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I will only accept Microtrans if it dooes one of the following

1.Pure cosmetic
2.Allows all future dlc to be free.

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I take it you havvent kept up.

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Pls stahp giving attention to her.

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No its 16 but a new rumor is there is 18 with two not being available at launch.You do know all DLC is free right?

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Hopefully they work on the A.I one of if not the biggest gripe I have with this game.They just stand around like morons -_-

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I been plaining SWBF1&2 for the past month on it.

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Since when was Halloween only for kids?

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Man they really dont wanna guard that story like if it were Area 51 lol.

Heres hoping for a new video at PGS

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Most likely this week during Paris Game week show

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I admit that was funny lol....

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Well I guess this isnt the game for ya,Luckily then looks like Farcry:Primal is more up your alley

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This still all feels like just a dream to me.I still cant believe this is all happening.

FYI aloy is around age 20 ;).

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No Zoids was an anime that had mecahnized animals.

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Bomberman fantasay race on PS1.Was the ish

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Good thing us PS4 folks get both...

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Ive played both betas of SF V.But something about this one seems so off compared to the original one but I quite cant put my finger on it.

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For those who dont know.This is the game he is talking about

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Honestly I cant wait for this game.Its easily my most anticipated game of 2016.I hope it really kicks off for GG.

I member they said you could climb trees and whatnot.

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Umm I hate to burst your guys bubble but thier is no source or text where he says that.This is all speculation on the author end.

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