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-MK X Eternal Champions #7
Dont worry I didnt know that before.Sounds like this is probably the first update they have done. #2.1
Just waiting until they say when we can purchase a physical copy in the U.S and I'll be all over it #5
It's already dropped.I updated around 3 am. #1.1
Can anyone recommend a good 2tb Ext HDD? #6
Hope all affected quickly land back on their feet :(.It's never good to be layed off.

Edit:Anytime I hear of layoffs I always wonder if they were just temps hired on for a project or full time staff?? #4
I'd buy these but Wouldnt wear them.I'd keep them in a display case along with all my other Sony stuff. #4
Better A.I??Kz2 had some of the best and most aggressive AI last Gen yet people cried when they kept getting killed by them that they had to tone it down for future games. #3.1.2
Assuming it doesnt get leaked.... #1.2
So I guess we still can't play games off extra HDD?As long as I can move games from and to Ps4 to Ext HDD I'm god. #9
Wait I;m confused is it only being released in Japan tomorrow or WW??Sorry the Japan in parenthesis is throwing me off xD. #3
How about bringing it to the west? #1
Yea you have a better chance of being struck by lightNing than this happening. #54
2 years of bleh exlclusives??Mehh I disagree but to each his own

November 2013-2014 1 year

November 2013-2015 2 year

Have you time traveled before all of us? #4.2
Lol sorry no click from me.Cant wait to get my hands on mine #15
A little under 2 hours away for those of you wondering. #5
Ughh Socom can come back at any time SOny own the IP. #30.1
They see me rolling they hatin... #2
Sony should try to aquire him and then go after the SH Ip and continue letting him work on it. #20
Love me some Asians ;).

Hopefully this means some chinese games get localized to the West :D. #7.1
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