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Looking forward to this. #1
Hmm that explains the SFV:Rise up.

Cant wait for the beta tomorrow :D #31
Guess I'm the one of the lucky ones who can say that both of my of my 60GB still work #2.1.1
Man loving the variety of characters. #13
Looks like it's for the new update testing that's coming out next month. #2
*Cough*CONSOLE*Cough. #3.1.1
Guess I'll wait for the physical version then #3
No it just shows Sony isn't afraid to try different genres. #2
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I gotta agree with Jalva.The original BC writer is no longer there so the story would go sour. #3.3
I can not wait for this game!!

If you havent watched this I recommend watching it. #14
If i remeber correctly you can compare it to W3 map. #8.2
I love when they do these.I'm usually home by that time. #2
Waiting for a GOTY edition with all DLC #2
They need to tone down the aim assist.It's like a damn magnet -_-/. #4
Good thing I can play both.So I don't have to choose. #2
I'm getting a Wii u solely for this game.I just can't stay away from pokemon.Let's just hope there's plenty of pokemon to use. #1
@Strata Hahaha ha yea man a feature that is half arsed really ended the console war.By your logic MS should be selling millions of X1 and surpassing Sony in sales. #1.1.2
Man cant wait for DW9(Hoping for something at TGS).If goign by an interview of last year.DW9 will change the gameplay of it. #3.1
Agree time to get the old blood out of sega and put in some new blood that gets what gamers.Hell SE is doing a lot better since Iwata left and they added the new CEO. #2.1
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