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Looks like it.I'm curious to see what they will do next gen.

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For me COD 2&4 the rest suck IMO.

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Lolz xDDDD.

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Why not both play TM all day then night time dedicate yourself to you gf that's what i'm doing:P.

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I think the delay is really gonna help it out.

One thing i wanna know is when we play online will we be able to have parties does anyone know??

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I just got done playing TM2 on my PS3 god it brought so many memories if you don't have it i recommend buying it.

Oh yea it seems this game is getting alot of love from all the comments iv'e read on other videos.

Can't wait to start chucking Reaper Rockcets&Flame saws at my opponents>:).

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I only buy games i really want on the first day the rest i wait a week or two and check craigslist.

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Just got mine.

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Spyro FTW.

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I know i'll get massive disagree but how did this game get GOTY when it's bearly playable???

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Not exactly they're taking Pokemon and trying something new i guess you haven't seen the new Pokemon game??

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Hmm i'm tempted to give money to my friend so he can get it for me when he takes off to Japan tomorrow.

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Really would like to know what anyone here they say anyone know Japanese it would be greatly appreciated??

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Why not just send it to get fixed??

@Below damn that sux good thing mines put away now i can't bear to live without my 60gb best$500 i ever spent and don't regret it.

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Any series>cod series(Cod 2&4 are only worthy to be called cod).

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Lol what??

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Serebii net will uncover this quick.

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I just play TDM then move onto conquest or Rush.

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Poor spawns and op guns no surpirse there.

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