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How good of a PC do you need to be able to run Dolphin?? #1
An-94 sucks.Glad they're giving it 600ROF. #3.1
I still think they should have scrapt all old characters and brought in new&returning characters. Wth is Reiko,kai or Fujin for that matter -_-? #9
So when does the first one release for U.S.?? #1
You could unlock SS4 Vegeta.During gameplay.The code was just to have him early. #5.1
Which reminds me they need to make a full fledged Golden Sun on Wii u. #3.1
Still waiting for physical release in u.a hurry up rebellion :( #1
Wait you mean too tell me a newly released game managed to beat a month old game??Stop all the presses call obama,Queen of England,Prince of Saudi Arabia et etc...and let them know *Rolls eyes*

@John Doe
Completely agree.Desperate journalit's for hits. #3
Just checked around but couldn't find it.Or I can only get this on Namco site? #1.1.2
Nice. #7
Dofalmingo Edition??Coincidence that Luffy just so happens to be on his way to kick his arse in teh anime.

I hope this edition comes out to the U.S. I want taht Doflamingo figurine :(. #1
No Bone Thugs or Eazy E no deal... #3
Who care I get to play both that's all that matters to me. #2
Oh yes. #2.1
Ok two more questions

1.Will the 20% off work on Collector editions?
2.If I buy lets say 2 copies of BF:HL will the 20% be applied to each copy or is it just one 20% for both copies? #2.1.3
Wait what really??SO i could go in right now and get Hardline which is $40 and it would come out to like $32 give or take? #2.3.1
Is the Best Buy gamer club worth it??I know they just lowered the price to $30 a year instead of the $99 I believe #2
Can we get a TM:B HD remake rebuilt from the ground up for the PS4? #1
And just like that I'm cancelling my pre order.I'm tired of Damm devs dumbing down their freaking game because little Billy cries that it's too hard to do something. #1
Report him to the Police. #4
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