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hopefully this generation is like the PS1 and PS2 generations. Tons and tons of JRPGs and Fighters.

Fixed that for you :).

I agree Sony could start by giving us LOD 2 I mean they're already started and it's just shelved away.Just start where they left off. #1.1
Right cuz every person who wants a PS4 has gotten one *rolls eyes* #5.1.2
Lol silly trolls.
http://herocomplex.latimes.... #9.2
Lol why not wait until the actual game releases on PS4? #4
Nope SOE is pretty much clear.They even outlined all the crap that could happen in Early access.

1) It’s very early – there are lots of bugs. There are likely to be some bad ones. You should fully expect that there will be bugs that persist for a while. Even potentially game breaking ones. #21.1
And this is why most people who are saying that it's time for a PS4 price cut.Would be out of business within a month of opening a business.

Also enough of these dumb articles. #10
Uhh I think you need to brush up on your reading comprehension.No where does it say it wont be 1080@60. #1.10.1
I was Skeptical of the service.So I decided to try the free trial.First game I played was KOF 13.There was about a 1 second lag between my push of a button and character action.After shutting all my other things that used internet.I decided to give it a go again.I instantly noticed lag was "almost" completely gone.It felt like I was playing the actual game.

I may subscribe later in the future.When more games are added.

For those interested I game on... #2
Bla bla bla Sony no what they're doing they aren't idiots.There's a reason they;ve been in the VG industry for 20 years. #2
Congrats Sony #2
So Ms wins 2 months and SOny should be worried??Lol ok then.... #9.2
Exactly why lower the price on something that's so well??You only do that when it isn't selling well.

@Abriael.True you could say it that way.But why not sell as much as you can at current price and once sales stagnate lower the price to increase sales even further? #1.1
Whens NPD for Dec? #3
Cuz you can mess around and still make it a fun game.

Case in point. #4
Wait when did they announces the beta for PS4??O_o #1
I'd buy this and it frame it along with my 20th anniversary coin.

I bet every guy is thinking in their mind with that female model :P

Just rep... #7
Is it bad that I mainly want this game just for the lulz and trolls I'll be able to do with the tazer? #4
I think Sony could give us better games for free each month considering the amount of money they make.

And I think people really need to cut this whole "We need better games crap out"it's old and gettind tiring.Having to explain the same crap over and over. #1.1
It's delayed not cancelled and where is the op source for this rumor? #2
I'll say they'll either pass 40 Mil or be just a bit shy of that number by the end of the year. #2
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