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It has anf never was meant to replace the arcade mode.While it wasnt meant to be a huge story update.The 2-3 hours it takes to bridge SF3&SF5 it does a good job of it.

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Nice very nice me like.

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Yup this is one of the best things on PSr4.Finding people for whatever game you need is a breeze
@Epic.Yea sure buddy whateve you say.Maybe time for you to get better interwbez.

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Rigs day one baby!!Im hoping somewhere down the line Koei makes a Dynasty warriors VR game.

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Well looks like no buy until a year later or so.

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Like I said to Affro.Have fun. Waiting forever.As SF5 is the only option thsy will release.

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Cant wait to see what nrw goodies Sony has in store as PS exclusives.

Also Koei think its time for DW9 to show up ;)

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Lol tell me that when it doesnt take MKX a whole freaking year to get gud online netcode.

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@Hoff what bad netcode??The netcode has been stable for over awhile already.Ive been playing all nigbt since the update yesterday and have only ran into like 5 bad online matches.All rest were buttery smooth.

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@Affro have fun waiting forever

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Bought it day one dont regret it.

Just a heads up peeps the new update is a 2 part.You will get your automatic update that fixes gameplay and stuff. get the stoey mode you will have to get it from the PSN store.
Add ons>New>should pop up

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Wonder if they will give it the Gracedia Flower?

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Thats snoop doggs reincarnation lol

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Digimon&DQ:H are worth it at this point I bought both at full price and got more than i bargained foe.

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Taht was confirmed to be fake

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Glad i got my 3 pre ordered :D.

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@Dragon I give you...

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Me me me me.

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Holy did i just see Juli&Juni??:0

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