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Exactlt and unlike the PS2 games.Theze dont have anything.They're still the same game from when they released.

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Oh no trust me there was quite a few Ninty fanboys from this site slinging mud at Sony when they announced PS2 emu.I better see them in here.

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Ughhh cuz this has to do with (CONSOLES)and last I recall xb1 wasnt the only console in the market quit being butthurt.Thats why what kind of dumb question is that?

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MS can do their own thing and Sony can do their own thing.And we'll see who's the first one to go belly up in the console race ;)

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Nope online play is free.

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Id be down for this. It would make the incentive of being a PS+ member even more sweet.

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Ninty needs to adapt this type of battle for Sun&Moon.

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SPEED PUNKS need to make a return to PS4.

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Uhhh the vita is doing good in Japan.

@Bully trolling like always.

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Cant blame them.They feel like their console is loosing value and reason to own it for.Hell if Sony startes bringing.Their IPs to other systems.I would be pisses I buy their consoles and games to play experiences i cant get anywhere else.

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Ughh time to change the way battle s are done.Time to make it like the cartoon.It would so much more tense to battles.

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Uhhh no the game hadnt gone gold.If it did we would have heard of it from twitter.Use some logic next time.

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uhhh its (2 WEEKS)not months.

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Theyll probably have two versions.

MP only for a cheaper price or yoh can still buy the full package for regular price like always.

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Sweet more time for me to finish R&C :).

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X1=About 18-19 mil give or take

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I thought this was a given already?

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If only women here in the U.S. had this kind od menttality if only..

Japan rules!!

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I have to update my vanilla version?

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Appear offline and friend notificAtions...nice.

Now just give me EXT HDD option.

Having 400+ friends is gonna be a pain in the arse xD.

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