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If its a new ip i dont mind.But when its a damn sequel that was released on multiple platforms you dont do some bs like that just to keep other platfotms.All ou garnish from that is hate and despise by fans of.other platforms that were #4
MS=No way.

Ninty= probably could but i dont see it happening Mk8 still wasnt enough and i doubt SMB4 will.It will get a boost but nothing major to surpass the PS4.

@Cool cal

Talk about being ignorant and racist.You're right.I should support something that I dont like *Rolls eyes.

Ill let you in on a little secret since you dont know.Ninty saved gaming you knoe an Eastern company ;). #15
All your base are belong to us. #5
Yes I want it! #33
Scaredy cats HUE. #1
Yes,no,maybe.It could end up like BloodBorne they show the trailer.Make people think it's gonna be Multiplat then come out and say it's gonna be exclusive.Or it could be Multiplat.

But I'm more inclined towards it being PS4 exclusive cuz of this. #5
Color me impressed. #1
Its that crappy FB engine.Releasing it early also didnt help -_- #4
Amazing deal for X1 owners :) #4
Do want it! #2
Yes!I like 3rd person more than 1st. #1
So much he had he shivered. #3
Agree MS may have had the most attention negative attention that was.But this P.T thing took it to a whole new level.I hope we get more reveals in other fashionable ways like this. #1.1

As a console player.I am deeply offended that Kotaku would go out of their way to make something out of nothing when all it was was a joke.IDC what they call me just give me my PS2 on PS4 already!! #3
Im surprised none of them had a heart attack xD. #4
Umm where did you see SOTB is cancelled?? #12.1.1
*Sigh* This doesnt confirm anything.Its just a bunch of quotes theyve' said in the past few months mashed into on.Thanks for getting my hopes up for nothin -_- #1
There's already a damn female link...Zelda. STOP TRYING TO RUIN ALL THE GOOD STUFF. #16
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