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He actually is being flown out to GG studio

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From what I gathered it's like Giants shadow map.Premiun players get it first then everyone else gets it for free wether you're premium or not.

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It's going to be very interesting to see if MS can recapture the casual crowd. Making Xbox the place to play CoD, BF, Madden, Destiny 2, etc would be big for MS.

Except you're forgetting something very important...the casual don't go after the latest hardware.Not to mention if Scorpio is more than $400 it's not gonna do well we've seen that $400 is the sweet spot for any console.

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"We've been saying this since 2012,microsoft need new ip,let it rest until e3 jeez!

Same thing we've heard years from the x camp for years but it's obvious it ain't happening.

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@army except those games will be limited to whatever framerste they are running Online on the OG X1

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GT:S Alone will give PS4 a big boost in sales.

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My advice keep an eye on your bank statements to see if any purchases you didn't make show up and if they do contact your bank asap

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And games....

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Don't sign in problem solved that way they can't bug you

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Consoles are a *FUTURE*investment not a 1-2 year invrstment.Thats why Sony is murdering MS on all fronts.

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Underwater battles
Sky battles-
Ability to swing on trees

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How about exclusives 90% of the year Instead of the last 10% of the year?

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Yea 1st day it took me bout a min or 2 to find a match but now I find them within less than 20 seconds

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The game is a lot of fun if you're playing with someone who knows wat they're doing.

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Wait are they using Cell shaded art for the Digimon?

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