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Yea I'm excited for S2.Csnt wait to see who we get.

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1.Fix is on the way they had to disable some things to ensure a smooth launch.

2.Dont use planes can't comment.

3.Wait a few secs after being able to spawn.Ive noticed your less likely to spawn during a gun fire.

4.Its always been like that as far as I member

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Now reverse the roles and the guy would have been told to suck it up,be a man,It's just a game bla black bla but since it's a girl we all have to drop our guard and feel sorry for them....

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Sorry Panda but in this case she has no merit to cry moan that's why we have this.

"Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB" - Warns those who intend to play the game online about possible exposure to chat (text, audio, video) or other types of user-generated content (e.g., maps, skins) that have not been considered in the ESRB rating assignment.

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Just create a U.S account.

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I knew for once I wasn't drunk.Thank you lol

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Isn't this old as hell??I member reading about awhile ago.

"There's currently no information regarding who may be interested in purchasing the company. Given past speculation, however, EA seems to be the most likely candidate.

Clueless crappy author has no proof.

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Vivendi I believe

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That's all X fan boys can do is "wait".Member that chalkboard that had what will help the x1 surpass the PS4😂😂😂

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That you haven't played BF1?

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Easily my best RPG ever and yes leagues above FF7.Gameplay is better than anything I've played to date and have yet to find another JRPG that gives me that satisfaction when you pull off their additions

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What I hate from what I've played.

1.UAV spam nonstop
2.Character animations basically they're using Ghosts animation
3.Heli can now earn you streaks

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Now give me Shadow fall 4k!!

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Did they ever even announce a release date for it?

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Cuz he's from the other camp pay no attention to.him

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*crosses fingers for Horizon merch*

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Something that isn't modern or WW2...well I would like an alternate WW2 where the Nazis wine WW2 would.make an interesting POV

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Bunch of SJW crybabies....

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I can attest to this problem.I browse Battlelog daily and always see at least one thread being.made of this.IDC about it I just love seeing people get banned when mods come in😂😂😂

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