Gaming on consoles since the Magnavox Odyssey 2. FACT!


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@obsucure Trials Fusions?! You're using Trials Fusions to try to make a point about quality games. Knife to a gun fight bro. Knife to a gun fight.

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Another excellent exclusive from Sony. It's games like Persona 5 that put the PS4 in a class all it's own.

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This is why Sony is the best. Sony invests in studios world wide and provides a wide variety of games.

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This gen belongs to Sony.

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It's the ONLY seller.

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Hate?! Lol! Why would Sony fans hate? We have the best console, the best exclusives, and Sony is DOMINATING this gen (as I have predicted). Sony fans aren't hating, we're on cloud nine. You guys need to stop being salty.
Lol. Hate? You guys have strange definitions of commonly used words, you know that? For example: Exclusives. You guys seem to think you have some, when in fact you have NONE.

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@Neon No, he's right. The game looks terrible. Especially when you consider how long it's been in production. And wasn't this the game that was supposed to show off "cloud powah"?

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@Anxiety Dude, are you SERIOUSLY trying to defend MS on this? MS screwed up, big time. Deal with it.

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@moldy Dude, buy a PlayStation already. Your weekly meltdowns are getting worse.

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So...this is the game Xbox fans were excited about? How horribly unimpressive. But then again, this is great news for Xbox owners. They've had nothing to play but multi-plats and last gen's games, so I guess they'll take ANYTHING at this point.

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@Septic Great contribution their bud. What happened to all that cloud talk?
OT: It's Pacther. Move along.

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FINALLY! News about an upcoming Xbox 1 exclus...oh wait. Never mind. Just another MS PR piece. Yes yes MS we get it. You exist. Now do something useful and start making games.

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@unreal Cold-blooded! Why you gotta tell like it is?!

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So much salt.

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I've been saying it for years: This gen belongs to Sony!

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LOL! The MS community doesn't seem to be taking the news well.

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