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So people are crying cuz now they have to work to earn the rare gear??Lol I should complain to Nintendo freak for making me do all sorts of tasks just to get a shot at Mewtwo *Rolls eyes*.

Glad they patched just seems a scrub way of getting the armor.But I will miss getting hatemail for standing in the cave >_> #25
Yea a localization would be awesome Bandai.

Also them feels for seeing thier ultimat&Mega evolutions for the first time ;_; #1
I see a whole lotta"MS needs to create Japanese games" comments. Doesnt matter what games they make(ok maybe to a certain degree).It's just xbox brand doesnt have an appeal in Japan that much.X brand is associated and tailored towards "Murica" #12
So much for expecting at least something other than killing bob over there over and over. #7
Do I need dlc to do these? #13
PS4. #83.1
It happened last gen...So yes. #3.2

Lol git owned scrubs HUE. #2

Cant wait for this. #1.1
Right cuz they've already announced everything that's coming to this update *rolls eyes*. #3.3
Cant wait for this game :).1080 is just icing on teh cake. #58
Wish certain Devs of another genre would take note of this and stop copying. #5
Well only one thing to say. #2
Picking this,WO:U3 AND DW 8:XLComplete editon on same day *sigh*. #4
Yea 2015....for Japan.We'll probably get it early 2016.Unless they do WW launch.


Same here.More Japanese devs need to take note from GameFreak and release their games WW at the same time like they do with Pokemon #2
One of my all time favorite fighting games.We need another one.not that abysmal pos DJ:I.I hope they add these guys.

http://bossip.files.wordpre... #2
My lil bro just finished playing Ghost and now he's on Destiny.

Edit:He was kicked off but should be able to log back on. #10
That's it.Blackout on this game from now till release #3
Unnecessary spending. #2
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