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If only women here in the U.S. had this kind od menttality if only..

Japan rules!!

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I have to update my vanilla version?

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Appear offline and friend notificAtions...nice.

Now just give me EXT HDD option.

Having 400+ friends is gonna be a pain in the arse xD.

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Whats the player count playing H5?

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Crikey m8.Thats not a good sign.

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@Divine No it did not sale 10 million.Thats just how many people played it alltogether.

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Highlu doubt it.Probably wont see it till EA conference before E3.

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So has anyone tries tbe new online netcode?

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Oh god yes.Ive only had to quit once due to an emergency so i just sent a friendly message to my opponent stating my quit.

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I know but I dont game online unless its through wired cable.

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SF5 no but future titles maybe.

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Where you bee n??PC version has been left to die.

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Hmmm lets see if after almost a year they finally fixed their shitty netcod.

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Wow,I had no idea you had to buy an ethernet to be able to game online on the Wii U.Well Ninty you jusy lost one sale.I wint be buying a console that requires me to buy a standard feature that other consoles have.Maybe better luck with the NX.

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Ughhh if youre gaming wireless you should stop like now.Not only are you ruining someone elses online fun but youre also limiting yourself.Its been proven time and time again that to get best gaming online process to use an ethernet cable.

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Wtf did I just read?Lol PS3 had an HDMI port.The fact that 3 people agreed with you just shows how outdated Ninty fans are with features.

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Ghost had good sized map.But the low player count on maps really killed it hence why mostly campers.

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Replace DC with MCC and you got something going.

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I would love if Capcom brougnt some of the original SF characters like Geki,Joe,Mike,Retsu and Lee

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I've already clocked in 14 hours in Yellow..think I might have an addiction problem.

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