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I is so happy. #1
Yea....maybe try changing the pix to one with both Xbox&PSN logo.Since both were compromised and not just PSN. #1
How the hell does Ninty keep managing to do dumb crap day after day?? #2
Anyone who has been on N4G for quite sometime knows I'm one of the biggest COD haters.
I have tried all other cods and they bored me to death in less than 10 minutes.I tried AW yesterday for the first time.I was amazed at how well the game runs hit detection can be bit dodgy but for about 99.9% of the time it;s spot on.This is the best cod since cod 4.I dare even say this is it's true sequel.Most whiners are the ones who use to rely on killstreaks to get them their kills.Aww w... #2
This guy should sell them.Hell I would buy at least 2. #1
Didnt they do the same thing with the first GOW psp game? #2.1
I'm actually excited for this.This will be my main infantry focused BF game while BF4 will be my vehicle focused game. #2
Uhhh no Final Stand? #3
I recommend anyone who has not gotten Shadow of Mordor to get it.It's a sleeper hit of the year.I got my copy yesterday and have not been able to put it down. #5
For me
PS1:For variety of games

N64: Mostly used for MP games Goldeneye,Winback,Perfect Dark,No Mercy etc and an occasional SP here and there Jet force Gemini,DK64 Etc. #18
Well guess you learn something new every day.

OH GOD YES!!!!!!Ni Oh was one of the games I was most looking forward to for the PS3.

Cant wait to see something new. #1
Wont happen until the sheep wake up and stop buying the same crap every year and sadly I don't think that will ever happen. #2
In other words.We can't don anything until Sony Greenlights us. #5
At least those game were playable unlike BF4..Which no matter what you did something would always happen. #1.2

But the bigger question is will he return as norm Lui or Zombie Lui? #2.1

@Below wth has that got to do with this??Stay on topic will ya? #3
So buy your logic the X1 had no good games other than SSOD and F5 #4.1.2
MS can afford those type of promotions.

Yea but try asking investors how happy they are that they've had to cut the price down to $350 in less than a year ;). #18.2
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