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Awesome i already have KZ3 but i wanted to get the collectors edition so i can get it now and ill just give the game to my bro in law.

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@Too pawned yea im sure that's why Resistance,Killzone2,Infamous, etc didn't warrant enough purchases for sequels...Oh wait yea they did so your comment wreaks of trolling.

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Man i wish they would already reveal it.Maybe a VGA reveal??

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How can they when all they been doing is counting the money they made off from their loyal sheeps xD with a $60 map pack.

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Nice and yes i still don't have it.

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LMFAO my cuzn lives in San Fernando and he told me about this .Guess Black Friday does bring the worst out in people :D.

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Why not try it over your bed that way if it falls it will land on something soft and not hard :D.

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Holy sh*t those f**king pigs deserve to be released from duty,He wasn't even shoplifting he was trying to help his grandson it's only awhile before these pigs start getting death threats.

Plus if the place has security cameras it will all show on there.

F**k a pig they think they're above everyone else and the law.

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COD hacked??Stop the presses this is an outrage /s.Is anyone actually surprised??

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ROTFLMFAO you and hearnet down there must be new gamers this generation.Cod is nowhere the best game ever invented.

Yea im sure BF3 players want to be dying when they're running behind a wall and being able to knife through bullets xD.Get real son cod has been dumbed down for kids with ADD hell might ass well make it who ever aims first gets the kill xD.

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Here you go.

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I have no plats:D.

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Only the new IW sux old school was the best.

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Lol anyone who thought MW3 had better graphics than BF3 needs to see an eye doctor a.s.a.p.

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COD4 is the only cod worth playing this gen.

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Look at Goldeneye64 and PerfectDark64 theres your answer.

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Yea when half of the content won't be cut from it xD.

Now how did MGS4 turn out on xbox??FYI i know it's not on xbox360.

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