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They're not skipping it.They just wont have a conference but will still be there with their games and stuff. #4.1
Agree have a bubble.

I did my part and backed the PS4 physical copy. #1.1
Good thing i put my $60 down last night :) #4
Now imagine when FF7 Remake is about to release and they make a bundle like this.

Congrats to Sony. #21.1
No no thank you for trying something new and breaking out of the "shooter bubble". #1
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I guess you could say...
https://sumitdutta.files.wo... #3
5 days till the beta starts cant freaking wait :) #2
Funny thing is the mods aren't exclusive to xbone.They're coming to Ps4 also. #4.3.1
Wow a sad day. R.I.P :( #64
MVSC 4 i doubt we'll see seeing as Capcom lost the license to it.The only way would be for Capcom to get it again or for someone to fund one exclusively by getting both parties to agree.

Would also love to see a new X men legends. #6.1
MUA 3 pls. #2
Ps4 Monster Hunter? #1
Sell weed=2 years minimum

put peoples lifes at risk=16 months

Just shows how dumb and outdated the systems are in some countries.

I say put him in shackles and put him to work in harsh conditions! #3
Lol way to link to your own video.

Also out of all those times only once I wasnt able to log in which is the outage that happend the other day.Just cuz someone reports it;s down doesnt meant it's for everyone. #1.1.3
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I think that's urien.The side burns are the dead give away.
http://statici.behindthevoi... #8.1
Loving the redesign look of Ken.Seriously cant wait to try the bet in 11 days.looks like Ono is really outdoing himself with SF5. #10
Guess you'll be able to ride the Dinos.Judging how all the leaked pix have been spot on.Here's hoping op #5
Uhhh where yiu been??Yes it does #9.1
Might I add A new Eternal Champions. #21
New streets of rage. #2
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