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I think most people will be surprised.with BF1 gameplay.I mean just riding a horse into battle and slashing people sounds hella fun ;).

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Well you havent.But ive seen some BF1 gameplay from the Alpha testing that was going on ;).

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I like how yoh used your time machine to play BF1 pls tell us more of how BF1 is boring?

@BoomTube Everything you just said tells me all thst I need to know.That you have never picked up a WW1 Book.

P.S. If you had done any research you would see everything you just typed has been nullified by Dice interviews ;).

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Agree ;)

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Horizon is the only thing i care about now.

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Yea cuz its only coming out on PS4...See this is what happens when you dont do research.You make an arse out of your self.

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Oh trust me they are.

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I work 4 A.M-12:30 p.m.So yea i pretty much have all day to comment on N4G.

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Actually no we dont know what TF the PS neo will have.Its all still freaking rumora.

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And its rather amusing watchng x fanboys start chanting that power matters again.When this whole gen its been "POWER DOESNT MATTER GAMES DO BLA BLA BLA".

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Na he just spoke facts.

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Like I said in another article.You can have all the raw power you want in a console but if you dont have the software people want.No one gonna buy your crap.Its simple as that.

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Then show everyone these so called documents.Dont leave us in the dark.

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Some people just have too much time on their hands...

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Rigs is what sold me on PSVR.

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Maybe he could use some of that "Greatness"to release games all year round.

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I dont think ive ever seen Sony hype up E3 MS on the other hand....

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Lwt the games do the talking.....

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