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PS always innovating:).

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Lol wont happen.Sony owns them.

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I are down for thiz.

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Not really.If parents actually did their damn job like they're suppose to.Most kids wouldnt be obese.

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And then I show up and beat everyone with Wargreymon 😂😂

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Laugh all you want.Pokemon is barely catchimg up to what Digimon did years ago.

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No just another case of stupid people.

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Already seen someone fall in a watwr fountain,walk into a stop sign,another one straight into a trash can and another one almost pinned down by two cars lol.

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There was no infinte ammo He just had a lot of bullets for the weapon.

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How about the ability to increase my poke storage without the nees to buy that poke storage crap

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Full price=1st TR game and all DLC for both titles.

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Mark Cerny brought the series up when PS4 launched and said he would love to see it resurrected

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Unlimited data FTW

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Maybe next time to you put an article out you might actually want to read it.It was "BEHIND CLOSED DOOR DEMO"meaning only select few got in.Nice try Red Dragon close but no cigar :).

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I wish a Digimon one was made.Cuz Digimon has always been the better series.

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Most SJWS tend to be women who arent satisfied with their bodies and are overwieght and hate that other good lookinf women get attention while they get none.

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That was the greatest troll video ever 😂😂😂

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MS would have tl make an OG X1 emulator to be able to run those games on the X1 and even then would still need the permission from the developers.

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Yea it didnt go well the first time.You think people would put up with it again?

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