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Man I really want Zombie army Trilogy but the lack of Physical release for PS4 in the U,S puts me off.Heres to hoping Rebellion come to their senses and do give us a Physical.Until then no purchase #2

Congrats Sony #7
Didnt get them on PS3 so i defintely will get it now. #1
Nice troll there mate.Now why don't you tell us how badly its hurting you that people are actually liking the game??I mean you did go out of your way to make a troll account dedicated to the game and your presentation in your profile talks about nothing but the order:1886....

*The Order 1886 simply cannot justify it's asking price

Umm last I recall that was up to the buyer of the game and not some troll so get lost.

@Kuma 7 hours after... #1.2.1
Serious feels you say?? http://img1.wikia.nocookie....

Man I really hope they decide to do an HD remake of the first 3 UC games for those new to PS and can experience them before getting hands on with UC4. #1
Oh you mean where any troll can make an account and give a game an underscore.Yea man cuz we all know those scores are from legit players *Rolls eyes* #5.1
and now with Uncharted 4 having different writers, nobody knows what to expect

Uhh I take it you aren't up to scratch on UC4 are you??UC4 is being done by the same writers of TLOU&UC2. #67.1
Thanks Chris.

Ahh digital??Guess gonna have to hold out until the decide to give us a physical copy. #1.2.1

Off topic:I cant seem to find a single store in the U.S who has this for pre order.Amazon has it but it's the U.K import. #1
Or maybe just maybe people thought the idea behind it was interesting and the setting was something new in a world of HD remasters and sequels and the typical FPS. #61
Legend Of Dragoon. #8
'Little Difference Between 1080p & 900p'

Yea maybe if you're blind as a bat. #6
Yes I mean it's not like RAD have a good record of releasing good games *Rolls eyes*

Bunch of wannabe journalists if you ask me #6
Actually I do.If you're console isn't selling then devs wont bother with it.Don't believe me??

Look at the Wii U & Vita. #4.3
Put me down for$300 on LOD 2. #18
10 hours.... #39.2
It's only 10 hourse guys.Its not like its the end of the world.Instead lets see if they will be able to even get online.Member BF4 launch online yea....I rather wait #35
Agree.Big fan of DW series so I'm anxiously awaiting this :D. #1.1
Best DBZ game since T3.Can get challenging at times. #1
Pre order down cant wait for teh beta :) #20
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