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New GOW was already confirmed to be in develoment last year. #2.2
I think we'll find out at E3 and you gotta pre order #9.1

hopefully they will have 2 or 3 huge AAA exclusives for this year because right now it is empty.

The order:1886

Obviously you and I have a different meaning of the word "YEAR". #2.3.3
Sony has always owned the IP #27.1
Just like the PS1&PS2... #25.1
Thats why I still havent bought it and Im waiting and hoping they do a retail release for it :3 #3.1
BETA ,BETA,BETA...release date? #1
Stay away from the internet. #3
Sweet can't wait.Although some of the new ways of summoning it dumb should have just kept it like the original. #2
Yea I think so too.Cuz the way Druckman worded it pretty much is a give away.

"Well that was leaked a few hours early". #2.1.1
Bout freaking time yes. #2
Pro and COD.Never go in the same sentence. #1.1.2
Mehh FO has never been a good series.Just over rated. #38
LOD 2 & Horizon :3 #3
Yea exactly.How hard is it for them to come out and say it's never Coming out on PS4.Just like Boyd did with SF5. #5.2
Evolve -_-/ #9.1.1
Wait so now DLC counts as AAA??In that case we can count BB DLC AAA content. #3.3
Lol this looks fun.I hope it comes to consoles #6
Yea member when PS+ started on PS3 there had been hundreds of retail games released on it compared to the PS4.So quit crying. #5.7
That usually happens after a new patch is released Wait for a few days as a lot of people are still downloading it and it should go back to normal. #4.1
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