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My 13 year old within will finally be released again yay :D. #31
Lol I cant believe people still havent corrected it.

Sony said no such thing it was MS. #17.1
Lol just lol.The salt in you is real.You think an update to a niche game will destroy a full blown popular game? #17.1
Yea cuz it's not like Sony has any IP'S or anything that move PS consoles.......Lol some people I swear.

Anyways congrats to Sony.Keep it up #18.1
If you bothered to read the article he clearly states it.

"One comment we see a lot is that something like a Super Street Fighter 5 is going to come out on Xbox," said the representative. "But the reality is that this is a real partnership. We are console exclusive for this franchise for this numbered run." #2.1
We're getting a beta.gotta pre order #8.1
I didn't get to play the second one I PS3.So I have an excuse to get it now plus with all the DLC that's a no brainer.

What's the price on it? #2
I wish they would bring back the ISM specials from SFA3. #3
After Sony told everyone that 1st party games will be "sparse"

Lol I love how people take a misquoted comment that wasn't even made in regards to the PS4 game lineup and don't actually read the whole thing.

Keep trying. #4.1
Yea I'm sure that's exactly what it signals...*Rolls eyes*.

You people and you're dreams are lulz worthy.

Sony has more than enough content for it's E3 fans. #9.1
Implying that we don't see new games at all at E3..*Rolls eyes* #4.1
Lol member the commercials for the PS2 games??Wish Sony would do that again. #3
Jeezus come on Fox it clearly says E3 BOOTH not E3 conference. #2.2.2
Lol was about to type the same thing.You just saved me some time.It clearly
says "BOOTH"not press conference.

Gotta get hits somehow. #10.1
You cant blame all the Blunders on just Mattrick.Every top head at MS was on in it.Yes including Phil.So putting the whole blame on just Mattrick is just foolish. #14.1
Hmmm either we get a reveal this year and releases next year or reveal next year and releases the same year. #1
Yes but maybe scamcom sourced it out to them

Notice the emphasis on "Cry" #12.1.1
If it's DMC 5.They better bring back OG Dante couldn't stand that foul mouthe emo moron in DmC. #12
I think Sony owns the IP so not all is lost. #5.2.1
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