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So what's that say about this??

Lol your precious live aint nothing special.The pentagon was hacked.You think your little crappy gaming network wont get hacked? #46.1
*if the services were up 100% of the time and had no issues, then fine, but that is not the case.

Lol the only time something like this would exist would be in bizarro world.Nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever stand 100% of the time.Go ahead drive your car don't do oil changes,add water,check brakes,get new tires.See how long it will stand.

One thing I will say is.I hope in the near future we can rent our own servers that way games can stay alive. #55.1
So i'm guessing the characters that weren't able to get localized outside of japan will be replaced by some familiar character?Ehh good enough for me. #1
YEA DRM DRM DRM.Man that is the smartest idea ever /S.

That way our consoles could be an actual paperweight and not being able to play any games at all. #1.4.3
Since was BF2 on consoles?

I'm sure you mean BFBC2.Funny I've played hundreds of hour on BFBC2 on PSN.Yet have never encountered a so called "Hacker".The only games that I'm aware that have huge hackers on PSN are the cod games but we all know that's cuz they use that shitty engine from the 90's that's been hacked to death. #9.2.1
I just dont see SF5 coming out next year still to early in development.
Also have a feeling UC4 will be delayed(I hope not).

But all the other I do agree. #4
When will you people learn.2018 was the year it would come out.If Sony hadn;t stepped in.I'd say Spring or summer 2016 will be when we get it.

@Wii u

Well the matter of the fact that "Capcom"is the one that approached SOny to make this happens is pretty much a dead give away that SOny is helping fund the game.

"When we first began working on what's next for the vision of the Street Fighter franchise, we reached out to Pl... #1.1.2
I'm kinda hoping the game plays more like around the anime.Where you can dodge attacks,use other moves to counter moves.

Like so.

The whole you gotta stand there and let your pokemon die battling is getting old and needs to be switched up.Also using the moves while doing combos.Like in the trailer would make it even better. #1.1.1
It's coming back up.A few min ago BF4 had around 2100 players 30 min later it shot up to 10,000. #5
Still nothing for me.Guess I'll give it a try after work. #7
Just glad I'm not the only who was seeing it. #7
Ummm I keep getting security error/

The site ahead contains malware #2
WOah woah there is a HUGE spoiler at the end of the trailer.Author might wanna make that clear in the title. #7
Can I switch it work on both PS3&PS4??I know the USF IV TE2 edition can but they're out of those.

Edit:Just checked and they're also out on this one >_> #1
PSN went completely offline.

You know if PSN goes completely offline everyone is kicked right??I wasnt kicked so quit spreading fud #15.1.1
Nope it's fine here in Cali. #2.1
Legend Of Dragoon!!!!!!!!!! #43
Stop dammit just stop.Just enjoy that we we're able to get this game which would be near damn impossible due to licensing fees.The last thing we need is some dumb fight over some ridiculuos crap.

Does anyone know if fighting sticks work with these games? #11.1
I may just have to get into this series.Love the Warriors series

Edit:Ending of the video after the credits has a major spoiler if you haven't kept up with One Piece. #1
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