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Well when they patented the PS2 they also did one for PS1.Quick Google searxh will show you.

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Good for you.Except this isnt gears towards you but rather at people who would like the option.

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Idc if its a remake,remaster etc...the point is you bought the game the first time it came out so you should get it for free.

Next time read what you type before making a clown out of your self.

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No it doesnt.

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Gta3,vice city and san andreas are on there.

Well them i guess you better stop using the interner.Anywhere you have made an online purchase your data is stored.

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Halo1&2 in the MCC.

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Funny I see Xbox fanboys in here bashing Sony for charging to play updated versions of games.Where were you clowns at when MS chargex you $60 to play 2 OG Xbox games?

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Ill see your Xzibit and Snoop Dogg and raise you a Method&Red man :p.

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Did you miss the paet where they said they will be adding more later on?

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Nothing is free period.

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Just imagine when they announce socom 2 thst store is goinf down lol...

I wonder if they will bundle all games from one series into one package for a set price??

Didnt they also patent a PS1 patent same time as this PS2 emu??

If so imagine Legend of dragoon [email protected],trophies etx...major nerdgasm*faints*

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I think prices will vary.Hopefully theg give us PS+ discounts and have them on sales

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How about we wait for the full details tomorrow before saying something stupid and then looking like a fool.

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Pls do link to where Sony says PS2 disks wont work on PS4?

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I feel like a little kid in the candy store.Glad Sony decides to have many conferences from the beginning to the end of year.Always keeping the PS community up to date on what theyre doing.


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Just glad FO4 didnr get it.Overrated trash game.

Good job CDPR

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*pulls out torches,rakes*

Get them while theyre hot.

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Yea got in.

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She a feisty one

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Inb4peopleloosetheirminds lol

I think it will be announced at PSX

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