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Dont know how legit the video is though. #13.1.1
Would love if this came to PS4 with updated visuals,better controls and higher player count. #1
Lol you sound a little angry pal #2.9
No offence buy why the hell would he wanna spend that much money on some hardware that no Dev would take advantage of??That's just throwing money in the burner. #14.1.4
Good thing Sony is making this an annual thing.Which IMo is a good thing.It gives your fanbase stuff to look forward to the following year. #1
Dont think we'll see another one soon cuz they lost the rights to Marvel. #1.2.1
Honestly I don't think this game would have happened without Sony.

Let's look at some things.

-Capcom announced they don't have enough resources for next gen fighter.
-SF has a bigger presence on PS consoles (Majority of fighters do I believe).
-Sony&Capcom have had a great releationship since they started PS.

Also I don't think any other editions will release on other consoles(Assuming they milk SF V like... #8
Or you could just go to Gamersyde and watch it in great quality.

@Who lOl anything by Sony is disappointing to you.You can;t fool anyone. #1
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Where was Agent, TLG, Shenmue, GT7, LOD2, GoW,

Lol only two of those titles have been announced(well 3 if you call the tweet of GOW a confirmation).

Try harder kid. #25.2

You want them to dumb down the gameplay just cuz you can't take sometime to get your butt in the training room and learn the basics of a fighting game??GTFO No one in the fighting community was born with a fighting gift.I'm sure everyone that is good at these games PRACTICED,PRACTICED,PRACTICED. So I suggest you do the same instead of wanting the game to be dumbed down. #1.5
So many fighting games coming ;_;. #1
I think it is.I mean Layden mentioned it at the beginning of the show.Then said "Oops" and smiled. #3.1
I wonder if it would possible to make one with all Bond characters and enemies he has faced .The only one I could see not being in their is Jaws as he recently passed away :/ #4
So next week at SF Capcom Cup they will show even more about SF V :o #15
Now if we can just get a new Bloody Roar and Eternal Champions.I would have my fighting needs covered. #2.1
Right cuz Sony already announced all games that will be released from now till 2018...Lol #8.1
Yes cuz it's the Final version they;re shipping.... #4.1
Good thing for us PS4 players we get both :D.

The salt in your wound is showing #28.3
Both :D #4.1
Can't wait O_O

@Star Maybe cuz we won;t see it anytime soon.I say somewhere betweem 2016-17 #4
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