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Keep up the good work Dice.

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So much stuff...

@Below in do time just gotta wait for it.

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If i tried that stuff let's just say i would need a new jet everytime :P.

Edit:Love what they did with these Christmas Lights.

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Would you like some cheese with that whine or a bridge with that trolling??

OT:Great interview like always.

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Don't get me wrong guys i love DMC but i'm curious to see if it really is in HD or is it like RE:4 and Code veronica which weren't in HD they were just upscaled i think i'm gonna wait and find out to see what people say about it.

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If your so sick of it why even bother clicking the link??Obviously the title tells you what it's about.

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Nice preview can't wait to demolish scrubs on this game:D.

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For me in no order.
1.Twisted Metal
2.The Last Guardian
3.The Last of us
4.Bioshock infinite
7.Ni No Kuni
8.Hitman Absolution
9.Sly:Thieves in time
10.Max Payne 3

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R.I.P Cody.

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Sounds awesome can't wait it's been to long my friend.

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Yea it is but if you stare at it long enough it looks like a Dino sideways.

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Mind if i join you??

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I agree the story felt to short but it did have it's moments.


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Looks like it.I'm curious to see what they will do next gen.

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For me COD 2&4 the rest suck IMO.

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Lolz xDDDD.

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Why not both play TM all day then night time dedicate yourself to you gf that's what i'm doing:P.

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I think the delay is really gonna help it out.

One thing i wanna know is when we play online will we be able to have parties does anyone know??

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I just got done playing TM2 on my PS3 god it brought so many memories if you don't have it i recommend buying it.

Oh yea it seems this game is getting alot of love from all the comments iv'e read on other videos.

Can't wait to start chucking Reaper Rockcets&Flame saws at my opponents>:).

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