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First off OP learn the difference between the term "hacker and script kiddie.

Second yes it;s more than enough.

Tell me do you ask for compensation for the following things when they go bust

Gas for car(When still giving payments on it)
Internet...etc etc....

I swear ever since Sony gave the 2011 games away people now expect compensation everytime soomething like this h... #2
So this explains what my little bro has been doing all week... #1
These are the true racing simulators.

Who the hell said DC was a racing simulator?Ahahah #2.3.1
Someone should ceate a kickstarter for this guy to be removed from the internet.

All I ask for compensation is tacos deal? #21.1
This is the face of over self entitlement lol.If the thing was down for a whole month this would make more sense.But since it was a merely 5 days this is more than enough. #21.2
I just want to get some funding to buy better AV gear for my channel.

Then try selling it.On ebay or your subscribers.I;m sure people would jump on these things. #17.3
Sorry but it was the perfect video for it xD.

If he really wanted to get rid of it why not sell it? #2.1.1
You could sell it for charity??If thats your thing. #17.2
Good thing PS4 offers me a bit o everything ehh??;) #5.1.1
I think $45.Dont quote me though me and math dont get along well

Lol @Space Logic up there both talking nonsense.The PS+ 5 day was more than enough.But they decided to throw in the %10 which is even better.How about you stop being cheap children? #7.2.1
@Swank Who the hell pays $60 for PS+?That's getting jipped.It only cost $50 when its not on sale. #5.1.5

GG Sony #1.1.1
Man Sony starting 2015 with some goodness #3
Hot diggity damn.*Pulls out CC*Now let's see what we can buy.

Is the season pass for Shadowfall worth it?

Thanks Sony. #2
Noice The more characters the better.I'm hoping they leave lucky chloe in and dont take her out just cuz some babies over on GAF cried about her. #10
Man MKX is shaping up to be badarse.Madcatz needs to hurry up and stock back on USFV Arcade stick so i can snag one. #2
I dont think this site reviewed DC when it came out.I think they even made an article stating they would wait until it was working.Hence this would be their first DC review and not second. #22.1
So what's that say about this??

Lol your precious live aint nothing special.The pentagon was hacked.You think your little crappy gaming network wont get hacked? #46.1
*if the services were up 100% of the time and had no issues, then fine, but that is not the case.

Lol the only time something like this would exist would be in bizarro world.Nothing and I mean NOTHING will ever stand 100% of the time.Go ahead drive your car don't do oil changes,add water,check brakes,get new tires.See how long it will stand.

One thing I will say is.I hope in the near future we can rent our own servers that way games can stay alive. #55.1
So i'm guessing the characters that weren't able to get localized outside of japan will be replaced by some familiar character?Ehh good enough for me. #1
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