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Lol.Let's just say i've stumbled upon two of these"SHOWS". #5.1
E3 is going to be interesting and once dx12 gets in the hands of the devs and games start looking better than ps4 I expect full spin and excuses from this site as usual.

Lol oh god pls stop just stop.While I have no idea what the hell DX 12 does.The fact that you think that games will look better on X1 just makes look like a fool.

ND,SM would like to have a word with you about "BETTER LOOKING GAMES".

Like LuvBurger said.So... #35.2
The fail is strong in this one. #8.3
The thing is Sony built it from the ground up for the PS4.After all Sony is a hardware company ;). #4.1
The Government should be top priority not these clowns #3
Lol was about to say the samething.If its a hack and slash count #1.1
It's DLC not a game.... #1.1
Sept.9...... #3.2
No ones forcing you to buy it... #2
Do you happen to recall the server name?? #4.3
Didn;t care about it then wont care about it in the future.But it's good to see those people who wanna enjoy it will be able to on the PS4. #4
Can you say"Respawn will no longer exclude systems from future projects". #8.2
$249 for Vr headset by itself.

and $299 for VR headset bundled with something is my guess #2
Actually he's not delusional.

Watch this and you'll see why he has a point. #7.1.4
Lol nope. #4.1.1
*There’s a lot more coming in this update as well, so stay tuned for more—there will be plenty in the update to excite everyone.

Did this fly over your head??

@Jo i do recall Sony saying there would be a big update after the PS4 japanese launch so I'm guessing it is. #5.2
Finally now we can get the HDCP people to shut up.Now we just need the DNLA/MP3 and those will finally shut up.

OT:Glad to see SOny on top of things. #4
Ummm PS4 is alreadt at 6.2 million already way to undertrack Vg. #2
The thing is this was built from the ground up for the PS4 haters eating crow now ;) #1.1
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