compatibility. That console also NEEDS "cloud powerz". Thank goodness OTHER CONSOLES DON'T NEED BC to SHATTER SALES RECORDS.
EDIT: That reminds me...NOTHING MS has done so far this gen has made any... #1.1.15
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@Septic Pro-Tip: You should probably READ articles before you post them. Just sayin. Also, please remind me, are we using sales figures as a metric for success? It's always so hard to tell with you lot.
EDIT: do realize you've given the TF "haters" more ammo right? Really should've read the article first. Oh well. #1.19.2
@Ace Yes to both. You are counted as one on the 10 million unique players. And yes, more PR speak to try to DELUDE a fanbase that's DESPERATE for good news. #1.2.10
Hahahahahahahahahaha! What am I always saying about reading the article first? Wow, 10 million unique players...for an fps...that's been out over a year...on THREE DIFFERENT platforms...that was given away for free and heavily discounted and is now on EA Access. Um...yeah. Back to the clouds with you lot. #1.2.7
@Septic and the Titanfall Cheerleaders: ROFL!!! How embarrassing for you all. It seems the "Xbox Defense Force" has developed a taste for CROW this gen. So let me get this straight, sales matter again? Because if we're using sales figures as a metric for success, then please remind me which console has the sales lead again.
On Topic: 10 million players? Um...congratz? I didn't realize 10 million players for an fps that's been out for over a year on three DIFFEREN... #1.15
@MS cheerleaders Can we PLEASE skip the "Who has the most exclusives" argument? MS LOSES EVERYTIME. #5.1.4
@Michael MS is still the king of fake exclusives. It's one of the MANY reasons I don't like them being in the console business. #1.4.6
Fake exclusives are dumb no matter if it Sony or MS that does it, period. Having said that, MS not only does this more than Sony, MS invented the whole concept of "fake exclusives" last gen with all of their "timed-exclusives". #1.4
@one bubble So that's the latest goalpost now? Crackdown 3? Have fun waiting for that.
@magian Spotie is right. Trying to pass off a server's processing power as the console's is lame, even by MS's standards. #4.2.5
@Lennoxb63 Rofl!!! Are you serious?! You're actually serious about "Cloud Powerz"?! Great! Tell me again how using it to enhance ONE games MULTIPLAYER mode will prove the Xbone is more powerful then the PS4. Because you know, trying to pass off server processing power as a console's processing power makes TOTAL SENSE. Let me guess, you also probably think that when Crackdown 3 drops, people are just going to up and by millions of xbones thus erasing the sales gap between th... #4.1.10
Main rival?! The PS4 doesn't have a main rival. Oh you mean the Xbox One? I remember that console. Last I checked they were battling for 2nd place with Nintendo's Wii U. I hope you weren't trying to suggest the PS4 is competing with the Xbox One, because the PS4 has been dominating the Xbox One SINCE LAUNCH and the sales figures back it up. If anything, Xbox One sales are closer to Wii U's sales. And hey, don't worry second place for MS wouldn't be so bad. Especially w... #6.1.1
Less than a year ago they were calling the PS4 the "indiestation". Funny how they're now praising indies and using them on their "exclusives list". #6.1
Yeah, he clearly DIDN'T READ THE ARTICLE. It's a bad list to try and use if he wanted to try and put a positive spin on Xbox's exclusives lineup. Plus some of the games on the list are reviewed negatively within the article itself. For example: "From its unreliable (or non-functional) mechanics to its doofy character designs and hilariously bad writing, Fighter Within is garbage. It fails to operate on any level, and the content isn't deep enough to be fun even if everyth... #2.4.1
@AngelicLice Honest question: Did you even LOOK at the list?! I wouldn't use this list to try an refute anything if I were you. Indies, Kinect games, and sequels to over-milked ips. Plus, some of the games on YOUR list have negative reviews on them. FROM THE ARTICLE: "From its unreliable (or non-functional) mechanics to its doofy character designs and hilariously bad writing, Fighter Within is garbage. It fails to operate on any level, and the content isn't deep enough to be fun... #2.10
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