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Something that isn't modern or WW2...well I would like an alternate WW2 where the Nazis wine WW2 would.make an interesting POV

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Bunch of SJW crybabies....

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I can attest to this problem.I browse Battlelog daily and always see at least one thread being.made of this.IDC about it I just love seeing people get banned when mods come in😂😂😂

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Make the characters half black&white problem solved

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Complately open.My bro has been playing for over I mean PS4 wise.

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What system?

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Can confirm playing on PS4 right now:)

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And BF3,BF4...nothing knew

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You guys are over reacting.Your stats are fine it's just servers are being wonky.Same thing happened with BF4 once servers are back up and running good.they will return

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Lol sounds like you need to Git gud.

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Let me see if I can break all this for ya.

Snipers-muzzle velocity is increased that's why they seem "accurate"

Spawn trapped Sounds like your team mates are nimrod.


Vehicles ONLY the light tank was OP and was nerfed already.

Too many snipers Nothing you can do about it. People will play as they see fit

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I hate TF but I may buy it just to support them cuz of their stand on DLC.

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A lot of people are hoping for more war stories with premium.

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It's was down around 2:30 a.m PST then it was up like 10 min later.

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I hate Bethesda the way they treat PS gamers.But they have every right to do as they please with their products.Just as consumers have the right to either wait for reviews or buy it day one.If you can't wait a few days to weeks for a review that isn't Bethesda fault that's "YOURS AND ONLY YOUR FAULT"CUZ OF YOUR ability to not wait for reviews.

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Ughhj their product they can do as they please.

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@Vega Wow that's a real tough one I mean it's not like people can wait for reviews....oh wait.

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Lol that's the same load out I run.Have you tried War pigeons on St.Quentin??Best place for Shorty kills.For.some reason everyone tends to hide in the little windmill thing.

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Or maybe you just need to git gud?Rifles are no problem

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