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Maybe go do some actual research.It was 10 million users not copies sold. #1.4.1
No it didnt 10 mil.It was 10 mil users that tried\played it. #9.2
Nope...What Khaotic says it what they said.10 mil users not copies bougnt. #5.2
Who? #2
A triple....xD

Come on Segs good news or no news. #1.2
Those are 3rd party exclusives.Not in house 1st parties is what Shu was referring to. #1.4.1
Wish more Devs would do that. #8.1.1
Actually people were able to see other peoples addresses,CC and some other personal info. #1.1
Get ready for more 3rd party exclusives.

Congrats Sony. #33
Digimonr,Street Fighter 5 and Pokemon Red,Blue and yellow will do it for me in February. #4
Didn't effect me one bit.But I wont complain about free stuff. #1
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Yea its been removed. #1
Cant wait. #1
If you're a fan of the originals.I recommend watching Digimon Tri.

Cant wait for it. #1.1
I have many games but all my attention is geared towards Horizon:Zero Dawn. #2
Actually Hack&Slash games dont do well on xbox.Hence why Koei hasnt been releasing their Warriors series on it as of lately.Sells dont justify the thr porting. #16.1.1

I have no idea what the link being from Gamespot have to do with it but if you're so insecure about it You can google it yourself and see plenty of sites reporting same thing.Once again checkmate ;). #54.4
Like i said you wanna try again??

All your links are from 2013 mine is from 2014 ;).once again checkmate. #54.2
Lol you wanna try again son?
) #54.1
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