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Oh look it's that same crappy site that wrote that.

If the Order flops,PS4 will suffer article.

Lol never the PS vita is still selling. #2
Just have Micros be cosmetics and shizznits.Nothing to give an advantage over people and I;ll spend a few bucks. #2
*Rolls eyes*for the millionth time.

Lol hater gonna hate.

That reminds me I need to go shoot for some more crows.Seeing as there will be a feast of them next week ;) #2
I dont see what they could sell that could give the other player an advantage versus someone who doesn't use Microtransactions?

@Joel Characters really dont make a difference.It's all in the skill.I can take ermac in MK9 and pound someone who uses Rain #4
Wait Famed God??Isnt he the one that battled it out with Lizard tards last year? #1

Cant wait it's almost time :D. #1.1.2
Fightstick??That would rocket the prize up about another $100+.

With that being said.I dont wether I should wait and see if they will have a LE fightstick with MK or just get the TE2 edition #4.1
I prefer sub zero.Man John Tobias must hurt him when he sees his character get his arse being whipped in every trailer #6
*Kicks wall*

Dammit just bought PS+ for $50 on Friday -_- #7
I disagree I love all the costumes.If anything is pointless is the crazy amounts of characters they have taking up a space.

Do they need a Janitor? #2
Tracer dart+RPG=Lots and lots of hate mail xD #5.1
Or I;ll jsut wait till they give EXT.HDD support #8
Yea cuzz they definitely havent announced any PS4 games for this year *Rolls eyes*.Nothing wrong with mixing it up here and there. #28.1
Bundle of Samurai Showdown games and also Gauntlet Legenda:Arcade.Just make sure you add online coop to it :3

And also Saturday night Slam masters #27
This is old as hell. #2
Man the amount of content this game has is so much.I doubt I'll get tired of it.

Why not give us a sub zero option for MK:CE?? #3
@Omega BF4 was trash at the beginning because DICE was working on 5 systems all at once.Where as Visceral are working on the X1,PS4 and PC versions.While the last gen versions are being done by a diffferent team within EA.

Does this mean it wont have problems at launch??Hell no it's a given nowadays any game released will pretty much have some sort of problem on launch.

With that being said.People should just wait till the full game releases.I member peop... #2
That link just took me to the pre order screen >_> #17.4
Really out of all the people they forget me??Blasphemy! #1
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