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Best DBZ game since T3.Can get challenging at times. #1
Pre order down cant wait for teh beta :) #20
Yes lets compare a finished product vs a work in progress product .Cuz who cares about logic right guys?? #1
No just means people don't really give a rats behind about reviews.Cuz we all know some under the table deals happen. #34
Dice LA isn't making this...its those clown at Dice Sweden who gave us a broken BF4. #10.1
If I so hear one word about "Loadouts".I'm freaking flipping. #4
If I recall correctly.One of DLC pieces will be about Jack the Ripper #38.1
You tell me?? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) #13.1
Wait what link por favor? #1.1.1
Right cuz we already know all the games that are being released this year by them.... #53.1
What what is that for real??I feel bad now for cancelling my copy to go to Bone Thugs concert :(.Guess I'll just pick it up next week. #48.2
Guess this means no stryker :( #1
"it doesn't matter if the game isn't good it's only 60$

So how can you tell something is not good until you;ve tried it??I rather take the risk and see it for myself.
Hell people pandered Haze.I bought it and actually liked it. #2.1.1
Still buying it $60 is nothing to me.Hell N64 games were around $80 and most of those games were around the 7-8 hour long mark, #2
Look who submitted it.Lol nice try Danzo.

People can hate all they want. #2
39d ago by Majin-vegeta | View comment | Trolling
The instant this clown compared it to Geow.He lost all credibility. #21
Full retail release and not F2P?? #4
Is this what happens when you have no games to play until the end of the year??Tsk tsk tsk.

I'm thinking of going with the $80,And then I'll just scavenge for the items separetly on ebay. #3.8
*Facepalm* Is that the only thing you trolls can come up with??
I miss when trolls actually put effort into their trolling *sigh* #4.1
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