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HIGHLY customizable class archetypes, with skill-tree type system.
Each archetype can specialize in something. For example assault: Anti-Infantry or Anti-Tank.
You can get Exotic archetypes, like the Paratrooper Recon, who is short-range, stealthy who uses a silenced weapon and silent gadgets. (Also perks)
You can change and add specialization trees, which are something like perks
Similar system for guns.
Each gun will have 5-7 elements, that are c...

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Battlefield 5 new features and gameplay:

WW2 multiplayer (France, Norway, Rotterdam, North African Desert at launch)
Coop + Singleplayer
Own Company of soldiers/vehicles
No Premium Pass
Fortifications in multiplayer (Vehicles and locations that you can build in a map, like foxholes, sandbags etc.)
Every class can build basic shit, support is the builder class (only class that can build offensive shit)
Attrition and Physi...

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Man this game has so much more going for it that wasn't said at the reveal...dice really dropped the ball but YouTuber have stepped in and started giving exclusive info that they were told/scene

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No you don't stop spreading lies.

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Remaster not remake like 1&2

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Even Angryjor is defending the game and saying the trailer is crap compares to what they've seen/heard and are all know how harsh he is.

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Yes that's cuz the original guy who did the Bf1 trailer left back in 2016 after it launched.Dice needs to get someone that knows what they're doing.

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Like many people this trailer threw me off completely.But after watching this video it seems Dice is keeping everything undercover.If you have 40 minutes to spare i recommend you guys watch it.It goes into depth of what theyre trying to do.Honestly it has me prettyy pumped to see the MP at EA play

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The only thing is cosmetics

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I like how well be able to build MG nests since for Some reason Dice is never able to put them in good positions

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According to jack frags...thos wasn't representation of how MP is

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Only cosmetics but no lootboxes

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It's been confirmed that Micros will only be cosmetics bit there will be no loonies

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I'll make my final decision after I play the beta

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Hold up is it me or does this look more like the 4 player co op mode they talked about and not MP?

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No premium pass=Micros/loot boxes this is why I preferred PP to stay.

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Grand operations sounds bad ass

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