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Simple cuz out of the 3 big Manufacturers.Sony is the only one willing to take risks when it comes to IP'S. Also they dont let there consoles die premturely and continue to support it even after a new console is out.Plus i know when I buy PS consoles I;m getting qaulity #2
Cuz they were clear with their message from day one. #2
And who took majority of the Marketshare from Ninty??Sony C:

@Otaku and they lost it again and guess who has it again? #5.2.1
I support this game.You're just mad. #1.1
You give people quality they will buy it. #2
*Kill Zone series still cant compete with 3rd party FPS series.

Thats cuz they dont wanna do the same crap as every other shooter dev out there.Most of those are just stupid dudebro casual shooters.Where as KZ tries to do something different. #2.1
or maybe they just don't like MS policies towards indies. #2.2
Hopefully they give us chameleon both m&F version in teh same slot. #2
Ummm this would be for the people who are new to the UC series.Dont like it dont buy it.But im sure theres plenty of new and old players who would like.this.. #3.2
Theres lots of new PS owners.So.I do it before UC 4 releases next year. #1
TBH both versions are being done by two different teams so yes it;s fair. #5.2
DC hands down.

@2pac.I'm sure it looks way better now since it's post E3 weather. #1
The soldier movement now feels like you're on the ground and not in mid air. #5
Hahahaha no I'm friends with quite a few Japanese people over at the Battlelog forums.And we talk about the PS4 in Japan most wont be getting one until the Japanese games really start hitting like MGS:TPP etc...

So you just typed a bunch of damn nonsense. #3.2.2
I think I speak on behalf of everyone after watching this. #27
Yea cuz he's only gonna play the game once *rolls eyes* #7.1.1
Still struggling to see how this article has anything to do with MC &Xbone?? #15.3
Awww I was expecting a car pile up on the second video :(.Cant wait for this. #1
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