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Digital??I went physical since you get a steel edition case.

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GJ Sony.This is what happens whne you have a steady drip of AAAAA titles coming out for your system. Spread out through the year.

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*Steel :p

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" That has the money and power to do whatever they want. "

Thank God you dont run a company....I hope.

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Im surprised thetes no abilities that you can use.

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Sf5 has free dlc....

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Yet no proof.....

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Its good to see that Res/Power will matter once again from certain individuals who have been chanting it doesnt matter this gen ;).

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Expect it for at least a month.

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If History had taught us anything we know the answer already ;)

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Oh so resolution will matter again?Got ya

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Those arent known.Theyre "RUMORED".

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In othet news the sky is blue.With the constant onslaught of AAAAA titles coming from Sony the opponents stand no chance.Could you imagine what the industry would be like if the other two actually put up effort in supporting their consoles like Sony does?And im afraid its not going to get any easier from here on out for the opposition.

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That clickbait title.doesnt mentiom anything about paid updates.not surprised it s GB

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Yes they've been constantly releasing AAAAA titles.I mean UC4 just released and that was a big AAAAA title and we still got E3 to look forward to.

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@Shadow Knight

This looks nothing like W3 gameplay....

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Just imagine if TLOU 2 looks as real as the Dog.Jeezus christ.

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I call fake I doubt EA would release two of their games in the same month.Eapecially since BF1 releases Oct.21

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This was that "HOLY SHIZZNIT"moment of E3 for me.It was the one title that made you say "Hell yea".

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They do.They have two teams.

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