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Of course.this is all Bungie doing they wanna keep the playing field even on all consoles

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This bodes well for AKS

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Umm GT:Sport isn't big?

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Or maybe Bungie just wants to keep the playing fields even on all family related consoles..

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Or Hyrule warriors....

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Actually they can.Thwyre business they're rules.Like people have said over ages.Dont like the way a company is doing business move your business else where.

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So to all those calling our Sony how many of you would allow me to just walk into your house without knowing me?For all you know i could do damage to.your house.Thos is why Sony is being hesitant their protecting their stuff.

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Exactly people making a big fuzz out of.something small.If they don't like is doing they can always sell their consoles and go buy one that supports it.

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It sucks but how many of you would let strangers into your house?This is how Sony is doing If you never know when someone could do serious damage to it

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Someone didn't plat shattered dimensions or Web of shadows...

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>Sony you announce games to early
>Sony we hear you loud and clear
>Omg Sony no new games this sucks
>Well you cried games were being shown to early

Can't please everyone

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Looks good

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Bravo team look good!!!

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Man Sony already killed it

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Yes can't wait!!

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Anyone else find it hard that nothing has leaked about Sony's E3??Man they must have made sure nothing got out.

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Judging by reactions seems majority of people don't give a hoot about 4k.Maybe MS should have spent some of that $$$ they blew on trying to make a powerful 4k console on 1st partt games instead

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What fight??MS K.O themselves.Now Sony just has to step in and push them down

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