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Yes now i can use my PS3 ones once they're available #1
Yes SE is already working on DQ:H 2 and apparently that one will have some sort of co op #1.1
Well the DLC is free.So I guess thats why. #6.1
We already know there's a GOW game in development.It was tweeted out last year and then was taken down quick. #9
I got it free with PS+ and the MP is pretty awesome. #3
They should let sanzaru games do it.They did a good job with Sly"Thieves in time #2
PS3 games wise.Not PS1&PS2. #9.1
Two of those games should have been the SWBF titles :(.Let's face it the new one is an abomination. #7

Funny how you bring up Dedi know something Sony has been using since last gen lol. #1.2.5
Just stick to TDM&DOM while you rank up amd get better gear. #5.2
Good you can start with an open world pokemon RPG followed by Pokémon Snap 2.Chop chop m8. #1
In order to use those characters.They would have to negotiate with Akira sadly.... #1.2.1
I will only accept Microtrans if it dooes one of the following

1.Pure cosmetic
2.Allows all future dlc to be free. #11
I take it you havvent kept up. #29.1
Pls stahp giving attention to her. #2
No its 16 but a new rumor is there is 18 with two not being available at launch.You do know all DLC is free right? #2.1
Hopefully they work on the A.I one of if not the biggest gripe I have with this game.They just stand around like morons -_- #1.1
I been plaining SWBF1&2 for the past month on it. #10
Since when was Halloween only for kids? #1.1
Man they really dont wanna guard that story like if it were Area 51 lol.

Heres hoping for a new video at PGS #3
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