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@Aenea this is tbe result of when youve barely had one exclusive releases so far this year and will be starving for another few months till another decent exclusive game comes out.... So much free time to troll.

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Oh look its one of *Them*.

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Gawwd cant wait.

Guys be careful with leaks You know we will be having trolls just commenting spoilers Like someone did to me hopefully its not true.

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There are somethings you just dont fark around with amd this is one of them.Karma is gonna get you.

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Its stupid on both sides to do this.But if they can do it without aleinating the other fanbase making exlcusives for only the newer versions of the system.then it could go well only time will tell.

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Yo wtf is your problem.I hope the mods ban you permantely.

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Come on now was that necessary??Some of yoh have a lot of growing up to do...not that i agree with his statement but you just took it to a whole another level son SMH.

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Dont like what they're offering simple just unsubscribe.Seriously some of you act like little kids.Its like going to a restaurant and complaining everytime their food sucks yet you manage to keep goinf back for some more.

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GS beat everyone to the clicks.Does anyone actualky believe this was an accident?

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:Insert Billy Madison insult quote:

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Nobody knows cuz this is all a rumor.

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Are thou jimmies rustled??People will do what they want wether you like it or not.

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FFXV PS4 edition incoming.

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@Divine How is the build quality?

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Oh god here we go again.Every time its "Will something something narrow tbe gap".If anything it widens tbe gap even more.

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NVM ita for PS3.

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How is the retron 5??I heard they had problems with the pin connections.

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Most are meh.Now Yaya han.She someone you need to watcb.One of the best if not best cosplayer out there.

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Not really people just smelled the BS and strayed away from it....

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