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excuse me while i lmfao xDD.

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Yea cuz im sure something with no physical buttons,dual analog sticks,cheap games,and is overpriced is gonna run a business into the ground /s.

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I think we have all done a little ass kissing before..excuse my gf is calling me:P.

OT:I want to see thier new game asap.

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All right can we stop with this KONY2012 it's not enough i have to see it on all the youtube videos but now on here also??

OT:I wanna see their next game hopefully at E3 we get a trailer.

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This may sound like a noob question but what engine does GG use??

I want KZ4 to be from the Helghast point of view.

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Sweet time for me to part with my 360 and that money will come in handy.

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Gabe care to help me with my gaming needs??xD.

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Can't wait^_^.

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nice can't wait to see multiplayer^_^.

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SO your'e saying next gen cod will finally look like a game from this gen and not like a game from next gen which then means cod doesn't look like a game from this gen...oh no i've gone cross eyed xD.

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Yes now i can practice my flying without causing my team tickets>_<.

But first they need to release the patch!

Edit:Found some game play.It starts around the 40 sec mark.

Wait so we have to pay for custom servers or how does it work??

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Im anxious to find out the next pack come on Dice hurry it up will you.

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Lol wtf??

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Where you been of course DC is developing the multiplayer not Dice.

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Wtf are you serious??Scamcom is gonna go under when this gets out.

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PS3 PS3 PS3:D.

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Yes these are only the multiplayer trophies the story ones are missing.

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I agree and most definitely with your first choice Tomba is one of the best game ive ever played Sony should release it.

I would also add Legend Of Dragoon i own it already but it would be great for those who don't own it anymore.

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