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Nope i have it also.Shh let people keep thinking we gonna hav to pay for DLC lol.

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I play both and the fact that MK online is still crap and laggy as helll almost a year says a lot.Not to mention another season pass.Lol

SF gives you thw option of earning them for free and thats 6 new characters where MK gives you only 4 and for the same price.

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Trust me it aint all little girls.

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Cuz its a PS4 exclusive.If this doesnt show that theres bias against Sony exclusives then idk.

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Sounds like it might be your crappy internert.I fight nothing but PS4 users and have had only 1 bad case of major lag.

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This was also in the beta lel.

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Yea for "The gamers"

MS:Heres a $500 underpowered console with a crappy camera nobody wants".

Yea thats really for"The gamers".

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Agree.Im more of a ken person and had wished they gave us a few options for the statue ;_;.

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Ehh i bought the CE no regrets.Since i will spend most of my time online&practice mode.I cam wait for the SP content.

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I just look at their history of supporting consoles.Oh and cuz of Killzone love thr universe of it.

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Lets hope their new netcode sorts MK crappy online out.

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Or maybe its your connection??Ive been playing for tbe past hour and not a sine hiccup excelt lag against a japanese player.But that was it.

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Lol at KI being superior over SF....theres a reason that series was missing for awhile lol.

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Idk why you're cryimg about the season pass.Dont like it just grind it out.

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Yea its not like he let him win or anything...

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2 hours till i get my CE cant wait :)

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Sagat but i would like him to be a rushdown type of character since he is muay thai.Not a freaking spammer!!!

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As long as online is working.By the weekend.Im good.

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Lol just lol.Seems you have an obsession over SF5.In every article you're just trolling like a little kid.

Havent picked up my copy yet.So no clue.

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