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Crikey m8 eject it into my system now!!!!

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Seven demon lorda??Yes screw that lol.

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PS2 Mega man x collection

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Once again if people would use that thing called a brain and did a simple google search this whole"PAID DLC"crap would stop.

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God i feel old ;_;.

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Yea keep wishing that...

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An extra $15???Are people really that freaking daft that they cant do a simple google search?ALL FUTURE DLC&PATCHES WILL BE FREE

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Ya callate!

Implying that only horny teenage boys play this game.They cater to all types of people except whiny SJWS like you.

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The story we have riggt now.Is more of a prologue to the big story coming in June.

Regarding DLC characters.It would take more time and they dont wanna have clone characters anymore.

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Wow you can foresee the future??Pls almighty can you tell me what the numbers will be for the next jackpot lottery?Could use your wisdom oh great one.

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Play survival...

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Remeber the Order:1886 articles??yea about thay long or even longer i reckon.

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@Kwiet exact KI imposes no threat for SFV.Theres a reason SF has always been the top game at EVO.Plus KI isnt taken serious at EVO lol.

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Yea its cuz there isnt women out there with such size of funbags*Rolls eyes*

Another SJW going on the No no list.

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Screen shotted for future references ;).

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Maybe you should replay the tutorial...

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Input lag in SF5?id like to see this cuz ive never seen or heard of this.

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Thats too much logic for some of these trolls to comprehend.

#Nailed it

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Graphics wise cuz were just used to seeing everything in HD now.So the jump obviously wont be that big.

Gameplay wise seems its more fluid in SF4 it felt a bit more clunky for me.

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1vs1 me bruh quicksopes on Rust.

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