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Gimme gimme gimme now!!!

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Actually I have told some of my family members that are heavy drinkers.If this ever happens to them and they decided to make a dumb decision i will have no sympathy for them

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Pussy keyboard warriors?Lol

Heres your damb proof kid.

*According to KCNC-TV of Denver, the car, a black Infiniti, lost control and overturned several times, hitting several trees and a utility pole. Police said alcohol and high speed appeared to be factors...

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October i can see going to PS4.Member COD4 remasteres campaign releases tomorrow.We all know how popular that damn game is as well as November

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Gonna plat the game then cancel my pre order.Guess I one upped ya ehh Crapovision 😂

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You do know cops wont say alcohol may have been a factor unless something catches their attention having to do with it??of course you dont.

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Why didnt you guys mention he made a stupid decision??He was drinking and driving.I have no sympathy for people who put innocents lifes at risk.Not only does his family have to deal thst hes gone now.But also thst he killed his best friend.

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18 or 21 :p

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Yes i thought everyone knew this?

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Mod support???Lol Sony beat MS to that since last gen

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No Gamestop.You gotta pay off the whole game first they will give you a code to input.

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Cant wait for this also give me NG4!!

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Gonna Plat the game and cancel my pre order afterwards ;).

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You can now also disable the in game medals.

They need to give us console players an FOV option

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When you pay off the game.The retailer gives you a code that you go and input into the store.

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Misinformed 12 year olds confirmed 😂

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Once the PS5 is out lol.

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