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Heres a tip.Go into an empty server arm or cap flags and get free exp counts towards your level ;).

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I seriously cant wait for this game.My highest anticipated game this whole gen.Something about it just makes me feel like something i havent felt since playing Legend Of Dragoon back on the PS1.GG have really gone above and beyond to what looks like will move the open world Genre forward.

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Maybe if you actually explained what "Issues" it has you wouldnt be disagreed to death.

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Oh look another account...

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And they managed to fudge it up...who ever thought it was a great idea to allow the heli to get more killstreaks is a moron and needs to be fired ¬_¬

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They need to add an FOV on consoles.Just like BF1 has it.

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Curious to what is horrible about it?

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All 16 maps will be free

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Creek was the ish from DLC

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Sadly chinatown was DLC and doesnt look like they will come.

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Yes it willblaunch with 10 maps and the other 6 will come in december

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We get 10 maps at launch.Then in December we will get the other 6.For the total amount it launched back in 2007.But even then were still missing the 4 dlc.Which should be included

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Level up assault unlock AT gun have at least 2 guys running that and vehicles are gone.They are not op only skrubs who try to solo a tank cry about this.

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Lol you must not know PR talk even if it slapped you across the face.COD4 will be sold separate 3+months later down the road.

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Seems to be using the running animations that were used in Ghosts

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People say Snipers are easier to use cuz they have all had their muzzle velocity increased to keep up with the flow of the game.In BF4 they were nerfed big time cuz of cry babies.

This should help you understand what Dice is aiming for with Snipers.

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Uhhhh not even close.Check out St.Quentin map on youtube.

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Yea the moving is a bit stiff for some reason.And sounds like your getting packet loss.

Do you use the server browser funxtion?Cuz using "matchmake" is bad.It will throw you anywhere in the world.

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Hahah same here.Hopefukly they seel it on its own

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Ill try it csn always cancel if i dont like it

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