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You have a point but you also have to member BF4 was being built simulteanously on 5 platforms compared too SWBF that is only being built for 3 systems. #4.2
To be fair the originals never had a campaign either.They were just missions #2.2
Lies those dont count cuz they aren't AAA titles /S #1.1 ;)

Yes I would love MAG 2 they could do so much more now with the hardware of the PS4. #1.3
Yet they managed to outsell The Wii u lifetime sales like

P.S RPGrinder say hi to your alt accounts for me ;)

Freddo_The_Frog and GlobalGamer xD. #12.4
Mehh I consider scuff controllers cheating but who cares.If people can use them then why cry&moan when someone uses Xim4? #12
Actually there is an option to lock it. #1.2
Going by their recent actions.I think it's a safe bet it will be on PS4. #1.1.1
I still havent pledged was waiting to see if their would be a physical copy version and after today come Tuesday $60 are going straight out of my paycheck for the kickstarter. #1
Nintendo really are beyond dummies at this point.They need to replace iwata&Reggie and replace them with someone who knows what fans want.Look at SE Wada just left and now SE seems to be going in the right place.

ALSO WHERE THE HELL WAS MY POKKEN TOURNAMENT?!!At least it would have been somehting that was actually worth watching at their lame conference #3
Here ya go troll.This match is from 21 minutes ago.This story has been up for almost an hour so guess who


If PSN was down how was i able to get this match??Exactly seems it's regional or something. #1.2.1
@Nosed yes I'm sure it went down for you lol you don't even own one.

It's up for me currently playing BF4. #1.1.3
IMo they should have kept this on PS Vita and just gave PS4 owners Digimon World 5.But I aint complaining. #2
That speed on Weavile 0_0. #1
CAPCOM VS SNK3 make it happen Sony&Capcom. #17
He created this account 45 minutes ago.And all his comments have been trolling PS articles.Just mark him and move on.

Cant wait to see more of this. #6.1.1
ND Once again showing why they're the one of the top Devs of the industry. #67
Lol you think they were able to make all that in less than 8 hours??Lol thats the biggest load of crap I've ever heard #1.10.1
Yet one of those made the biggest rumble at E3 and across the world... #1.1
Man this game is my most wanted next to Legend Of Dragoon 2.Can't wait to see what other kinds of Animals they have in the game.

*Imagines Mechanical Saber tooth Tiger*0_0 #5
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