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Nothing can still olay your games online etc...just cant access your account and stuff.

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@Flex lol try again.Thats only sales accounted for physical not digital nor Steam copies.Maybe you should read it again.

Wait you're telling me a game that has been out for 3 years with updates is a more complete game compared to a game thats been out for 2 months??Say it aint so say it say so/S.
KI was a barebonea if not less than what SF5 was at release.

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Lol let me know when KI overtakes SF as the posterboy of EVO.

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Im ready injext it into my viens.

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Me likey bouncy

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"ESTIMATES" is the keyword here people ;).

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Funny no one evwr seems to post these reliable resources.Its all BS its most likely nothing more thsn an add on that will allow 4k steaming content.

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Been playing the game for the past 3 hours and cant put it down.Cant wait for tbe movie.

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@Narc Lol here we go again.Just cuz you never heard of them doesnt mean their isnt xboz fans interested in them.Go to the facebook pages of these games and yoy will see many xbox fan posts asking if its coming to xbox.

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Oh pls....*Rolls eyes*

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Honestly they should have a separate event before E3 revealing the new console.

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Why so salty over a comments m8??Lol you can tell he struck a nerve on you.

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Exactly while some users from a certain camp will bury their heads in the sands.Its only going to get worse I mean where's KOF,Nioh,digimon etc..on xbox?

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Looking forwarx to it.Loved hatred for the shizznit and giggles.

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Lol google it.Clueless child.

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That is the dumbest load of crap.Ive ever read.

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Sony owns the other words real console exclusive.

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Mehh but ill keep an eye on it.

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