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Lol the only new thing they announced was H:W2 other than that the other junk we already knew about. #1.1.3
Good thing us PS4 players get both ;). #5.4
@out think

Lol there will be no port for xbox.

It's exclusive to PS4 #5.2.4
Abriael you think we'll here abything about it at TGS? #3
Lol obviously you know nothing of GG.Lol most downgraded games were multiplats I have yet to see a downgraded PS4 exclusive. #1.5.2
Idk why but Aloy just fits the tone perfectly for this game.I don't think a male character would have kinda of the same affect.And this is a coming from a guy. #30
Lol I don't know what's funny the fact that you went through a 1+year of my comments to bring something up or the fact that your reading comprehension isn't up to date.

Here let me put it in big words so you can read it.

""Shhh let them dream man.;)


All MS showed was an enclosed demo with one person running arou... #6.2.5
Lol you'really going off about this from a demo that was an enclosed environment??Why don't you wait till its out in the publics hands with hundreds of players and see real time results. #6
I wish they would add some type of horde mode.Where you can just keep killing Rebels/Stormtroopers depending what faction you choose to play as. #2
Halo 5 is just another FPS with a different look...

Man can't wait for Battlefront I got my deluxe edition pre ordered roll on out Nov 17. #1.3.1
Lol I think you need to brush up on your reading comprehension.

In no way form or shape did he say that SMH! #1.15
I didnt get no code boo #8
Wait wait people actually take reviews serious? #1.3
GG about to take Open world to a whole new level.I can't wait. #3
Right here and I'll say what I said in another article about this.

Until MS puts an Xbox 1 out front where everyone can see it bring done.I won't believe it.For all we know it could have been done on PC. #12.1
Wow,I just wish they would add an infantry patch.This game would rock even more.So many people are clattering for a WW2 shooter and not to mention its F2P.So they got nothing to loose #1
Will they be giving the Doflamingo action figure or is that only for Europe? #1
I'm still skeptical about it but next week we'll see if my gut is right or not. #2
Beta starts next week on PS4.Just a heads up. #1.4.1
@Mania Why you putting words in my mouth??I would say the same thing to Sony.Unless these companies can show it actually running on the hardware I won't believe crap.

You'd think if MS wanted to show and shut up all the haters they would have done this. #5.2.4
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