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Oh yea!!

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The longer video clips is awesome and the purchase tab is beyond awesome.Hopefully they can add the ability to delet DLC on its own without having to delete the full game install.

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Just two things on my end.
EXT.HDD support and ability to directly reply to certain comments and post videos ^_^

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Lol I said that and got downvoted.

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Lol full trailer tomorrow 12P.M PST.

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Nice little breakdown of the trailer

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We'll probably have two maps.St quentin and another one

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$10 a month???Then i can see them limiting the amount of games they can play per month and then just switch them out every month.

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Heres to hoping i can shotgun off a horses back.

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I havd no idea why Ninty decided to remove the ability of pokemon to follow you that was like the best feature of SS&HG.Also see if you can somehow get the event celebi they gave back in the day of HG/SS it gives a little back info into Silver and who his dad is....;)

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You actually think MS is selling the X1 at $299 cuz of customer feedback??Lmfao they doing it cuz no one is buying that overpriced box.

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There was but since anonymous sources are not allowed.They are failed If it gets announced at PS event next month then you can expect articles.

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"Also games do not disappear from EA Access unlike PS Now. It would be disappoint to pay a subscription just for the game you wanted to play to be removed.

So you're telling me Eas own games wont disappear from their OWN SERVICE.Compared to Sony service where they are only getting license to use it for so long??Lol the dumbest crap I've heard just stop.

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As a long time poke fan i agree Alola has the worst designs for Pokemon ever ¬_¬

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Exactly what does it need to learn?

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Have you PC guys tried downloading more RAM???Lol all jokes aside lets hope the issues are resolved asap

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Are they still using source engine or ate they going with FB3?

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DS3&Destroy All Humans get on it chop chop.

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