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I wish more devs took a page out of Guerrila Games.Announce a new game and show some damn play even if its just 3 would show confidenxe in their product.

@Opie I know theyve shown gameplay.Bad showing a dark section when you can barely see whats goimg on isnt goos.

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About as generic trailer as you can get.But the music is good.Anyone know the name of the song?

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Cant wait almost time.

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Na open world is next....

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Its sad what peopel will do tk ruin someones life.Do I agree with what she said no??Shes been fired and it should have been left at no need to continue the damage.

Oh well karma will deal with you ;).

Can anyone prove these pix were and stuff were done while she was working for Ninty?

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Ummm Insomniac games are the ones who said that theyre fake.Meaning if you had a code supplied by them you are under embargo not to release it until embargo lifts.

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Monday i believe.

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Embargo only pertains to sites who got their copy from thw publisher.

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Lol looks like someone hasnt been keeping up.All previews have been positivr and embargo isnt up till Monday.

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You are only enties to an embargo.If the publisher sends you a copy.Since they got their copy at retail they dont have to abide by it.I thought people knrw this by now..

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To this day No game has ever been able to top this death for me ;_;.Not even Sarah from TLOU.

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We're literally a month+1 day.from witnessing another Grand masterpiece from the NaughtyGods.

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Now if only they could commit to releasing exlcusives all year round instead of 1 or 2 in the first half of the year and then.blowing the rest of their load the last few months.....

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R&C is all ill need.

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They need to increase the amount of FM you can earn from online fights.

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Thats not even close to a death threat....

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What do theu mean about the 2tb early PS4 issues?

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Prepare to have a goos ol laughing time.

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Slow start for Sony???Hahaha theyve released more games and exclusives than the other amd its only going to get better for Us PS fans.

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