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That is some awesome Music O_O

18 days and counting #1.1
Back up in Central Cali #55
I though it was actually Cammy the character ;_; #2
Lol yeah in your dreams bub. #6.1
Ehh I'll try it.Its F2P so I have nothing to loose #11
I would love both to be handed over to GCB to see what they can do.But if I had to choose one.I would have to go with Resistance.I mean we just got KZ:SF a little more than over a year ago. #3
Lol just stop kid. #14.1.1
Six days of Falujah #4
No one is denying DX12 wont help the X1.What people are denying is that some people think that DX 12 will automatically make the X1 stronger than the PS4.Which is impossible due to the hardware. #4
In the great words of the wise Michael kyle
"Ehh no" #1
I'm guessing you're little angry rant was meant a reply to me?

First off the game just went gold a few days ago.They still gotta produce the copies.So no review sites have a copy yet.

Second you say reviewers are already saying it's gonna suck.Yet the game has not been given out to review sites.(SINCE IT JUST WENT GOLD)

So tell me kid how can something suck when no one has access to it? #8.1
Looks like the hate for the order:1886 is still in full effect. #7
Kratos pimp slaps all these guys.Like there is no tomorrow.I've yet to see someone as violent and angry as him in any other game. #2
How can you bash the storyline if you haven't played it? #1.1.4
HAHAHHA so much for scalpers #2
Why not just import the uncenosred version??Sfter all PS4 is region free. #63.2
Who cares just shower me with Fighting goodness.

*coughSNKcough*A new KOF wouldnt hurt on PS4.

Wonder if Capcom will reveal a new character for SF5 or give us more info on Charlie? #2
They'll find a way to mess it up somehow.... #4
Oh,Behave... #1.1
So you're crying cuz you get killed by a gun thats virtually useless outside CQB??Stop playing TDM and Domination. #9.1
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