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And??Music and movies do the same also. #1
Thanks guys for kicking me off BF4.Was having such a good game -_-/. #3
Yes hopefully it does end up on PS direction #1
Yes if MS had won June NPD you think they would save it for tomorrow.Instead of blowing their load early. #2
Lol no.The PS4 has June wrapped up. #1
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Where are the sources? #1
Sony should make Photo mode standard in their games. #6
Lol wont this just be thrown out the door??I member Sony updating the TOS.Having something to do with not being able to do class action lawsuits or something like that?So if all these guys have played online they have no argument, #2
If anyone has an extra U.S code.I'll be happy to take it C:. #12
Yes it is. #6.1
Ehh MS already did.PS4 most likely not till next year #2.2
Arg was to dependant on Messi and that cost them the match. #1.1
Good I hope the fans really stick it to Scamcom&NT.You dont take an iconic game and proceed to dumb down it's game play just for a few extra bucks.I hope this game fails yet again. #3
Less juggle combos seriously if you were caught in one it was over.Also bring back T3 Force mode. #3
*Starts combo....Trips #4
*Slips used copy*

This never happened.

*Walks away casually* #31.1.1
And the Survey says.YOU'RE WRONG.

Judging by all comments above and under yours' #28.1
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