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Now give me a CE with a Trico statue!!!

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Its funny how xbox fanboys are gloating about playing last gen game instead of demanding next gen experiences....

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You can have all the power in a console you want but if it doesnt have the software people like.It aint gonna sell.

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Nice troll account buddy.Why you gotta hide ;)?

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Let me slap you with some facts troll.DNF went through various devs which is why it turned to crap.TLG was just moved to another platform.Not the same thing.

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God cant wait.I bet it will come down to UC4&TLG for GOTY.


The writer seems to be impressed by what he played.

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I would put KZ2 over KZ3.Hence they tried attracting the cod crowd.

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Scorpio sounds more like their next console.If it is they better hope not to rush it to tbe market to beat Sony.Cuz we could be looking at another RROD situation

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Upgrading Asap!!!

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Will cosr you an arm and a leg.

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Sony owns the R&C IP.For someone who clains to own a "PS4".You think you would know that......

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Correction:Sells on hype and no games....or so im told lol

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Digital??I went physical since you get a steel edition case.

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GJ Sony.This is what happens whne you have a steady drip of AAAAA titles coming out for your system. Spread out through the year.

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*Steel :p

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" That has the money and power to do whatever they want. "

Thank God you dont run a company....I hope.

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Im surprised thetes no abilities that you can use.

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Sf5 has free dlc....

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Yet no proof.....

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Its good to see that Res/Power will matter once again from certain individuals who have been chanting it doesnt matter this gen ;).

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