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Im gonna buy them all just to piss off the entitled children.The perks of having a job buying whatever you like :)

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Thats like asking.Why should I have to pay for any newer models of my car brand.Since I already bought one??And dont give me that crappy excuse."Its not the same thing".Cuz it is.

Such entitled gamers.

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Lol most people who say PSnow is a cash grab.Eitjer dont have a job or still depend on mommy and daddy for money.

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Then put your money where your mouth is and do exactly Sony is doing add everything and release it.

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I could live with that,But the turn based has to stay.Additions just wouldnt worj any other way.

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Where the hell did you get $19.99 from?

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Heres the thing,360 games on x1 have no improvements compared to the PS2 versions.Regarding the price.Sony can only set the prices on thier own titles.GTA is a 3rd party game meaning R* set the price and they can't do anything.

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*Well yeah we are allowed to be entitled as its us that put food on these scummy companies tables.

So by your logic since your boss puts money on your table.He's entitled to anything you own right?

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Hahaha xD.

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Lol i was just thinking about this the other day.Great minds think alike ehh?

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Exactly.Hete I'll use a real life example.I bought Bone Thugs Eternal 1999 cassette tape when it released back in 1995.Later on they released a CD version.Did I cry cuz i didnt get it fro free and had to pay for it again?No cuz is there no contract that states if you buy some thing and later on comes out again.Are companies obligated to give it to you.

Ninty rereleased Majoras mask on 3ds why didnt i get it for free since i already own it on my N64?

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Here we go again...entitled gamers.

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Im all over that Gundam wing.

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Ever heard the term "LICENSING ISSUES"?

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The trailer was only in select theatres across the U.S

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Lol people have been saying Sony will go bankrupt since 2010 and MS buying them five years later and they're still here and doing better than they have in the past few years Give it up they arent going anywnere.

You children sound like a broken record repeating the same crap over and over.While making fools out of your selves.But please do keep it up it provides entertainment.

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3vs5 platforms take your guess.

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Glad i held out on buying.Hopefully Sony can get SWBF1&2 on PS2 emu and i will be all over it.

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Agree.Lets see how many of these people would work over time and like if they didnt get paid.

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Seems most of these complainers dont have a job or are just stinking trolls.

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