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Always use to play Dave Mirras BMX stlye on PS1.R.I.P :(.

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What already sold out???AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

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Ben-Hit it right on the head.Dont like down time?Dont freakimg sign up for the thing.

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Uninformed clown Strikes again.Sony has no control over BO3 servers.If that was the case PSN would be down...which is not cuz im online playing BF4..

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Youvr been able to use trophies to get physical goodies....

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Me likey bouncy...ughh sorry I was distracted ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ).

Cant wait 2 weeks to go.

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About two hours in and already loving tbe game.Cant wait to make my team and wreck people ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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Whats is this "outside".Ive never heard of it....sounds scary.

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You're welcome buddy :).

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Man where the hell are all the reviews for this game??

Cant wait 2 more hours till im off work then straight to GS to pick up my PS4 version and start playing.

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Of course it will come to PC...just later cuz they wanna release it where there biggest fanbase are at consoles.

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Lol some people are crazy.

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Digimon tomorrow,SF5 Feb 16th and thats it for me.

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Seriosuly...this always happens when im at work guess it never affects me ;).

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Maybe you should try getting some sleep if your yawning.I heard its contagious ;).

Im stuck between either Cactus or Broforce.

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So what just cuz someone looks underage doesnt meant squat.Hell im 26 but I look nothing like it people always mistake me younger than my brother who happens to be younger than me its just a trait some peope are born.Its the way of life.

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@JB who knows they may throw in the code for the TR:DE to sweeten the deal.

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Thw thing is no one aside from Sony you what it was gonna be used for.

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2 days cant wait.

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