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Elpresador will be very happy XD #9
Simple Sony's dedication and commitment to their systems. #4
Can Feb.already hurry up ?😧 #1
I'm still gutted they didn't give us Dart :(.hopefully we get him if there's a second one. #10
Sweet😄 #1
Ok I have to ask where they got it's expected sometime in September??I member they said Fall. #28
Yea I brought that up when it was announced.Insane was a PS3 exclusive and if this is the aftermath.Then no doubt I believe it is exclusive to PS4.Hope we find out soon. #2.1
Yes in 2 weeks. #21.1
Lol I know but dont always believe what they tell you. #12.1
STFU and take my money!!!! #20
This is barely the pre show.Wait until full show.
*crossses fingers*for TLOD 2 #1.2
Lies this is all lies.Everyone know viday gamez are the devils creations and only create physchopaths and killers.....said no one ever. #7
No downvote but you do get a -bubble for being off topic C;.

OT:So close I can almost taste it. #3.1
I'll just wait until it goes on PS+. #5
Wow,now you can see where your enemies are -_- #2
Is this your song Fox?? xD

Wish they would add Some BTNH #1.1
I pick BF4.Is that acceptable?? #1
Of course it's coming to WII U....Not that hard to see #3.1
>Pulls out K/B*Mouse
>Any Xbox players up for a game of BF4??;) #31
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