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FINALLY! News about an upcoming Xbox 1 exclus...oh wait. Never mind. Just another MS PR piece. Yes yes MS we get it. You exist. Now do something useful and start making games.

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@unreal Cold-blooded! Why you gotta tell like it is?!

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So much salt.

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I've been saying it for years: This gen belongs to Sony!

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LOL! The MS community doesn't seem to be taking the news well.

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@Jamar Salty much?
OT: This gen belongs to Sony.

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MS isn't competing with Sony for first place. They're competing with Nintendo for second...and they're losing that battle as well.

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@why If this is what you lot describe as entertainment, then y'all seriously need to get out more and broaden your horizons. Maybe you should invest in a console that has games.

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"Console of champions"? LOL. You have a pretty poor definition of "champions".
OT: good for MS, spend that money on advertising instead of game development. I mean, it's not like the Xbox is SORELY lacking in exclusives right?

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Instead of spending that money advertising, maybe they should try spending that money on, I don't know, making games? They kinda need it...desperately.

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@4show "advertising works"? Oh, is that why MS is losing this gen?

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Wow! Look at all the fanboys pile up on Infected. Hey mods, y'all gonna do anything, or do you only take action when they're bashing MS?
OT: I'm glad you're all excited to spend $500 for a console that has NO EXCLUSIVES. Somebody needs to be excited for it.

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More exclusives from Sony?! Stop it Sony! Stop it. You're just showing off at this point.

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Looks like JaguarEvolved spoke too much truth. Seriously mods, what's your excuse this time? And we just had that nice article where you guys said you'd try to enforce the rules more evenly. SMH.

ON TOPIC: This gen belongs to Sony.

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Yes, because I bought my next-gen console to play last-gen games.

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Poor Xbox fans. They still don't get it, do they? Outside of N4G, NO ONE is talking about the xxboxx. The level of buzz surrounding MS new console is ZERO. Zip. Zilch. The square root of nada. Which is bad news for MS, especially if they hope to catch up to Nintendo.

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@dj Lol. Melt down much bro?

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@septic Cloud powah!

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ROFL! So glad I don't own an Xbone. The only games Xbox owners play are "Move-the-Goalpost" and "Wait-and-See". It's probably why Xbox is going to finish last place this gen, much like they did last gen.

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Of course the PS4 Pro wins. While the xxboxx has more power, the PS4 Pro has GAMES. Games and a reasonable price tag. No rational gamer is gonna spend $500 for a mid-gen upgrade that has no exclusives.

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