Gaming on consoles since the Magnavox Odyssey 2. FACT!


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Cloud Powerz!

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@343 How does that even remotely address the issue I've raised?!

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Pretty much. As I've said numerous times, it's no longer a battle for first place. It's a battle for second.

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*looks at sales figures*
Wow. What an exciting battle...for SECOND place. /s
I'm being sarcastic. It's not exciting. This gen wasn't just easily predictable, it was TEXTBOOK!
-The PS4 is the most powerful console to date. FACT.
-The PS4 has more games than any other current-gen console. FACT.
-Sony has more first-party devs than any of the other console manufacturers. FACT.
-Multiplats perform better on the PS4. FACT.

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@kleptic Oh lord. So now that you've "dipped into" your 30's, let me give you some advice: if you want to portray yourself as "above the fray" then writing a wall of text off-topic tirade where you cite your relatively YOUNG age is probably the LAST thing you want to do. Stay on-topic young one. Speaking of which...
OT: The PS4 outsold the Xbox One in December...FACT.

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@red What are you doing here? Do you even own a PS4?

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Lol @voids! Tries to act like he doesn't care by going on a tirade about how he doesn't care. Stay on topic, young one. Speaking of which...
OT: Uh...Sony outsold Xbox One? Again? In December? How is this news?! Any analytically-minded person could've seen this coming...MONTHS AWAY. BTW...didn't someone make some JOKE article about some competitor winning the holidays three years in a row?

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@Rookie and Red easy. Never mind. ;)
OT: To quote myself...for the umpteenth time...again: This generation belongs to Sony.

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To quote myself...for the umpteenth time: And this is why it's a DUMB idea to signed timed-exclusivity deals with anyone OTHER then Sony.

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You can't listen to background music on the Xbox One?! That really does blow my mind, especially when you consider that the 360 had that feature from the beginning.

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The only problem I have with GameStop is how they handle used games. They pay about $5 and then turn around and sell it for $30 or $40. Other than that, I usually enjoy my visits to Gamestop. The staff is usually friendly and they seem to know their stuff.

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Story Quality? WTF?
Like this website? No

Opinion pieces with clickbait headlines from unknown authors with rather shoddy journalism skills? Stay classy N4G.
OT: In my OPINION, people should try to keep their opinions to themselves.

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@Jmanzare While I agree with your point, I do honestly wonder if that's the only reason. More to the point, do the types of games we enjoy dictate the platforms on which we will prefer to play on?

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@Xbox Community Lol. Still waiting. *looks at sales figures* You guys REALLY should spend money on your "exclusives".

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Yeah. Building sims don't seem to do too well on consoles. Which is is a shame, IMO.

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It must be a slow news day if an article about a make-believe rap battle between Sony and MS gets approved.
OT: Uh...the author has an imaginary rap battle between Sony and MS where he writes the lyrics for both sides. Don't quite know what to say about that...

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@Xbox Community Lol. Please quote EXACTLY where I trashed an Xbox Exclusive. Go on. I'll wait. AND IF there is a PC version, OF COURSE I'll play it. Why? Because it's going to have better graphics then the Xbox One version...FACT.

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@Team Honest question, why SHOULD I buy an Xbox One IF all of their "exclusives" are coming out on PC? And please TRY to answer the question. I actually am SERIOUSLY asking.

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The level of delusion and denial coming from some posters on this sight is truly astonishing.
OT: "Why aren't there Kingdom Hearts HD Remakes for Xbox?"
Uh...maybe because despite what some people want to believe, SALES DO MATTER. The Xbox Community can try to spin the TRUTH all they want, but at the end of the day JRPGs DON'T SELL WELL on Xbox.

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