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*Also I wonder if it was the other way around and MS was not there would all the people commenting above would be so forgiving or should I say make excuses.

If they were skipping it and saving it for another show like SOny is.Then yes It wouldnt matter cuz they would still be showing stuff at a later date.But if it was the case like MS totally skipping a conference like TGS then yes that is unforgiving. #4.4.1
This wasn't the title when I originally made the comment they changed it. #3.1.1
Not the brightest are ya? #1.4.1
If they cant go with plan A then go with plan B.All Jak 1-3 remakes like the New R&C games.At least then they would keep us occupied. #2
Final kill must be 360noscopeflashbangladderstall temperfazeshot xD. #7.1.1
*Face against wall*

How can these people call themselves journalists if they can't even get their damn info correct?

Sony will be there they just won't have a conference.They have the biggest space room.So yea... #3
Lol git rekt m8 now 1v1 him on rust. #7
Lol yea keep thinking that.This game has been getting great reception among jorunalists and gamers alike.. #23.1
No just this, #13.1.1
What's the difference between international version and regular one? #21.1

You want MP go look somewhere else. #7.1
No thanks I rather have RE:OB 1&2 done instead of 4.This is where the series started going down hill. #1.1
I think they meant along the lines of "Craftable guns".Plus it looks like it oonly has 5 shots and after that you drop it.

BTW it's a disk launcher not turret big difference ;) #3.1
Lol not one single PS exclusive that has released has been downgraded.But keep thinking that ;). #1.1.2
Yes it is my friend. #1.1.1
Cellphones come to mind.Yesteryears phones could ttake a beating. Todays barely take one. #5.1
You can never make everyone happy.Someone will always find something to cry about. #1
All about that japanese quality :3.The fire might not have been hot enough to burn the inside of it. #3
It might have to do with some of the content that might be in it. #1
IMO nothing wrong with having both.But 1st party should always be the priority. #3
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