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3.Too much hand holding

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Agree.The daily target s are a good addition.Lol i did 3 of them once.

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In other news the sky is blue.We all new this all along just Respawn now clarifiyimg it

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Yes it was.

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He doesn't need your business anyway! I'm sure most of you doing the bashing would be on here in a week whining about the product anyhow.

Except oculous needs them.more than they need him.With no games for it no one will buy it.The devs have plenty of other places they can tske their business too ;).

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Dont worry MW:R will be sold separate sometime next year.

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5 months...herrs hoping they fly by.

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I feel like if the NX fails Ninty will bow out of console race and just stick to mobile/Handheld single gaming.

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Well oculous is dead.

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That was something Game Informer was worried about.So they asked the question

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Cant wait!!!
How are the controls??

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Damn 10 days for PS4 users and 3 days only for x players

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Man cant wait for BF1.The game has "Skill"written all over it.Roll on Oct.18

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Like someone said.
"And the fact that they couldn't tell between 720&1080 and now all of a sudden they can tell the difference between upscaled and native 4k😂😂.

Looks like they finally saw the eye doc i recommended them 😂

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Sony owns the IP...

@Ziggur Sony can just pass it off to another studio.

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Honestly they need to delay the game.Too sometime next year its gonna get murdered by BF1&COD

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3rd time im calling you out.


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Well technically it is only "possible" on Playstation.Do you think MS or Ninty would highlight a project suxh as this?

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