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I agree....since Sony wont have anyone to give them a challenge not like MS was much of a challenege unless Ninty pulls their head out of their backside.

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Who would think any different?

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Exactly if MS thinks power alone will help win they're in for a rude awakening.If you dont have the content to back up your machine it means nothing.Ms relies on the same crappy IPS year in year out.

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Lol the scorpio will tank.Only the HC of the HC will opt for that.Little billy wont cuz his parents arent gonna go out and spend $600 on a console when they just bought him one a year or two ago.

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No Sony already denied that rumor

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Even bettwr all future Spider man games will stay exclusive to PS4. And between Sony&Insomniac.

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If the price is right.I mean look at Ps3/360 PS3 was strong er but people didnt buy it cuz of the price.

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They already confirmed all E3 games were running on basic PS4.

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Exactly each is doing their own thing and at the end of the day.Sony will be the only console manufacutrer left in the game.Unless Ninty step up their game.Microsauve is about to commit console suicide.

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He salty m8.He isnt thinking straight

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Which most likely be multiplat.But lets hope they make s new character and its a wacky duo.

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Shattered dimensions was awesome.

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Insomniac has two teams.

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Looks like it.

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On N4G you only get half the story.But that goes without saying.All companies have their bad fanboys.

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Just make sure the qualiry is there and my money is all yours!!

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Would love for it to come back.If not a new entry i would take the PS2 remaster version with trophies and online play

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