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"It's hamburger time!"


I say Nintendo takes second. #13.1.1
Xbox one is here to third place Micro soft fans boy.

OT: No. Sony absolutely has nothing to fear, especially from MS. Nintendo on the other hand... #1.10.2
@HeWhoWalks Agreed. It's funny how some fanboys think that Sony supporters have never played a Bungie game before. I've been supporting Sony since they were producing walk-mans, but that didn't stop me from playing every halo to come out since the original. Just because people prefer Sony doesn't mean they're unable to play games on a rival console.
@60 You're a fanboy. Deal with it. #1.2.6
Have you even played this game before? #11.3
@dRanzer How do you have so many bubbles?
OT: I never got to finish this game on the PS3, so I'm really looking forward to getting this on the PS4. For those still on the fence about this game, trust me, it's a great game that deserves all the hype. #9.1.5
*drops mic*
*walks off stage* #5
@MasterC yeah I've noticed that too. A lot of trolls (especially ms fans) are getting a lot of bubbles despite the fact they never have anything interesting let alone truthful to add to the convo. Makes me wonder about the mods on this site.
OT: Misleading title. Writer was taking about 360 owners. #5.1.2
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@lacarious nah dude, there are plenty of "great games" for the ps4..... Destiny...isn't even out yet....and you must be daft if you're gonna wait for 2015 thinking two remasters are gonna hook it up.
OT: Really enjoying this game. FFXIV is probably the best mmo available on consoles. Looking forward to the patch. #1.2.2
Please don't bring politics into this.
OT: Thank you Sony for thinking of our troops. #1.4
ROFL! I would actually pay to see that. And yes, I would kill for a next-gen Warhawk. That and a next gen Tenchu. TENCHU!!! #4.1.6
Exactly HOW are things changing in Xbox favor? They're still the weaker machine, they're still behind in hardware and software sales, and the only exclusive you have to look forward to is another Halo. If you want to support Xbox fine, but you xbots really do take delusion to a whole new level with the crap that comes out of your mouths. #7.1
Lol at all the xbots. Hey you guys know who else is biased? Planet EARTH! #1.1.29
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Lol. The Xbox is the leader of software sales?! The PS Vita sold more software than the xbone last month, and that's according to vgchartz who we all know historically boost Microsoft's numbers. I swear, MS's fanboys are so delusional it's sad. #4.1.1
Yeah, I noticed that too. The Vita is selling more games than the bone. What makes it even sadder is that this is coming from vgchartz who we all know like to boost ms's numbers. #6.2
16 TB?! Damn that's a lot. I'd be happy with half that. Good job MS. #32
Yah, I've seen the games MS is letting you guys own, and all I can say is you can keep it. I'd rather have Sony's rentals then MS's freebies. And btw, as stated above, that "rental" argument you xbots like using is really lame. By your logic, MS is letting you rent the multiplayer portion of your games. #21.1
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Yeah, not two games I would brag about owning, but hey, whatever makes you happy. #15.1
@xstation You obviously don't own a PS4, and all I can say is: Sucks to be you!
OT: PlayStation 4 IS the console to own this gen. It's cheaper, more powerful, has more games, has a greater variety of games, has better games, has a superior online service, and has more support from devs. Oh and Sony has a handheld device, a camera, and they're working on VR. Seriously, if you like video games do yourself a favor and buy a PS4. #27.1.5
@alexkoep Hey buddy! How many of those 360 games won GOTY? Yeah...didn't think so. Face facts: the PS 2 beat the original Xbox. The PS 3 beat the 360. And as it stands the PS4 is trouncing the xbone. Do you wanna know why? It's the games dummy. #7.1.2
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So...honest question. How much did your pc with it's superior graphics cost? Did you build it yourself? How long did it take? PC guys are always mentioning how much better their rigs are compared to consoles, but they always fail to mention these things. #16.2.1
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