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Lol looks like someone hasnt been keeping up.All previews have been positivr and embargo isnt up till Monday.

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You are only enties to an embargo.If the publisher sends you a copy.Since they got their copy at retail they dont have to abide by it.I thought people knrw this by now..

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To this day No game has ever been able to top this death for me ;_;.Not even Sarah from TLOU.

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We're literally a month+1 day.from witnessing another Grand masterpiece from the NaughtyGods.

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Now if only they could commit to releasing exlcusives all year round instead of 1 or 2 in the first half of the year and then.blowing the rest of their load the last few months.....

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R&C is all ill need.

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They need to increase the amount of FM you can earn from online fights.

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Thats not even close to a death threat....

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What do theu mean about the 2tb early PS4 issues?

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Prepare to have a goos ol laughing time.

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Slow start for Sony???Hahaha theyve released more games and exclusives than the other amd its only going to get better for Us PS fans.

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Yea dont think we'll be seeing KOF go back to using sprites.They nearly went bankrupt.Hence why they were pixked up by a chinese company.3d models are more cheaper to produce.

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It was to shed light on the BS that goes on in the background of tbe VG industry but certain say people tried making it as if it was harassment of women in the industry .something like that.

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Sweet i have like around 4 full 8gb USB drives with music.

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Yea about time.Now I wanna see what DW9 will look like.

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Sweet loved the Dynasty tactics games back in PS2 era.Now give me another DW:Strikeforce.

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The beginning of downfall and videogames.Thanks Bethesda&MS/S.

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I hope they can somehow fit Zachs story in there somehwere cuz let's face it

Zach>Cloud...come at me cloud emo fanboys( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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Carolyn is actually a man and well just leave it at that.

But this review was just blehh.

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Yes :D

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