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Hmmm all the reviews ive seen have given it 8/10.Lowest was a 7/10.

Love the game but the graphics could have been touched up a bit for the PS4 version.But other than that game is awesome.

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Would anyone recommend GR.:FS ultimate edition? And are servers still up for it?

162d ago 0 agree0 disagreeView comment lets hope it gets localized.

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Idk but it seems like a lot of western media have it in for Sony for some reason....

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Yes but im talking about the games release.and this is just the stories where you beat it with the characters.The one in June is more like a full fledged out story.

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Entitled muxh?

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Man they got some good deals.

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Ugghhhh i hate having to repeat myself.

The reason people are up in arms about this is the fact that MS always kept touting it as an "X1" excluisive.The only place you can play it is on X1 bla bla.SF5 isnt the same case cuz we knew since day 1 it could also be played on PC.

See the difference?

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Crapgamer??lol he was one of the biggest xbox fanboys on here.

What i seem to be getting from all this upset about QB going to PC is.Its detracting. Value from the X1

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Na Sony just sees the value in supporting their consumers ;).

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Nope...not watching it.Just a few days to go

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@BB and what do the glitches and crap have to do with PS4??Thats on Treyarchs programming end not Sony.

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Noice very noice

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Ummm it doesnt say how.You can purchase them.For all we know you can purchase with FM or real money just like charactwrs

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Anyways where we're these articles when Ff7, sf5, tales, shenmue were announced for pc? Did everyone build a gaming pc last week lol?

Hey einstein thats cuz we knew since day one they would be coming to PC also.They didnt hold it until the last minute to say it was coming to PC.QB was always touted as XB exclusive.

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It was just announced.

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Tell me about it this week is taking to long ;_;..I wish they would bring back World tour mode frlm SFA3.

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Do you even server search bruh?

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Oh yes :D

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Lol so you're mad cuz a Sony game got a better score over a Ninty game??lol

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