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Ummm why would they??There were no specific sources that those stories were citing.

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PS is the home of tekken

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How long have we been hearing this."Sony has no money"crap??Funny how a company that has "No money" is slaying the smackdown on a company that has "infinite money".Rolls eyes*

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You forget Price was also a factor for a lot of people.If you think people all of sudden are gonna drop $500-$600on another new console just for bigger specs you're clearly delusional.Surs those of us with the money coyld do it no problem.But what about little jimmy who just got a new xbox last christmans?Do you think his parents are gonna drop another gew hundred for another console?

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Amen brother.

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My brain....ahhhh

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Ok people dont seem to understand.When the specs were leaked we don't know how old those dev kits were for all we know they could have been as old as last year and once they got feedback from their devs they could have upgraded them.Remember when the PS4 was announced even devs were surprised with the 8gb of ram Sony went with cuz the dev kits only had 4.

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Mes a think time for my fellow aussies to over throw these moronz.

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Dogefight ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )

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Well if it's being said by a French site.Then I'm 99.9% sure it will happen.French websites tend to leak a lot of things a head of time.CoughCrash4PS4cough.

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Why do people evem bother....we know how ninty operates.

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Hey I know this may sound crazy and all but....dont like the rules go somewhere else.

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Lol Sony has nothing to worry about.

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Lol must be a new gen gamer

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Yea believe or not that would be his best bet.

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Maybe thats where the gatw takes us?At the end of trailer.

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This would beg the question shouls the input lag stay or go?

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This and Horizon are two mysterious games.

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This is combined sales between 3DS&Wii u so no...

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Bring back.
Pre set classes
Galactic CQ
Both eras
Ammo count none of this unlimited ammo over heat bs.
More heroes

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