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"It's hamburger time!"


Lol. MS hasn't bought squat, and you know it. Seriously, name the last AAA MS bought. I'll wait. #10.2
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Sony has more games, has higher rated games,and is the more powerful system. Fact. Get over it. #8.1
@nicksetzer NOTHING you posted was true! How the heck do you have four bubbles?! I swear the mods on this site...
OT: Why are we still talking about this?! No one cares. MS spent money on a timed exclusive. Big deal. That's what MS does. #1.1.6
@dudebro Don't get it do you? Allow me to spell it out for you and the other hardcore xbone fans.
1) MS didn't pay for a "third party exclusive". They paid for a timed-exclusive of a sequel for a franchise that originated on a different console.
2) MS invented timed-exclusives. Video game companies(ie. Nintendo, Atari, Sega, Sony, etc) didn't do this "back in the day". If they said it was "exclusive", it was ACTUALLY EXCLUSIVE.
... #10.1.2
@Tiqila Xbot? Sony Fanboy? Nintendrone? It doesn't matter. I think we can all agree that you are a total d-bag.
@Clown More power to you. Addictions of any kind are tough things to deal with, but it seems like you've got your priorities straight and that you've got everything under control. #4.1.2
I wonder if the people saying this isn't a big deal would say the same thing if games like the next Halo or Zelda became a timed-exclusive of Sony's.
BTW, in case yall forgot, "timed-exclusives" was an invention of Microsoft. Before they came on the scene, any game that was labeled "exclusive" was actually "exclusive". #1.1.8
@Mac Lol. You think the xbone isn't selling because 360 owners haven't upgraded to the next-gen yet?! Lol.
OT: Sony's lead is wide and it's only getting wider. And Sony hasn't even released it's big guns yet. #30.2
Trufan? I saw him outside moving goal posts.
OT: Sony showing sustained superiority.(say that three times fast) #17.1
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SONY WON. Sony announced MORE exclusives, and MORE new ips, FACT! The biggest thing MS showed was a timed exclusive, FACT!(and a sad one at that)
Edit: Dear Xbone only gamers, do yourselves a favor and seriously consider going multi-console. Trust me, you'll thank me later. #1.1.42
Yaay, it's not exclusive but I wasn't ever interested in the game anyway.

Actually. I was somewhat interested in the game, but now? No. I think I'm gonna pass. IMHO, this was a dumb move by Square, and I will show my displeasure with my wallet.
BTW: did anyone actually believe that this wasn't going to be a timed exclusive? It's Microsoft! They're the kings of timed/fake exclusives. #1.12.2
This is ONE of the reasons I believe that MICROSOFT IS A BLIGHT upon the gaming industry...fake "exclusives". In the old days(before MS), when a video game company said a game was exclusive to their console, it was actually exclusive to their console. It wasn't timed, and it also wasn't available on pc. #1.1.28
I think we as gamers can all agree that the only that actually sucks is this article. #1.1.5
Lol. I remember when EA Access was first announced, and I remember the reaction of the MS Fan Club. They droned on and on about how this was such a great thing, and that MS was giving gamers more options, and that if anyone disagreed they were nothing but jealous Sony fanboys. My warnings of "read the fine print" were drowned out by the sound of the MS Fan Club hype machine once again trying to put lipstick on a pig. And then we get news like this. EA wants to charge a fee to play d... #1.1.4
@Fanboy Odd. I know the words you're using, but the way you're using them makes no sense whatsoever.
OT: No...seriously...what point are you trying to make?
Really On Topic: I honestly wish MS would stop wasting time, energy, and money hyping up the "cloud" and instead focus on games. #1.4.2
@Xb1ps4 STFU. I only own one console this gen(2 if you count the vita as a console). Are you saying I'm not a "gamer"? I've been gaming for over three DECADES which is longer then most of you have been alive. Last gen, I owned all three consoles and a crappy gaming laptop. This gen I only bought one console. I could easily afford to get all three, but see no reason so far to buy any other console then the one I have now.
My point is: I am a gamer. And just because I... #5.4
@iistuii "I don't give a shit about all this fanboy nonsense, if a console is more powerful, cheaper & plays the same games slightly better (not exclusives I add) then it makes sense to buy it whoever makes it."
And I whole-heartedly agree. If MS had made the PS4, then Microsoft would be swimming in my money right now. But they didn't. The truth is they made a machine that is technically weaker then it's primary competitor, and it... #12.1.3
@falvuo It's funny, the only people bringing up PS4 in this discussion are the ms fanboys. And they're doing it to make "Off-Comment" remarks. Trolls right?
OT: SSO is the most wanted game on the xbone?! That's...uh...good? Don't get me wrong, the game looks good, and I love me some Insomniac, but this can't be the biggest exclusive coming to the xbone in the near future.
@GW12 Agreed. I don't understand the hype. However, given MS history of... #5.1.4
Agreed. Square Enix really should be commended for turning things around with FFXIV instead of abandoning it like so many other devs might have. It's got great graphics, a good story, plenty of things to do, a steady stream of new content, and a healthy community. FFXIV is a damn good mmo, and I highly recommend people try it out. #1.1
@xbox-fan-club No. No-one is begging for xbox games. Why would anyone? The average consumer doesn't want exclusive to xbox games. If they did, MS's software sales wouldn't be so lack luster, and developers wouldn't be jumping ship to Sony. But hey, if my console of choice was struggling as hard as yours is just to keep up, I'd be grasping at straws too. #1.9.3
@bleed go ahead and quote one person that actually said they want a Sony monopoly. Go ahead I'll wait.
OT: The PS4 is beating the xbone and it's beating it hard. Fact. End of story. And you know who's to blame for the xbone's horrible start this gen? MS. Fact. End of story. You ms fanboys just need to face facts. The people have spoken with their wallets, and they've overwhelming chosen the PS4. #1.4.4
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