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Anyone else think Oculuos is gonna blow up??First you got carmack being sued for allegedly stealing from zenimax about oculuos then now you got this.

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No all games will still be the same framerate as on the OG PS4.Sony doenst want to give. PS4Pro players an advantage over the OG PS4 players.Sucks but its then only way to keep every one happy

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Good if he wanta oculos to survive he'll do it.

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Where the hell you been??It was announced during the reveal BF1 will have support.

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Wonder if Hitler will be one of the story characters?

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Every game:Nope

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Frag x3,UAV jammer,Martydrom ;)

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A pot of beans and you would be surprised with how muxh food you can mix it with.

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CD keys has it for $47.

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You mean Horizon which looks leagues above W3?

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Fact:No PS4 exclusive has been downgraded :).

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3.Too much hand holding

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Agree.The daily target s are a good addition.Lol i did 3 of them once.

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In other news the sky is blue.We all new this all along just Respawn now clarifiyimg it

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Yes it was.

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He doesn't need your business anyway! I'm sure most of you doing the bashing would be on here in a week whining about the product anyhow.

Except oculous needs them.more than they need him.With no games for it no one will buy it.The devs have plenty of other places they can tske their business too ;).

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Dont worry MW:R will be sold separate sometime next year.

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5 months...herrs hoping they fly by.

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I feel like if the NX fails Ninty will bow out of console race and just stick to mobile/Handheld single gaming.

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