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This is a game....not the indy 500

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Name changing can be so annoying.Trying to figure out who the hell they are.Just look at Battlellog forums -_-/

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I wonder if they will sell these on their own.I would like to play Bounty Hunter upgaded.

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Lol no thanks EA.I rather just watch the leak gameplay of SWBF3 and get more enjoyment out of those 6 minutes compare to your dumbed/stripped out content "Battlefront".

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Hopefully it's a pokemon themed console.Since this is the sole reason for me getting a Wii u.

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Yup that's why I cancelled my pre order and have decided to get it when they bundle them both in a year or so for much cheaper.Until them I'll just continue to play the originals.which for some reason have more content on lesser hardware.

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So glad I held off on buying theze.Now I can get both for a low price and physical disk.

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Except one thing.This is no longer Premium content as everybody has access to it on X1/PS4 and PC.So yea Ps3&360 players aren't getting shafted.It was well known for months on months that the last map last gen would get was the community map due to memory constraint.

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Halo may not be dead.But the silence on how much it sold.Tells something it looks like it didn't do as good as it was warranted.

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Thank god for Sony giving me proper gaming experiences throughout the year.Instead of holding everything for the last 3 months...

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Simple lel.

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PS+ 3 month for $10??Dont mind if i do.

Also Game deals are on page 10&11

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Im excited to see what GG does with Horizon Open world wise.

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You're not the only.So I will now be getting it used.

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Could be or it could just be that Ninty&SE have a healthy relationship

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Lmfao xD.

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And here we go.

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