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This is as dumv as theat girl who blamed pokemon go for her dads death when someone was coming the wrong direction

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And you're part of the problem SMH!

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That suit....😉

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PS4 has bomb deals.

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Rocket league Twisted Metal style??

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Damn bruh you hit it right on the head.

Cyber slueth best JRPG this year ive played in awhile.We get 240 digimin right off the back plus we got 7 more as a thank you gift for the game selling well l.Im guess ing that means Next order will get localized.

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Sony already stated PS5 era will go back to 1 console well for them at least.

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Well this should be entertaining to watch.Not surprised Stock fluctuates all the time

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Well they already lost Spidey and 007.So thats a start.Now if they would lose the license to all other games licensed games we good

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Hell yea

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Lol I'll watch it just for Aletta.

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Web of shadows&Shatterex dimensions were good.If you still have a last grn console i suggest you pick them up.

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To be fair.This CEO just took over like a yesr or two ago.Gotta give him time and see what happens

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Funny thing PS4 exclusive has had a downgrade try again :).

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Digimon hands down.I pretty much stopped caring about Pokemon after GSC.Once the designs just started become dumb and dumber.Digimon was geared nore towards the Teens of the 90's.Where you actually saw people and Digimon alike die.

Also Digivolution is way better thsn Poke evolution.

Another thing that gave Digimon an edge eas the fact that theu were abke to talk.So ...

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In other news.Shes had this costume since SFA3.Give me a break.Bunch of no lifes complaining about nothing.

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Exactly.They stated they have invested iver 1 billion into games....yet all I see is them sticking to the same franchises hoping that will get them through.I mean 3 Forza games in 3 years??Talk about milking.

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I hope this is satire??Cuz thr court will just laugh at their stupidity.Plus we gotta let Natural selection weed out the morons :).

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Lol this is dumb.Who cares what a bunch of nobodies who have no intention if playing the game think.Its like me being mad if they decided to use a skin of The Virgen Mary.

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