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SE better release this in the west. #2
Regarding the Skyrim debacle.I member reading they never sent out PS3 review copies only 360 #1.1.1
I dont know it would seem just weird announcing it this late and releasing so early next year.

I'm thinking the christmas day Kojima station is more along the lines of a release date for MGO PS4 beta.

Or it could just be Kojima trolling us all again ;_; #5.1
So does this mean people can file a lawsuit against MS for falsely advertising the X1 power?

http://www.develop-online.n... #30
Pretty much the only series from Ninty that I can contsantly play without getting burned out on it. #1.3
Stop hitting things then you won;t end up in last place.... #26.2
Uhh they have 2 teams.So who cares?The less FPS we get the better. #2.1
I hope this makes it to the west #2
I thought we already were told DLNA would come in early 2015??

Found the article http://www.playstationlifes... #9

Oh it's a class action lawsuit you say?

Well looks like he wont be getting pretty far. #1.2.3
Hopefully Sony allows this on PSN. I'd buy it in a heartbeat. #4
Wait how was his info stolen if he doesnt own a PS3?I smell BS. #36
If it is a classaction lawsuit and he has been playing online.He's shat out of luck. #5.2.1
So now where going off by "searches"? #8
Uhh the game is running 1080P. They never stated what part would.As long as the game is running 1080 doesnt matter how they're doing it.They are clear.

Here's a pix of the back of the case.It nowhere states it's "Native 1080P".

So looks like Sony will win this with no problems. #3
The keeping it out of minors' hands part, I mean.

Pika pika pika pika Pika Pika!!

Translation:Shhh don't give them any ideas

They either need to do something with it or give it back to SOny #1.1.1
No it was originally planned to come out in 2018 until Sony came in.I say we can expect either late 2016 or early 2017. #1.3.2
You're right.We know VG always undertracks Sony.So Sony is past the 16 mil and maybe are around 16.2 or 16.3 #1.2.1
Bunch of whiners.Bring it to PSN.I'll buy without hesitation. #5
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